15 E3 2018 Games We Want Announced | Heavy.com There’s never a shortage of games during E3, as every major and minor developer scramble to show off their latest titles. From chaotic shooters to innovative indie games, E3 2018 is certainly going to offer a diverse selection. However, out of all the games that could possibly be announced, there are a few we desperately want to see. When deciding on this list, we focused on games or sequels that have an actual chance of being revealed during this year’s E3. While we would love to see a new Ape Escape, it’s highly unlikely Sony will even mention this franchise.

Bummer. Here are 15 E3 2018 games we want to be announced:. DOOM 2. The rebooted version of DOOM took the gaming world by storm thanks to its fast-paced, brutal action. Supported by a fantastic story and surprisingly complex level editor, DOOM was one of the best FPS titles to release this generation. Despite the lack of any rumors or leaks regarding a second installment in the rebooted series, we wouldn’t be surprised to see DOOM 2 show-up. Given the last game ended on a fairly big cliffhanger, there is a lot of room to explore the characters and world. We also know that Bethesda is focusing on new games this E3, so a second DOOM would certainly fit. There’s no doubt that a second DOOM would deliver a fantastic single-player experience, but one has to wonder if the multiplayer will receive a rework.

The online component of DOOM never took off, so developer id Software might solely focus on the campaign. Borderlands 3. It’s surprising that since Borderlands 2’s release in 2012 we haven’t had a proper third entry in this franchise. Up until recently, we haven’t heard anything about Borderlands 3 or if it was really in development. However, this changed when the reveal date – which is rumored to be June 10 – was leaked on Reddit. This title has been long overdue, as the Borderlands franchise always delivered stellar action, comedy, and gameplay. With the rise of the battle royale genre, it’d be fantastic to get another quality co-op game to play with friends. The only real challenge is finding a villain that can top the charismatic and wildly loved Handsome Jack. Halo 6. Going into this year’s E3, it’s clear that Microsoft desperately needs more big console exclusives. With Sea of Thieves underwhelming and Crackdown 3 virtually forgotten, a new entry in the Halo franchise is just what the Xbox One needs. While we received Halo Wars 2 last year, it has been nearly three years since we assumed control of Master Chief.

While 343 Studios have been quiet about any details regarding this game, we would be surprised if Halo 6 didn’t make an appearance in some capacity. We don’t expect this title to release any time soon, but it would be nice to get a trailer. Given how big Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative has been, we’d love nothing more than to try the newest Halo on PC. Bloodborne 2. Announced during last year’s Game Awards, From Software has a new title curiously dubbed “Shadows Die Twice.” The very brief teaser spurred on a ton of theories about what From Software’s next game could be. While it’s quite possible that this is a new IP, we are hoping that a sequel to Bloodborne is on the horizon. Given how successful this title was for Sony it wouldn’t be surprising if they moved forward with a follow-up.

However, the teaser video does hint that this could be a new Bloodborne game, which would likely come in the form of a Bloodborne 2. The item shown has a part of it soaked in blood as if it was using a Blood Gem and the mechanics resemble that of a trick weapon. While the writing is nothing similar to any symbols shown in Bloodborne, we do know that there are other locations outside of Yharnam. It’s possible that a sequel is set in a location where the blood healing was imported. We won’t know for sure until From Software truly reveals their newest title. Here’s a deeper look at the chances of Bloodborne 2. The Elder Scrolls 6. If there’s any RPG that players have been waiting for outside of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, it’s The Elder Scrolls 6. Developed by Bethesda, many have been wondering when we will get to explore Tamriel again. Given Skyrim released almost seven years ago, there’s no doubt that a new Elder Scrolls game is in the works.

However, Bethesda has been extremely secretive about any details regarding this game. There’s no word if it’s coming this year, but we expect to see at least a small teaser trailer for the upcoming title. Even though it’s possible that The Elder Scrolls 6 gets shown off in a more in-depth fashion, this is highly unlikely. We know that Bethesda is showing off a “healthy number of new games,” so there is a chance this RPG closes the show. The Sims 5. When it comes to simulation games there isn’t a bigger name than The Sims. Originally introduced in 2000, this series has skyrocketed in popularity. Despite the dedicated community surrounding this franchise, The Sims 4 was a major let down. Because of this, there’s a lot of room to grow and explore for the fifth entry. This could include taking the series into the open world genre, adding cars, and a more in-depth parenting mechanic.

Since the last Sims game released in 2014, we expect to see a Sims 5 reveal during E3 and released sometime in early 2019..

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