31 PC Games have just received their PlayScores this April 2018, let’s check them out right now! Extinction As impressive as their initial trailers were, with their gigantic ogres and feisty looking trolls, Iron Galaxy’s open world adventure never seems to hit its stride. While it delivers in graphics and combat, Extinction stumbles into the pitfalls of the genre. For players, it felt sparse, repetitive, and just not worth the 60 dollar price point. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Radical Heights Battle Royale is in and Boss Key Productions is cashing in. Boasting the spunky cartoon visuals of Fortnite, Radical Heights is a colorful, free to play action experience. Currently in its Early Access stage, there’s still a lot of kinks that needs ironing but it’s a budding premise wrapped in the 80’s signature tack. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 5.73. Crisis on the Planet of the Apes Set against a backdrop of the growing outbreak, put yourself in the shoes of our Simian brothers and fight your life in the apocalyptic world.

It’s a VR experience that pits you against human captors in for your race’s survival. Unfortunately, it only disappoints in terms of controls, voice acting, and variety. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 5.73. Bullet Witch While game remakes are still on the rise, this port of the Xbox 360 shooter shows us how not to recreate a game. Despite its graphical upgrades, players have brought out their pitchforks against the outdated feel of…pretty much everything else. While it enjoyed a moderate success on first release, Bullet Witch proves that not everything can be fixed with a 4K makeover. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 5.81. The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match SNK offers us a throwback straight from the year 1997.

One of their latest ports to modern consoles, the reviews are mixed at best. Offering the classic 3 on 3 action, players are split between those happy with a dose of 90s nostalgia and those disappointed by the lack of a training mode. Showing off the last of the Orochi Saga with 6 secret characters from the NEOGEO days, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 5.85. THE DAY Online Currently in Early Access, Reloaded Studios mixes up a hodgepodge of genres with this 3rd person action strategy set in a colorful 3D arena. It’s currently a work in progress, but it’s spunky characters and explosive battles are definitely something to look forward. Needing a bit of tweaks to balance and UI, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 5.92. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Returning afte an 8 year hiatus, fans had reason to rejoice when they heard about the red-haired swordsman’s glorious return. However, put in the wrong hands, this port of the series’ 8th installment couldn’t stick the landing with its iffy translations and other technical flaws. While beautiful, looks Adol’s new adventure leaves a lot to be desired.

It has a PlayScore of The Swords of Ditto Sporting the stylish flair of most Digital Devolver release, Swords of Ditto is a charming and unique take on the roguelite genre. It lets you as a lineage of brave adventurers, with every death marking a new beginning with a vastly changed and a whole new character. Lacking the fast-paced live-die-repeat of most roguelike titles though, it has a PlayScore of Farm Manager 2018 Pretty much a standard addition to the niche of farming simulators, become the owner of your very own farm and try to survive the ebbs and tides of agricultural demand.

It’s not your usual business tycoon game as you get down and dirty on the fields, raising livestock and planting crops. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Super Daryl Deluxe A metroidvania adventure that lets you relive high school in the halls of Water Falls High. It’s an offbeat story driven action game rendered with satisfying 2D cartoon violence. Like Napoleon Dynamite meets Scott Pilgrim, take on the exaggerated villains of High School life and uncover a 15hour story packed with hidden hallways and over the top hilarity. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Project AURA Taking place in the wake of a climate catastrophe, round up the remaining survivors and lead the colony back to civilization. In this strategy simulation, you’ll have to face a host of new challenges in this new world.

Manage your resources, expand your city, and bring back the glory of the human race. For from a perfect strategy, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.07. Masters of Anima Dive into massive strategic battles in this tactical action adventure from Passtech Games. Set in the magical world of Spark, the key to victory is a mix of wit and quick decision making. Control an army of over 100 units and use the game’s intuitive mechanics to save your fiance and the world at large. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.14. Broken Ground It’s time to show off your guns in Bad Viking’s latest free-to-play multiplayer. Broken Ground revives the turn-based action of the Gunbound days. Battle solo or with friends and take part in environmental destruction with an aim to destroy ’em all. Packed with plenty of game modes and a variety of maps, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.22. Hearthstone: The Witchwood A new meta begins with the coming of Hearthstone’s eigth expansion. Blizzard’s venture into the world trading card game is definitely paying off, and with Witchwood comes an array of 135 new cards, the druid hero Lunara, new keywords and a Monster Hunting game mode.

