11 Android Games have just received their PlayScores this April 2018. Let’s check them out right now! Brew Town Hop on the one way train to flavortown in this AppBox Media title that just might be one of the first hipster simulator. A game that’s dedicated to letting you fulfill your craft beer dreams, it’s time for you to sit back, relax, and maybe have a beer of two of your own. Brew Town puts you at the head of your very own craft beer company. As you’ll find out, there’s more to it than just drinking.

Keep a pulse on your customers wants and needs, and bring the best brews according each of their tastes. Express yourself in funky packages as you watch your wallet grow with each happy pubgoer. Just make sure you keep up with the demands and upgrade buildings and maximizing the distribution. A casual simulator that’s as cool and fun as a cold pint of beer, it has a PlayScore of Uncivil War TCG Taking after the action of the American Civil War, Iron Horse Games attempts to conquer the trading card genre with the fast-paced battles of their latest hit.

Showing off sepia tones in their pixel art depiction of the 18th century, Uncivil War is more than its good looks. Jump into battle using the hundred and more cards in their collection, and shoot it out among their mustachioed mutineers. It simplifies the usually complex TCG gameplay, making it a friendly first-step for neophyte card traders. Just create the ultimate deck of commanders and pawns, and master the tides of each gunfight. Build up your strategies in the offline singleplayer campaigns, and show them all off against worthy opponents in the PvP Duels. Simple, elegant, yet deeply strategic, Uncivil War nails the essentials for an awesome title.

It has a PlayScore of 8.24. Dynamite Headdy Classic Looks like SEGA’s not done reminiscing about their golden days—and admittedly, so are we. Giving their old favorite a brand new shimmer, SEGA breathes new life to the old classics with another release for their SEGA Forever series. Following in the footsteps of Space Harrier II comes Treasure’s detachable headed puppet. Come along on another action-packed platforming adventure as he tries to save the world from the maniacal King Dark Demon. Jump around the colorful 2D environments and show off your creative noggin by knocking down enemies, grabbing hooks, pulling up to platforms, and so much more. Known back in the day for its upscaled difficulty, the challenges might be a little tougher for virtual pad users. Still, it’s still a joy to play, and definitely not impossible to beat. A unique gem of the platforming genre, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.6. Major Mayhem 2 Following up the success of the testosterone fuelled shooter by Adult Swim, Rocket Jump levels up the the misadventures of major mayhem with new levels and a 3D makeover. Make like John Rambo in the jungles and deserts of the free world and soothe that trigger finger itch.

Bringing out his big guns in another adventure, the charming Mister Mayhem fights to save the world and his vacation against the follies of the Evil Villains Corp. Help him fulfill his missions in up to 50 handcrafted levels and fight each of their 5 daunting bosses to earn the title of biggest badass. The game has a colorful array of unlockable weapons and powerups, accelerating your move up the ranks with 20 military grade upgradables. Run and gun your way to victory, and uncover a light yet entertaining tale of military machismo. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Chain Strike™ From the studio that brought us the award-winning Inotia series and Summoners War, Com2us makes a move towards strategic RPG in the magical world of Signus. Try out your tactical wits in their turn-based arenas and claim victory as you combine forces with the guardians of their world. Like a dynamic game of chess, send your forces into the 5 by 7 grid and maneuver across the board using Rooks, Bishops, Knights, Kings and Queens.

There’s 200 different guardians to choose from, and each are as unique and attractive as the next. Mix and match your characters to create the ultimate team filled with diverse roles and skills. The land of Signus is ripe for the taking as you battle it out in PvP, join guilds, and unfold an epic tale in the compelling story mode. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.8. Sdorica -sunset- Your favorite rhythm game studio is adding another feather to their cap with a venture into the world of role playing. Donning their trademark handcrafted anime visuals, Rayark is putting their talents to good use with this immmersive tale of light vs dark. A game that’s four years in the making, experience it in all its majesty as you play the role of watcher in Sdorica’s draconian world.

