Hi guys! It’s Claire for Whatoplay. et’s check them out right now! The Playscore is a standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. When a game only reaches the minimum requirement of critic OR gamer reviews, it receives a provisional playscore. Spike City. This is an action-packed free to play game from Nitrome. The controls of this game are simple, but be careful, you gotta keep moving because there’s a lot of things in this game that will kill you. It has a Provisional Playscore of BOMBARIKA. For less than a dollar, you can have a puzzle game that you can actually win! The game puts you in a house that has a lot of hidden bombs in it. You gotta find them and get rid of them before they go (kaboom!). You only got 30 minutes, and this game has got a Provisional Playscore of Among the Stars. This is a digital version of a board game where you try to build space stations all throughout the galaxy in the name of peace.

Whoever could build more stations and rack up most points before the game ends wins the game. This galactic game has a Provisional Playscore of Sir Questionnaire. Enter the dungeon filled with loot, monsters, and mysteries in this hack’n’slash game. Be sure to document your encounters and fill your codex with information. There’s so many things to discover in a game that has a Provisional Playscore of Rev Heads Rally.

If you’re a thrill seeking, car crazy adrenaline junkie then you might just identify yourself with the Rev Heads. This game is the poor man’s Nintendo Kart, meaning it’s a pretty generic kart experience. For now, it has a Provisional Playscore of Idle Champions. Party up with your friends because this Codename Entertainment game will take you deep into the Forgotten Realms. Master the positions of your characters to maximize their full potential.

This game has a Provisional Playscore of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. There’s a virus spreading in the Digital City where all of your favorite Disney characters live and it’s making them evil. So assemble your team of lovable characters like Mike Wazowski, Mr. Incredible, and even Captain Jack Sparrow. Battle it out in a game that has a Playscore of Dungeon Hunter Champions. Although this is not the most interesting game on the iOS, it is definitely a very polished multiplayer game. Team up with other players to compete in real time 5v5 battles. It has a Playscore of Odium To the Core. This is a one-touch runner with visuals that are reminiscent of Badlands. It’s a challenging game where the goal is to reach the core to save the world. You’ll die a lot, but if you’re interested, this game has a Provisional Playscore of M&M Elemental Guardians. Next on our list is a fast-paced strategy rpg straight out of the medieval fantasy realm of Might & Magic.

Collect fierce and fantastic elemental creatures and evolve them to become a mighty team of warriors. Victory awaits you in this game that has a Provisional Playscore of VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH Square Enix just published a game with a captivating story that is steeped in Norse mythology. Aesir and Vanir have ignited a divine war that might just end of the world. As a Valkyrie, you must learn your story and discover your destiny. This mythical game has a Provisional Playscore of Faraway 3. Strap your snow boots on ‘cause we’re going to take a hike up an arctic mountain and solve some mind-bending puzzles. This 3D First person puzzle game has a fantastic story and super complex puzzles. There are 9 puzzles to try for free before you buy this game that has a Provisional Playscore of BattleHand Heroes.

Keep your super suit close at hand if you’re not wearing it already because the Crime Rate of Silver City is through the roof! Together with your band of super powered friends, you must bring down Omega and save the world. This free to play game has a Provisional Playscore of COMIC BOY. What would happen if you suddenly find yourself trapped in a comic book? Jump from panel to panel just to find an escape in this auto-runner by FredBear Games. This game plays just fine, but what it’s lacking, shockingly, is a cohesive story. But if you’re someone who enjoys runners and the comic book aesthetic, this game has a Provisional Playscore 7.84. Pocket Run Pool. The creator of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire is back with another twist to an old classic.

Do you think you can make the perfect pocket run? See if you can in this highly addicting pool game. This modern arcade pool game has a Playscore of Homo Machina. This game is exactly what the title hints at. Arte Experience’s game is a look inside the human body if the human body was a 1920’s factory. It has a very interesting premise, but it’s really more of an experience than a full on game. With all its gears and levers, this game has a Playscore of Moon Surfing. You heard that title right! In this game, you can surf the dusty hills and steep craters of that big dead rock in the night sky.