It’s the dawn of the Witchwood, and it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.33. PWND The fastest first-person shooter is here, and it’s coming to you for free from Skydance Interactive. In a game where humiliation is the name of the game, there’s no room for sportsmanlike behavior. Defy death in the three multiplayer maps, and get ready to defile your enemies in close combat PWNAGE. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Amorous Team Amorous’ furry dating simulator is… not something you’d expect on our list. Enter a bustling night club filled with all kinds of species, personalities and sexualities. Create your own character and find the perfect mate. I hope this is the last time we’ll talk about this game again. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Will To Live Online An MMORPG shooter set in a post apocalyptic world. Explore its barren world and engage in fights with mutants and other survivors. Find your place in the world and survive in a decaying society. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Solo A unique indie puzzle game set on a gorgeous and surreal archipelago.

Explore islands in dream-like fashion. Take a moment to reflect on the game’s admiration of love, and solve numerous puzzles using the nature and its wildlife. It has a Provisional PlayScore of The Spatials: Galactology An indie simulation game where you design and protect your colony from enemies. Set in the vast galactic space, expand your colony and explore other worlds. Meet friends, or enemies along the way but never forget your one true home. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Dead In Vinland A survival slash management game mixed with RPG elements.

Take control of an exiled Viking family trying their best to survive on am mysterious island. Find and gather resources to stabilize your family’s mental and physical health. Build your camp, maximize your resources, and live to tell the tales. It has a PlayScore of BattleTech From the creators of the Shadowrun Return series comes a next-gen turn-based tactical combat. Command a squadron of mechanized war machines in a vast interstellar civil war. Manage your mercenaries, end the rule of a deposed ruler, and upgrade your machine to its optimal form. It has a Provisional PlayScore of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR Of course, Bethesda. This Virtual Reality upgrade from Todd Howard’s finest creation takes you to the realm of Skyrim in the most immersive mode possible. Conjure magic, forge weapons, take down giants, or shout in dragon magic ALL in Virtual Reality. Thanks, Todd. It has a PlayScore of Arma 3 Tanks This downloadable content from Bohemia Interactive’s action-strategy ARMA consists of three brand new tanks with heavy firepower. This includes the T-140 Angara, AWC Nyx, Rhino MGS, a special Mini Campaign and so much more.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of Frostpunk From 11 Bit Studios, the creators of This War Of Mine, this city simulation game puts you on the verge of existence. Create a sprawling civilization amidst the biting cold. Scour for resources and maintain hope for your people. Make laws, develop new tech, explore the frostland, and so much more. It has a PlayScore of Minit An adorable indie adventure from Devolver Digital with pixel graphics and retro-feel. Step outside your home and go on a journey to uncover secrets and fight dangerous foes to stop this 1 minute curse from terrorizing your life. It has a PlayScore of Tower Of Time From Event Horizon, witness a new kind of RPG. Enter the mysterious Tower of Time and delve deep into its real-time tactical combat. Guide your champions in its 50 hours of story content filled with rich cinematics, character development and strategic elements. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Hiveswap Friendsim Homestuck meets Hiveswap in this odd dating simulator from What Pumpkin Games.

Set your sights into the land of Alternia, where two trolls approach you and welcome you to its world. Find friends in its loosely-canonical visual novel adventure. Not to mention it’s episodic. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Deployment This intense and competitive top-down shooter from Whale Rock Games brings you to an endless war between governments and megacorporations. Utilize the power of computers and these will aid you in your quest to stop them from taking over the world.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of Monster Prom An indie prom dating simulator from Beautiful Glitch. Within 3 weeks, Monster Prom is about to happen. It’s up to you find the perfect date and prepare yourself for a night you will never forget. Raise your stats, seduce one of your classmates and meet bizarre monster characters. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle Blue Wizard Digital’s free to play puzzle game is fun as it is violent. Be Jason Vorhees, a notorious serial killer living in the shadows of Camp Crystal Lake. Stalk and slay campers over 100 puzzle levels and mutilate everything in your path. It has a Provisional PlayScore of Marie’s Room A heartwarming short story from Kenny Guillaume. Explore an unconventional friendship between two classmates told through memories. What happened between them 20 years ago? It’s the perfect game to isolate yourself from the world for a moment and feel the emotions pouring as Kelsey embarks on her trip to memory lane.

It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.40.

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