When exploring the history and creation of different games, one of my favorite things to do is to look at the beta artwork and see how much has changed since the earlier stages of the game. Luckily for us Pokemon seems to have quite a bit of early artwork depicting early stages of some Pokemon that already we know of, but more importantly, artwork of Pokemon that we’ve never seen or heard of. And recently Satoshi Tajiri video game designer, and creator of the Pokemon franchise had gotten his own manga, which I’m sure you’ve heard of by now, and I’m sure that you’ve also heard that there were a bunch of unused Pokemon designs stored away in there! Since we’ll most likely revisit Kanto this year, there’s a good chance that these unused Kanto and Johto designs for Pokemon might make a return in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. As well as some unused designs that were shown outside the manga, so in today’s video I just wanna quickly talk about 10 of these unused designs and what they may be like if they appeared in the new Pokemon Switch games Whats going on guys?! HybridHero here! This is gonna be a discussion video, and discussion videso on the channel means not much editing.

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Seriously this thing looks like a hybrid between Clefairy, and Hitmontop, and no I would not make this my mascot if it were a real Pokemon, but I do think the concept is really cool. Yeah we already have a top like Pokemon with Hitmontop, but this to me looks more like Clefairy if it gained the fighting type. Maybe Cleffa or Clefairy could have a branch evolution in these new games, or a new regional or worldly varient. After leaving the moon and adapting to the Earth Clefairy gained the fighting type after observing the way humans live or maybe since things aren’t so peaceful here as it was on the moon, by tapping into its primal instincts or something. If Pikachu, and Eevee are the mascots then chances are that they’ll get new additions to their family, and clefairy is a Pokemon that’s near mascot level with them so I think it’s very possible. Hey Clefable is a strong tank, a more offensive fairy/fighting version of it would definitely be alright with me. Speaking of Pikachu and it’s family, as you’ve heard by now Gorochu is making headlines all over the world for being scrapped as the evolution of Raichu.

Now I’m sure that this was done so that Pikachu could stay somewhat strong, because lets face it. People already think it’s ridiculous that Ash manages to beat people with his unevolved Pikachu, but if it was a first stage unevolved Pokemon a part of a three part line, people would go even more insane. We already have Pichu to complete the line so chances are that if Gorochu is coming back, then it’ll probably be back as an evolution of Pikachu itself. An as Pikachu’s a mascot Pokemon it make sense for it to get a new evolution. There have been talks about Gorochu being an electric/dark type, and that parallels well with Alolan Raichus Electric/Psychic type. So if we get Alolan Gorochu or anything I would like to see an electric ground type to parallel regular raichu, or maybe electric/fighting so we can finally get that typing and also to complete the fighting, psychic, and dark trio.

Moving onto some of the Pokemon that were basically the cause of this video, we’re gonna start of with Jaggu, no, no, it’s not meant to be a an Indian Boy Pokemon, it’s meant to be a shark! … I think… I don’t know thats what Jaggu looks like to me. Jaggu is actually a somewhat common name in India that basically means intelligent, but to be honest this Jaggu doesn’t look to intelligent, it actually looks a lot more like a brute to me. And thats perfectly fine! Cause I’d say the only other brute looking Pokemon that we really got in Gen 1 was Gyarados. It’s cool to see the evolution of how shark Pokemon were intended to look vs how they look now since our staple Shark Pokemon is currently Sharpedo. The fan art as well as the art in the manga makes it seems like #68 Jaggu was meant to be a water/steel type to me, but of course the steel type wasn’t in gen 1! So it may have just been intended to be a pure water type, but if it joins the party now it can definitely share that type combination with Empoleon.

KRICEY MATE! We have #62 CROCKY! This one seems to be the fan favorite outta the unused designs, and I can definitely see why. Its tripped out, goofy, yet somewhat cool design is a favour unique combination of flavours that make for a dope looking Pokemon if you ask me. Psychic/Dragon is a typing that I’d go with for it to play on its crocodile origins, and psychedelics since it looks like it’s trippin, or maybe if it evolves a grass/dragon probably, but I’d be happy with the pure dragon type too! I’m hoping that it’s fan popularity inspires gamefreak to bring into the actual games with Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee, but they probably established any new Pokemon that we’re getting from time. So we’re just gonna have to hope that it made the cut or that it gets added on in the future! Moving way back in time, we were all babies at one point, and so were our Pokemon… But it’s a little hard to tell when they just hatched outta an egg besides their level, cause they look the same throughout their life and are born battle ready.

