July has been such an amazing month for the iOS. Horray for mobile gaming! What up players, it’s Raine from Whatoplay, and today we have 25 awesome new iOS games released in June 2018 that just received their Playscores. The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. When a game only reaches the minimum requirement of critic OR gamer reviews, it receives a Provisional playscore. We have a long list ahead of us, so let’s get going, starting with Nishan Shaman It’s a completely free game from six university graduates. Wow, good job, you guys! It stars,the titular character Nishan Shaman, a legendary female figure of the Northeastern Chinese lore. It’s a story-driven rhythm game with a deep respect of the culture of the Chinese minority tribes with a Playscore of Identity V It’s always halloween in this side of the mobile hemisphere.

NetEase Games’ latest release just might be the first aysmmmetrical horror game on the platform. Play as survivors together with three other teammates, or become the ruthless hunter with a lust for blood. It has a PlayScore of Absolute Drift A racing game that will let you hone your drifting skills on the fly. Enter their pastel-colored minimalist tracks and overcome the obstacles with your sly steering. An ios port of a PC title, you can get all the modes, car customizations, and events for a fraction of the price. It has a Provisional PlayScore of SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Dx2 SEGA brings us another title to the demon collecting RPG series that is Shin Megami Tensei. Here, you play as a Demon Downloader, otherwise known as Dx2 (D-Two) who can summon demons from a smartphone app. Collect demons to battle and to take pictures with in real life. It has a Playscore of Slashy Knight Take on a bitesized RPG experience in the blocky lands of the Slashy Knight. Play as Knights, Panda Samurais, or the totally copyright-proof Ganderp the Blue, and save the the world against a storm of ogres, skeletons and more.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of The Eyes of Ara Marvel at the majesty of a mysterious castle in this award-winning adventure puzzle game. Step inside the ghostly halls and awaken the myriad secrets that have lied undisturbed for decades. A minimalist puzzler that’s been praised for its remarkable storytelling, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Wizard’s Words Show off your spelling sorcery in this addictive word game from Playgendary. Find words amid a grid of lettered tiles and sharpen your vocabulary with every level. It even houses a range of languages for them nerdy polyglots. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Super Drop Land Fall in love with this platformer that will drop you in on a vertical adventure.

Collect coins and stars while flipping down and away from ghosts! This free to play title from Lamington Games has a Provisional Playscore of Food Fantasy Combine Restaurant Management with RPG, sprinkle a dash of anime goodness and what do you get? This amazingness that is Food Fantasy! It’s filled with so many delicious noms that will surely get your tummy growling. It sure did for me. Anyway, it has a Provisional Playscore of Diamond Diaries Saga King, the creators behind the behemoth that is Candy Crush Saga is at it again with another addicting puzzle linker game.

This time, instead of matching candy, you’re making precious jewelry by linking charms of the same color together. You know the drill! It has a Provisional Playscore of DERE EVIL EXE Oof. This next one is spoopy. DERE EVIL EXE is a retro style platformer with a thrilling story. You play as Knightly as he goes on a journey through this stunningly strange pixel world. Beware of the dangerous creatures lurking in the dark! DERE EVIL EXE has a Playscore of New Star Soccer Manager Playing on the field is too much work for my lazy fingers. Managing the team however — now we’re talking. This is all about realistic strategy — it’s so real that you can even go to the locker room to motivate your team during half-time.

It has a Provisional Playscore of The Walking Dead: Our World THE ZOMBIES ARE UPON US — and you can find them by looking through your phone’s camera. Defend yourself and your families and friends by fighting these undead walkers in the streets and in your neighborhood. Just don’t forget to watch where you’re going! It has a Provisional Playscore of DROLF Drolf is a one of a kind golf puzzle game. Just like any other game of golf, the goal is to somehow get the ball into the hole. The twist here is that the path isn’t always so clear. So get creative and draw your own path! Now the title makes sense. It combines Drawing and Golf. Smart! It has a Provisional Playscore of Boxing Star Enter the ring and do anything and everything it takes to K.O. your opponent! You can and must train as hard as you can, but sometimes, you just gotta get yourself some custom gloves to become the Champion! Boxing Star recieves a Provisional Playscore of Rock of Destruction! Ahhhhh! There’s nothing like the amazing feeling of destroying anything and everything that comes your way.

As you destroy more and more buildings, you get bigger and bigger and more capable destroying even more! Rock of Destruction receives a Provisional Playscore of Battlelands Royale Yep, yet another battle royale has made its way to our iphones and ipads… yaaaay. What makes Battlelands Royale different from the others is how quick the games are! Just 3-5 minute battles between 32 players to maximize the carnage! It has a Provisional Playscore of Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 The third in the Motorsport Manager lineup, this is the ultimate race team strategy game on the iOS! Just like the previous generations of this game, you must build your own team from scratch and train them up to be the best! It has a Playscore of Asphalt 9: Legends The sequel to Asphalt 8: Airborne is here and it’s making its big bro proud! On top of all the awesomeness we have come to expect from the Asphalt series, for the first time ever, you can form a club with like-minded racers and collaborate so your club can rise to the top of the leaderboards! It has a Playscore of Hidden my game by mom 3 If you say you can’t relate to this game, you are lying.

Mom has hidden your game once again and so you much search the room to find it! Your mom is one creative lady at hiding things. Thankfully, you are her child and you are just as imaginative. It has a Provisional Playscore of Tales of Thorn: Global Next up is an action packed RPG that promises to be as fair as possible. Instead of buying powerful gears, you have to actually skill up your custom characters and have good strategy.

For that it has a Provisional Playscore of STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Square Enix brings to the table yet another anime style RPG. In this you are a captain shot out to the outer reaches of space due to a malfunction in your ship. Thankfully, there’s this mysterious woman who can summon heroes from time and space to help you come back home. Another timey wimey game from Squenix that has a Provisional Playscore of Furistas Cat Cafe Live your best cat lady life in this cat cafe simulator by Runaway. Become the ultimate Furista by building and running the best kitty friendly cafe you can to please both your customers and your cat overlords. It has a Provisional Playscore of Onmyoji Arena In this time, humans and demons coexist. Unfortunately, evil spirits pose a threat as they begin their quest to dominate the human world and the demon world. Fortunately, a band of gifted humans who capable of bridging the two worlds are willing to sacrifice their lives to save us all.

An epic game that has a Provisional Playscore of Last but definitely not the least, MapleStory M Ooooh! The hype was real with this one! Maple Story has finally made its way to mobile gaming! Relive the MapleStory Experience as you play as any of your favorite MapleStory Explorers from Dark Knight, to Knight Lord, and even Corsair! This MMORPG for the iOS has a Provisional Playscore of Mid: WHEW! Okay there’s more to come, but before we continue, if you want even more games, you can go to our website, whatoplay.com, to check out the complete and updated game lists for every platform. Alright, let’s continue! And that is all for today’s video! I wanna know which one was your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section! Also, don’t forget that we have all the links to the games we mentioned in this video, as well as our links to some other places on the internet like our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram in the description box.

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