Extinction Xbox one isn’t getting any good games recently, first on our list is Iron Galaxy’s latest game is set in a dying world where humanity is ravaged by 150-tall ogres. Be one of the world’s last Sentinels and defend the human race from extinction. To put it simply, it’s like Attack on Titan, but with ogres. Gameplay involves wall-running and intense air assaults that require skills. Master its dynamic combat maneuvers to effectively take down these colossal figures as you find their weak spots.

Unfortunately, most the game’s issues stem from its design. Gameplay wise, it’s satisfying but beneath all that, size doesn’t really matter. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of Korgan From Codestalkers, this episodic dungeon-crawling adventure where you control three characters with unique abilities. Experience a seamless gameplay element when you can switch any of these three heroes in the game’s story mode to solve puzzles and eliminate enemies. Combine their abilities for optimal results. Unfortunately this game doesn’t contain its Shadow Legion expansion so players need to purchase it separately. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Masters Of Anima An action packed strategy RPG from Passtech games. This original adventure takes you deep into the world of Spark. Save your fiance in this magical world and battle against forces of evil in tactical, frenzied encounters. Play Otto and use the power of the Anima to summon an army of elemental guardians that guide you on your journey. Learn to control these unique creatures and utilize their abilities for exploration and combat. The game tries to make you the true Master of Anima. It has a Provisional PlayScore of TERA Bluehole’s massive multiplayer online game is unlike most of its competitors.

Featuring a wide-scale open world to explore, it’s known for its wide array of customizations, intense combat, beautiful graphics and a selection of unique heroes. But underneath its multi-layered game designs, it’s flawed. Most of the players hated the Pay To Win feature especially its Elite Membership that renders the normal experience unfulfilling. For an MMORPG like this, it’s constantly changing its pace. But most of all, most of their concerns are heard by the developers. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something to sidetrack your WoW experience, this game might be for you.

It receives a PlayScore of Impact Winter If you’re checking its Steam reviews, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of negative reviews due to the game’s technical issues. Feel the cold of winter in this new post apocalyptic survival game. Stuck in the middle of an icy nowhere, a mysterious radio transmission offers hope of rescue–but it’ll be thirty days till then. Play as Jacob Solomon, a man weary of the freezing wasteland, your job is to keep your group of survivors alive. Combine your skills to scavenge food, and provide needed warmth. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Robocraft Infinity Freejam’s futuristic fighting game takes you control of mechanized robotic blocks that can drive, fight, walk, hover, and fly. But first you have to build it from the ground up with the right tools and artillery. Jump into 5 versus 5 battles against players from across the world. It’s intended to cater creative people, which emans combing blocks takes dedication, especially when you want intricate designs, symmetry and the right colors. The possibilities are endless. For improved experience, it has 4K support on the Xbox One X.

It receives a Provisional PlayScore of The Invisible Hours A complex murder mystery Virtual Reality game from Tequila Works. The makers of Rime and the Sexy Brutale take you to an intricate web of stories set within a mysterious mansion. Featuring the iconic Serbian German scientist, Nikola Tesla, go on a bizarre trip filled with macabre and deceit. As the player, you are invisible and you can observe anyone in this story. Search for hidden clues, go anywhere, make bold decisions and watch the game unfold before your eyes. It has sa Provisional PlayScore of The Adventure Pals An action-adventure platformer fueled with the power of friendship. It’s up to you and your best buddies to save the day from a series of kidnappings orchestrated by Mr. B. Stop them from turning into hot dogs and dive deep into its fun story with a bizarre and lovable cast.

Explore five unique worlds with their quests and characters to interact. Level up and defeat enemies to improve your skills. Aside from it’s single-player elements, players can invite a friend in its co-op mode to enjoy the stabbin’ and rock-smashing together. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Minit After being affected by a mysterious curse that turned his life in a sixty second loop, lead your hero in a quest to uncover countless secrets, help unusual folks and eliminate dangerous foes.

From Devolver Digital, this retro-style RPG offers a sweet throwback to the classic games, and it’s brimming with adorable moments. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Ys Origin Nihon Falcom is taking us back to the humble beginnings of the Ys universe, Adol the Red is not the game’s main character yet. Set 700 years before the events of the first Ys game, play three heroes in a quest to stop evil. Origin’s gameplay involves strategic hack and slash action where players can choose three characters with various fighting styles. It’s your typical Ys game and it’s certainly sticking true to the franchise. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Ninja Theory takes you to a Celtic Adventure filled with screaming horrors and psychotic dread. It contains various inspirations from Norse and Scandinavian myth. Follow Senua in her quest to rid the demons in her head and rescue the soul of her dead lover. Throughout her journey, she encounters creatures to fight and puzzles to solve. Use your blade to eliminate the creeping darkness, and use your wits to get past complex obstacles. It has a PlayScore of Don’t Starve: Mega Pack The ultimate Don’t Starve experience.

Enjoy Klei Entertainment’s homage to German expressionism in its full form. Guide Wilson and his friends in an attempt to survive the horrors of night and day. Craft materials from scraps, use the power of science and marvel at the beautiful visual art Klei has to offer. This Mega Pack includes the multiplayer version, Shipwrecked, and the latest Reign Of Giants expansion. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.15.

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