That doesn’t seem all too right, especially when you’re born carrying another baby pokemon. That’s why I think it’d be cool to reintroduce this lil infant Pokemon that just hatched outta an egg! I think if every Pokemon had some sorta unusable baby form like this it make a lot more sense, AND you could also make it work gameplay wise too! If you want a perfect Pokemon and you don’t like the nature that was passed down to the baby Pokemon, then maybe you can change the nature of the Pokemon by the way you take care of the baby! Nurture does tend to beat nature after all. Of course this would have to be a really quick form cause people wanna get battling pretty quickly. Again it would make things a lot more realistic, it make things a lot more cool, and it could definitely be beneficial as well. Next up we’re gonna have a double entry! But before that… You recognize this lil thing?! That’s right it’s… Happa! Happa, yeah Happa was the prototype design for Chikorita, and the grass starter in the alpha stages of Gold and Silver, but Happa wasn’t alone.

While I can’t say they look like Cyndaquil and Totodile, Honoguma, and Kurusu are two Pokemon that I’ve been hoping to see in actual Pokemon games for a very long time, They were the alpha fire and water starters for Gold and Silver along with Happa, and while they don’t really look fit to be starter Pokemon, they still look like they could be really cool Pokemon. They got that simple, yet complete look that Gen 2 Pokemon had to them, and they look like the start of a 3 stage pure type evolutionary line just like the actual Johto starters. These two have been some of the coolest unused Pokemon that we’ve received so far, and I as well as a bunch of fans am hoping that we get to see em one day. The Cacnea family and Maractus clearly weren’t meant to be the only Cactus Pokemon, cause here we the Cactus Pokemon… Cactus.

Now obviously these are all alpha and beta names, so Cactus’s name probably wouldn’t have been Cactus. Then again Seel is Seel so maybe it would have just been Cactus, but it looks like #67 Cactus would’ve been a pure grass type in gen 1 which is kinda neat considering that Tangela is the only pure grass type from that generation, and it’s a very peculiar Pokemon at that. A lot of these unused designs are designs that don’t really share too many similarities with other Pokemon. Sure Cacnea nad maractus are also cactuses, but what Pokemon has a body shape like Cactus and only 1 arm? Definitely would’ve loved to see the evolutions for this Pokemon! Then we have my favorite outta the bunch that was shown off in the manga, #56 Deer! Who to me, looks more like a Moose! Maybe that’s just the Canadian who knows, but I honestly think it looks like a moose.

A spiky, steel armored moose at that but again the steel type wasn’t in Gen 1 so I don’t know what type Deer could’ve been. Maybe a normal type like how stantler is but I feel like it’s got a lot more to it than that, but I can’t really put my finger on what it could be. You’re gonna have to let me know what you think its typing was in the comments down below. Deer is a very complex Pokemon for generation 1 standards, it looks like it has a lot going on, on top of that it kinda looks smug! We didn’t have very many smug Pokemon back then, so it could’ve really spiced things up for and in battle too cause it does look pretty powerful. Outta all the newly shown unused Pokemon I hope this one finds a spot in the games the most, but I do wanna mention that there were other unused Pokemon that were shown off in the recent manga that were really blurry, but people have still tried their best to make designs for them that you can find all over the internet.

Also, there are a lot of other cool unused Pokemon artwork that I didn’t go over that was shown way before this manga, but since I only wanted to cover 10 we’re gonna have to leave the rest and just wrap things up with… The legendary beast looking Pokemon! Between the two quote on quote Pokemon fusions, I would want this Pokemon any day though I absolutely love Latias and Blaziken. The designer of the legendary beasts, Muneo Saito is also the one who designed this Pokemon and it was said to be a fusion of Raikou and Suicune, but I think with a few little changes to its design it can be a really cool standalone Pokemon, or a pseudo Pokemon or another cool pokemon of that nature. Though I do see aspects of Suicune and Raikou in the design, its design is also very original, this purple, blue and yellow is also a very exotic color scheme and maaaan this is just a cool looking Pokemon. Oh well I can’t complain it basically gave birth to Suicune and Raikou and I love those legendaries as well so I’m happy but like I said earlier I’m hoping that we get to see at least some of these Pokemon in Lets GO Pikachu & Lets Go Eevee.

Thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed! Take care of yourselves! Have a wonderful day, and I will see you on the next video! Later!.

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