Hi guys. It’s me Claire for whatoplay! 19 games are set to released this July 2018 on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the 3DS. Let’s check them out right now! Desolation Once again, Battle Royale is taking over the video game market. Developers Benjamin Misko and Calvin Bennett promises pure gameplay immersion with deep and tactical combat unlike most BR games. They also stated that their primary focus is optimization, which is an integral part in every game that most developers lack. The game will come out this July 7th on Steam Early Access with no Paid DLC’s and microtransactions. Shining Resonance Refrain From SEGA, this Anime RPG puts you to the shoes of Yuma Ilvern. A powerful warrior determined to stop an evil Empire from harvesting the power of Ancient Dragons. Save Astoria from this growing thread and seek the help of your friends. The original game was released on Japan, but this English localization can let us control two of the previous unplayable characters, granting a whole new experience.

It’s coming out this July 10 on the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard Sony Pictures’ monsterrific video game addition to their upcoming sequel is bound to spook and entertain your experience. Monsters Overboard is set after the events of the movie, help Drac’s pack solve puzzles after being washed up on the mysterious Lost Islands. Together with the lovable characters of the series, explore the island with the help of weird little creatures called Impa’s. It’s coming out this 10th of July on the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. MXGP Pro Feel the rush of gas pumping behind rubber tires as your wheels grind the dirt in high-quality textures in the ultimate MXGP experience. Pro offers players a whole new adventure in Career mode and a specialized training area to test out your fancy skills. Using the power of the Unreal Engine 4, it’s a beautiful and messy trip. As usual, there are various bikes ranging from 2-Strokes to 4-Strokes with licensed models from popular manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha and so much more.

Weather effects also greatly affect the gameplay, making each track a challenge. It’s coming out this July 10 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Project Octopath Traveler Square Enix’ upcoming RPG will let you choose your own path in this fantastic journey. Take your pick from among 8 different characters and come along with them in their adventures in the world of Osterra. It’s a beautiful blend of old and new styles as they show off their familiar JRPG landscapes in HD 2D art style. Knowing Square Enix, we’re expecting nothing but the best. It’s coming out this 13th of July on the Nintendo Switch. Earthfall Think of it as a tower-defense game with insane and violent action. This co-op survival shooter takes you to an infested land filled with grotesque alien. Fortify your defenses and complete massive amount of objectives to survive the raging horde of monsters. Players can also dive into its multiple campaign modes to explore more about the game’s chaotic world.

Every campaign reveals new content and it’s currently on Steam’s Early Access. It’s coming out to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this 13th of July. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker What was once a Wii U release, now it’s for the Switch. Treasure Tracker’s version includes new miniature courses based on various Kingdoms in the Super Mario Odyssey game. For co-op, anyone can play with a friend or family member by sharing a pair of Joy-Con controllers.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launches for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on July 13. Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion A rare open-world Adventure Time game, and finally some real adventure. Set in the land of Ooo, follow your favorite characters Jake, Finn, and BMO in an exciting adventure to various kingdoms. Save their waterlogged world and fight pirates to solve the grueling mystery that haunts the magical land. It’s just like an Adventure Time episode, but longer, and you can interact with it. Not to mention it’s voiced by the original cast. It’s coming this 17th of July on the PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded This roguelike RPG is based on the Touhou Project world. Players find themselves in dungeons in search for treasures and battle out a multitude of enemies. Considering it’s a Touhou game, it’s jam-packed with over 120 different friends from its universe.

Each has their own unique abilities from their original games and some might even surprise you in the game’s story campaign. Reloaded is the ultimate Touhou experience and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and Switch this July 17. Chicken Assassin: Reloaded Two Reloaded games on a row? Forget about that, this one’s the real deal. Play as the baddest and funkiest Chicken in the entire universe. Fight your way through hordes of enemies to save his kidnapped girlfriend. It’s filled with over the top humor, intense beat ‘em up action and full of MEAN CHICKEN RAGE. It’s coming out this 17th of July on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Sonic Mania: Encore Pack Zipping back to his pixel-perfect form, help the dashing hedgehog stop another one of Dr.

Robotnik’s classic antics. It’s the same side scrolling platform, with a few fresh additions such as the return of the competitive multiplayer where players go toe to toe with each other. Encore Pack, however, adds new content to SEGA’s iconic game such as new characters, visual changes, and so much more! Coming out this 18th of July on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Hoo, boy. Everyone’s favorite cyber boy is going full blast on multiple consoles with the ultimate Mega Man X collection ever. That’s 10!!! 10 Mega Man X games in one disc. Ranging from the first Mega Man, up to the 10th. Aside from that, addition content also includes a challenge mode, online leaderboards, sound mode, and a museum mode for that nostalgia goodness.

It’s coming out this July 24 on the PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. No Man’s Sky Yes, Hello Games’ controversial space exploration game returns, and it’s coming out to the Xbox One with massive surprises in store. Prepare for take off and enter a universe filled with 18 quintillion planets to sink your hours into. The Xbox release will come with all the previous updates — Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises… along with newest update NEXT. In a recent blog post on the Xbox blog, the developer also teased the full multiplayer experience that’s packaged with the game’s release. After the failure of a release on the PC and PlayStation 4, it’s okay to be a bit skeptical. It’s coming out this 24th of July. The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition Stoic Studios’ epic tactical role playing fantasy game has their own massive collection too. With their third entry nearing release, it’s about time they unleash the big guns. Relive the first two games of the series with bonus contents. It’s filled with deep tactical combat with strong Nordic elements.

It’s coming out this 24th of July on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Banner Saga 3 The third and final dramatic chapter in the story-driven Viking RPG from Stoic Entertainment. With over 20 awards and 4 BAFTA Nominees, this signifies the series’ send off in glorious fashion. In this installment, the world continues to crumble once again. Take control of new playable characters to join your party and take advantage of the progress you gain in every battle. It’s deep and strategic combat returns, offering a whole new kind of challenge for the thrill-seekers surviving the barren Nordic realms. It’s coming out this 24th of July on the PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Persistence The PlayStation VR is still alive and kicking. This stealth VR adventure is set in the isolating corridors of a massive spaceship. Unlike the short playtimes of most VR games, Persistence boasts a high replayability that it owes to its roguelike nature.

Choose from their arsenal of weapons and defend the last remaining humans from the mutated flock. It’s coming out this 24th of July on the PlayStation 4. Hello Neighbor A first-person Indie Horror game from Dynamic Pixels plays with advanced AI to mess with your head. Your goal is to pester your neighbor and uncover his deep dark secret found inside his house. As you play the game you realize that this dude doesn’t give up. He’s always one step ahead of you and he’s the one playing you. To find his secret, you must outsmart the game’s AI. Don’t forget to mark your calendar. We’ll be livestreaming the PS4 version of Hello Neighbor on its release day. It’s coming out this 27th of July on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Spirit Roots An old school 2D platformer from Fireart Studios. Journey through five atmospheric worlds with their own unique mechanics and defeat enemies to finally return to your beloved family. Conquer 50 levels and epic boss battles, it’s coming out sometime this July 2018 on the PC. Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire – Beasts Of Winter Go Game of Thrones in this upcoming DLC from Obsidian Entertainment.

The winds of winter are blowing and it’s taking you to an island inhabited with a mysterious doomsday cult. Uncover their ancient secret and explore dimensions unknown in deep, isometric combat. It’s coming out sometime this July on the PC. Hi again! You may pre-order these games through the links in the description box below. Also, what do you think of this new format? We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like. And for more gaming updates, click subscribe and hit that notification bell. Thank a bunch for watching! See you soon!.

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