It calls out the best features of classic JRPGs, adding storybook-like exposition that intertwines music and visuals into one sensory feast. Choose your classes wisely among supports, attacks, and defense, and deftly maneuver through its strategic battlefield. It’s Rayark showing off their best work, combining their talents into this one of a kind RPG experience. For their first venture, it’s a pretty impressive-looking title. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9. WAKFU : The Brotherhood Ankama gives us a taste of the vibrant world of Wakfu. With this short but entertaining game, it manages to distill the charming Wakfu universe into a bite-sized arcade game. Already a widespread success on the PC, this mobile release is the perfect teaser to the adorable world of Wakfu.

Packed with an original story of the Brotherhood’s misadventure, join Tofu and his friends as they go on a quest to defeat the evil master Nox. Stop him from absorbing the power of Wakfu and eliminate each of his metallic minions. Using the power at your fingertips, show off your moves as you bash, dash, and slice your way through the unrelenting waves. Short as it is with about fifteen levels of enjoyment, it’s a great way to promote Wakfu’s upcoming Netflix anime. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.16. Tiki Kart Island Taking a bit of Mario Kart and a lot of Crash Bandicoot, Arb Studios concocts a formula for mobile go kart racing that you never thought you needed. Perfecting that chock fulla polygons look of the PlayStation 1, Tiki Kart Island feels like a complete, console experience that you can bring around wherever you go. It’s a sequel to 2012’s Tiki Kart 3D, returning to the explosive racing track bigger and better than ever before. Zoom into the Tiki themed tracks and zigzag your way to victory in their exciting real-time multiplayer. A game that has all the markings of a kartracing classic, pick up powerups along the way to mess with rivals to propel yourself to first spot.

Survive against cyclopean rocks in the boulder chase, fight against towering bosses, or do whatever you want with the unwitting villagers. And if that gets boring, there’s always the track creator for you to create your own crazy. A full console-like experience for next to nothing, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.2. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle A follow up to their trope heavy puzzler, Slayaway Camp, Blue Wizard Digital homes-in with this daring tribute to one of the most iconic slasher film series of all time. Dedicating all their gorey puzzling to the dreaded Friday the 13th, it puts masked murderer Jason Vorhees at the center as slices and dices according to mom’s wishes.

This spinoff title shares the same mechanics as the original game. Maneuver through its grid-based stages and help the murderous momma’s boy finish his victims. But it’s no easy feat. While they’re as dumb as any horror movie victim is, there’ll be plenty of obstacles in your way–making it a challenging yet ultimately rewarding exercise. The game’s blocky artstyle really adds to the atmosphere, letting you enjoy each gorey kill in all its cartoony glory. It’s a wacky, brain-teasing treat that even a serial killer might enjoy.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.4. The Mooseman This indie adventure has been making waves on the PC since last year, but you can finally experience the goosebump inducing thrills on your phone. Created by one Vladimir Beletsky, The Mooseman is no horror game but it seems to give off that hypnotic feeling as you strip back its layers in your quest for understanding. It’s a journey into mythology that isn’t very clear at the outset, but it builds up into something truly amazing. It’s minimalist in a way that echoes the carvings of an ancient time. In it, you play the eponymous Mooseman who has the ability to see all three layers of the Universe according to the God named Yen. Like a sidescrolling walking simulator, guide him past the mortal realm and witness the breathtaking sights of the Lower World of undead. A guided tour of finno-ugric myth brought to you by a one-man team, it has a Provisional PlayScore Retro Highway Staying faithful to their retro title, Dumb Luck Studios harkens back to the days of OutRun with this quirky endless racer.

Showing off the pixel perfect tracks that look straight out of a SEGA console, Retro Highway is determined to be your newest obsession. Learning from the tricks of old-school while adding a bit of newfie flair, it’s essentially an endless runner. But it offers more than just scenic cruising as you rev up your engines and prepare for high octane excitement with a side of death-defying stunts. Become the evil knievel of the infinite highway as you perform jumps off of runway trucks, play chicken with incoming traffic, and collect coins along the way.

With an array of varying challenges for you to achieve in every run, Retro Highway will keep you on your toes. it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.49.

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