(gunshots) Coffee needs to be brewed before drinking it. (sips) I suspect some folk might regard this sort of stuff is chore like but I really dig it. There’s something methodical about it that really helps ground Arthur in the world rather than have him feel like he’s gliding through it. I love the deliberate mechanical process of cycling a new cartridge with lever action rifle virus that can pull the fire button. You can even pause the dramatic effect halfway through. (horse neighing) (gunshot) Rockstar’s designers didn’t need to factor that in but I think they understood that the tiny almost trivial instances of settle control like this subconsciously seep me into the world of Arthur even more. (screams) (gun shots) – What are you doing! (western music) the main story mission themselves are a cocktail of high stakes heists. – To goddamn slow! – Deadly shoot outs. (gunshots) desperate rescues and thrilling chases. (gunshot) Mixed with a lengthy list of other tasks, many of those function with organic ways to teach us about new side hustles and other activities that can be undertaken from selling stolen horses to playing poker.