The first game for this month is Rock of Destruction! Ahhhhh! There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the freedom to destroy anything and everything that comes in your way. Feeding into that primal love for chaos is this action game from Voodoo. Crash and dash through the medieval landscapes and grow with every demolished structure. It receives a Provisional Playscore of Hello Neighbor Dynamic Pixel’s popular AI powered stealth game has finally reached the mobile. Become the posterboy of peskiness as you sneak into the ever changing landscapes of your neighbor’s house. As they learn your tricks with each playthrough, it’s ultimate game of chess as you try to outwit them and uncover his secrets. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Keke Love Challenge A love letter to the fans of Drake’s hit single, you won’t need to get out of your car for this one. Do the shiggy in their various platforming challenges as you time jumps, avoid blocks, and collect cash.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of Fusion Heroes Construct your very own mech from scratch and use your chosen weapons to walk the path of destruction. Trapinator’s action-packed title is a haven of fierce combat. Mow down enemies, scavenge for parts, recruit allies and bring home triumph for your party. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8 Full Metal Jackpot Taking a break from their slew of RPG titles, Spacetime studios gives us a criminal dose of fun. An endless multiplayer battle for supremacy, dive into their destructive arena and knock out as many players as you can to claim the jackpot for yourself. Providing instant and endless entertainment, it has a Provisional PlayScore of SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI D×2 SEGA brings us another title to the demon collecting RPG series that is Shin Megami Tensei.

Here, you play as a Demon Downloader, otherwise known as Dx2 (D-Two) who can summon demons from a smartphone app. Collect demons to battle and to take pictures with in real life. It has a Playscore of Pocket City A premium mobile city builder to scratch that simcity itch on the go. Play as mayor to this tiny city and heed the needs of your tiny citizens. Optimize, strategize, and fight emergencies, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Slashy Knight Take on a bitesized RPG experience in the blocky lands of the Slashy Knight. Play as Knights, Panda Samurais, or the totally copyright-proof Ganderp the Blue, and save the the world against a storm of ogres, skeletons and more. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game Scotland’s getting some loving in Asmodee digital’s newest boardgame title. Simple but strategic, you play as one of the five clans fighting for Isle of Sky.

Stake your claim by developing your territories and rule them well with your diplomatic might. An award winning boardgame, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Love Island: The Game Give yourself that love island experience and find your true love amidst the drama of reality tv. Chock full of hot and handsome partners to choose from, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Asphalt 9: Legends The sequel to Asphalt 8: Airborne is here and it’s making its big bro proud! On top of all the awesomeness we have come to expect from the Asphalt series, for the first time ever, you can form a club with like-minded racers and collaborate so your club can rise to the top of the leaderboards! It has a Playscore of Man-Eating Plant Like Jack and the beanstalk meets golden duck, start off Caffeinemonster’s crude storybook mix by planting the seeds of this man-eating plant.

From tiny plants to unwitting humans, discover all the feeds that make your plant tick and bask in the satisfying pixel pandemonium. It has a Provisional PlayScore of The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game Let the battle of the Space Marines commence! Choose your leaders in this new strategy card game, and trade your way to PvP victory. A bite-sized Warhammer 40k experience, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Teen Titans GO Figure! The follow -up to teeny titans is here! Here, you can go on 3 vs 3 battles against other DC superheroes including the big three: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Every figurine can be repainted in anyway you like, so you could have a bright Yellow Raven or a Pink Batman if you so desire. It has a Provisional Playscore of Wizard’s Words Show off your spelling sorcery in this addictive word game from Playgendary. Find words amid a grid of lettered tiles and sharpen your vocabulary with every level. Of course, why limit yourself to boring old english when you can choose from their wide range of languages.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9 Color Defense – Tower Defense TD Holding fast to what seems to be a dying genre, Color Defense switches out the chaotic sprites of tower defense for the minimalism of their geometric shapes. Equally strategic, place structures around the given path and weave through their science ficiton story. A TD title for casual gamers, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Battleheart 2 A sequel to Mika Mobile’s 2011 RPG, Battleheart 2 lets you take command of a new party of heroes.

Choose from 12 unique hero types, and use their varying abilities to battle against their equally diverse bestiary. You can even play with up to four friends with their co-op multiplayer mode. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Toy Crush Smash Cubes Pop From wacky simulations, we get back to the basics in this colorful match three puzzle game. A variant of the Candy Crush gameplay, use your wits and luck to clear the board of every candy-colored tile. With over 900 levels and no lives system whatsoever, you can match three to your heart’s content with a Provisional PlayScore of Lightseekers Another stylish trading card game, join the seekers of the light and save the world Tantos from the Umbron’s darkness. A kickstarter creation that could rival Blizzard’s own Hearthstone, it has a Provisional PlayScore of STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Square Enix brings to the table yet another anime style RPG. In this you are a captain shot out to the outer reaches of space due to a malfunction in your ship. Thankfully, there’s this mysterious woman who can summon heroes from time and space to help you come back home.

Another timey wimey game from Squenix that has a Provisional Playscore of Furistas Cat Cafe One for the cat lovers out there, create your very own feline paradise as you pet, adopt, and take of your assortment of adorable cat customers. Customize your cat cafe, and get to meet their diverse collection of quirky cat personalities. Gently pushing an ethical adopt don’t shop mentality, it has a Provisional PlayScore of Look, Your Loot! – A card crawler Gather all ye treasures while ye may in this cleverly constructed cardgame from Dragosha. A deceptively simple cardgame with roguelike elements, pick from their lineup of heroes and go through dungeons, defeat bosses, and collect loop with the tap of a screen. An enjoyable dungeon crawler you can play with one hand, it has a Provisional PlayScore of holedown Kinda like a mix of pong and numbers, holedown’s got addictive simplicity down to a science. The goal is to clear out the grid using the power of your bouncy beans. Choose the best trajectory for the jiggly spawn and watch zip back and forth, whittling down blocks with every bounce.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of Hidden my game by mom 3 A surreal escape game that encompasses one of the most frustrating moments of human experience…find all three of your games in this third entry to hap inc’s odd and quite literal hidden game series. Hopefully, your mom won’t have to nag you through the whole adventure. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Alto’s Odyssey Always one in the list of premier mobile titles, Alto takes on a new adventure in this sequel. Already released on the iOS, it took a while for it to get to the android but the wait is finally over. As expected, there’s more sights to see in this breathtaking sequel, letting you explore their vast orange deserts. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Super Starfish Dive into the ethereal cosmos of this literal star fish.

Probably the most beautiful avoidance game yet, engage in outerspace chicken against meteors, black, holes, quasars and more. Customize and collect an aquarium of up to 30 starfish and compete for the best scores along with your friends. It has a Provisional PlayScore of DERE EVIL EXE A retro platformer with a dash of horrifying thrills, play as their silent hero in their vibrant pixel stages and survive the hair-raising ordeals of his world. Its arcade era inspired aesthetics offer the perfect foil to their creepy meta narrative. It has a Provisional PlayScore of And the best Android game this month is none other than Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 There’s reason to rejoice, mobile racing fans, because the highly successful motorsport simulation has finally gotten a third entry. Immerse yourself in the high speed delights of motorsport management as you create your own team and guide them towards that winning cup.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of .

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