Where you start off in the game is reminiscent of NASA’s Apollo program, but as you venture to the far side of the moon, the terrain will get more and more challenging. Experience the moon a whole new way in a game that has a Playscore of AXE.io. Survive as long as you can in the battle arena by cracking the skulls of your enemies with your trusty battle axe. The more you kill, the more powerful you get! While this game may be a bit repetitive, repeatedly swinging that axe is kinda fun. This game has a Playscore of Animal Super Squad. No matter how dramatic the trailer of this game may be, this physics-based adventure game from Doublemoose games is super light-hearted. Careful though, this game is also extremely addicting. It has a Playscore of Zero/Sum. The cure for cancer has been discovered! Unfortunately, Professor Liddy had to erase some parts of the formula as she was being murdered.

It’s now up to you to find the cure for cancer once again! This is a mathematical murder mystery game that has a Provisional Playscore of Ilu. Brainium Studios describes their creation as a logic puzzle of light and life. Some of the planets in this game are lost in the dark. As a keeper of light, it is your mission to spread light in these barren planets. Unwind, relax, and spread the light in a game that has a Playscore of Scalak. Hamster, the developer, not the animal is back with another awesome game.

In this puzzle game, you gave to match shapes up, find the patterns, and fill up the figures. It has a Playscore of G30. The next game on our list is a minimalistic memory maze. This game explores what it must be like for people with are losing their memory to some kind of mental illness. In each level of the game you spark a little bit of memory. This innovative game has a Provisional Playscore of Super Hydorah. Locomalito’s classic shooting game is now finally available for iOS gamers.

There are many secrets and multiple endings hiding in this console-quality smartphone game to keep you at the edge of your seat! An old school game tuned for the new generation of gamers with a Playscore of Glides. After all that chaos in the last game, this next one is all about calmness. Just smooth gliding through the rings of space… right? Nope. Asteroid fields are just around the corner, so take heed! This amazing game has a Provisional Playscore of Iron Throne: Kingdoms. This month, Netmarble released a strategy game where you build your very own castle, lead your formidable heroes into epic wars against other players all in the efforts to claim your iron throne! This Game of Thrones inspired game has a Provisional Playscore of Returners. All of the heroes across history, myth, and legend are all in this game! From Cleopatra, to Robin Hood, they’re all here to fight in the battlefield! How does your team of 5 stack up against other players? Find out in this game that has a Provisional Playscore of Fusion Heroes. Tapinator’s latest game will have you mechanically engineer your robot hero capable of fighting hordes of battle droids! The goes of this fast-paced action RPG is total dominance! Become a master engineer in a game that has a Provisional Playscore of Diggerman.

Oh no! A giant mole kidnapped your sweetums! Quick! Dig dig dig just to get her back! You may even find all kinds of treasure along the way. This digging simulator has a Provisional Playscore of Minesweeper Genius. Remember that game from our old PCs we love playing but most of us don’t know how, well, our friends there at Mother Gaia Studios haven’t forgotten about that game. They have brought it in the App Store with a brand new coat of paint. Challenge your logical thinking with a game that has a Provisional Playscore of ZombsRoyale.io. Become the champion of this 100-player 2D battle royale. You can go at it solo, with a partner, or even with a squad. On the weekends, you can invite zombies along so you have more things to shoot at. This game has a Provisional Playscore of Space Pioneer. Explore incredible new worlds and even galaxies in this free to play action RPG from Vivid Games. This impressively polished game looks stunning on the small screen. If you’re not careful, you’ll easily lose hours of your day to this game that has a Playscore of Tiny Bubbles.

Relive your childhood of playin g with bubbles in this mesmerizing puzzle game. As you fill the bubbles with colorful air, it pushes the surrounding bubbles with realistic bubble physics. This game is bubbling up with a Playscore of Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord. In this game, it’s so good to be bad. That is until one of those pesky heroes start to invade your territory. Build traps, hire monsters and discover powerful relics to protect your dungeon. Keep those darned hero trespassers away in a game that has a Provisional Playscore of Super Doggo Snack Time. The last game on our list is a game where you get to feed cute doggos. Keep your cute, well-dressed pet nice and full with all kinds of delicious food — from pizzas to hotdogs — none of that Broccoli nonsense. Ew. It’s impossible not to get addicted to this game that has a Provisional Playscore of Hi again! You can get all these new ios games thr ough the links i n the description box below. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe, hit that notification bell and don’t forget to leave a like.

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