Hello adventurers! Today we are going to show you our personal list of the 10 top multiplayer Oculus Go games. VR Karts Sprint Is this Mario Karts in VR? It sure looks like it. In VR Karts Sprint you are strapped inside a customized kart to race against your opponents for the championship trophy! Using the high tech available in the kart, you can collect power ups and use it against your opponent for the upper hand. VR Karts Sprint has gamepad support, but also support for the Go controller which you can use to steer the wheel and fire your power ups. The best thing? You can race with your friends who own a Go too and determine who the best driver is once and for all.

Skylight (Deluxe Edition) Skylight (Deluxe Edition) is a turn based strategy game. In Skylight you are a commander of a fleet of space ships. A holographic projector shows your fleet on the bridge of your flagship. By pointing your Go controller at it you can command 15 unique ship types each having their own tech and weapons. The more you play the bigger you can make your fleet and the more strategies you can use. Using the controller you can also move around the hologram to watch the battles from different kind of views. I was especially surprised at its visuals, even though simple, it looks awesome in VR! Play this with a friend online or even offline. In offline mode you can input your fleets orders and continue the battle later.

A nice game to check out if you like turn based tactics games! Herobound Gladiators Herobound Gladiators is a 3rd person RPG action game. In the World of Herobound you are a gladiator with a thirst for battle and the dream to become the Spirit Gladiator of the land. To do this you have to fight through 16 arenas in 4 different environments in waves. There are 30 different enemies and even bosses to test your skills against.

The more you fight the stronger you become and the more abilities you can unlock and use. The best thing about this game is that you don’t have to do it alone: you can team up with 3 other friends! A fun little RPG game to play with friends. Just be aware though that you can only use a game pad for this game. Anshar Online Time to fly in space as a pilot! In Anshar Online you can pilot various spaceships, each with their own weaponry and special abilities. There are over 50 missions to do, which you can do together with up to 5 friends. After each succesful mission you will level up so that you can customize your ship to your liking.

You can choose between a 3rd person view of your ship or a first person view, which makes it feel like you’re really in the cockpit! This is a fun almost RPG-like action shooter for anyone who likes to feel what it is like to fly space ships with friends! Dragon Front Do you remember that Harry Potter chess game that came alive? Dragon Front reminds me of this movie scene, except that this turn-based boardgame is a collectible card-battler mixed with high fantasy and World War II. The battles are done on a 4 by 4 grid battlefield. At the start you get a deck of cards which resembles your army. Every card can be used to spawn soldiers or defensive fortifications on the board. But the most awesome thing about this game is that you will see your own army come alive on the battlefield! Dragon Front might take some time to learn, but it is definitely worth it, especially when battling a friend.

Death Horizon Death Horizon is a zombie shooter game in a research station where a virus has broken out. Every researcher has become a zombie and to prevent a break out, you are tasked with the mission to kill every one of them! The singleplayer campaign mode is a lot of fun in this game. But since we are talking about multiplayer games, there is of course a multiplayer mode too! Unfortunately this isn’t the same campaign mode, but instead you and your friend will be spawned in a survival mode where you will be attacked by hordes of zombies in waves.

But we still think it is a pretty fun game to play with a friend to see how long you can survive as a team! Battle of Kings VR: Mobile Battle of Kings VR: Mobile is a tower defense VR game with micromanagement! You start with a small kingdom and you as the king has to use your strategic skills to upgrade your army and fortifications to defend against enemies. When you play with a friend, you each get time to build up and once you’re ready you can start sending forces to the other side, but your opponent will also do that.

Time to see who the best strategist is amongst your friends! 😉 Rush Ever dreamed of skydiving but too scared to try it? Or are you a frequent skydiver that wants to fly whenever you want? With Rush you can. Time to put on your wingsuit and using head tracking you can manoeuvre yourself in 360 degrees. You can also invite up to 3 friends and race against them or explore the sky together. Poker VR Playing Poker is always fun. If you don’t know the rules yet, you better learn it because with Poker VR you can play poker with friends or others from all around the world and it is a ton of fun. In this game you use virtual currency to customize your avatars and there are many, many customizations available. Or play to unlock trophies to show your progress in the game. If you have virtual money to spare, you can also buy your friends gift trophies and items on the table.

Overall, PokerVR is just a fun social game to play casually with others! Cloudlands: VR Minigolf Want to chill out? Then play a round of virtual minigolf with friends. With Cloudlands: VR Minigolf you can meet up with your friend to catch up while playing a chill game of minigolf. This game uses the Oculus Go controller as the putter and it uses its mechanics nicely. There are 18 original hole courses to choose from and over 1000 user created holes, so there is always a new challenge available. A big recommendation for those looking for a casual game to play with friends. Well I hope you liked the video, because I definitely liked seeing all those multiplayer games out there. And let me know down in the comments if you are interested in any of those games or that you missed the game that you really like.

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