Aim Lab A free aiming simulator from Slatespace. This indie FPS is a virtual training hub for you to improve your aiming, tracking, flicking and so much more. Learn about the basics of first person shooters, and you’ll be a master in no time. Coming this September 1st on the PC. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age Embark on a whole adventure in this perilous new cel-shaded JRPG from Square Enix. Echoes brings you into a massive world packed with a good story and engaging turn-based combat. Coming out this September 4 on the PC and PlayStation 4. Shadows: Awakening A unique, isometric, single player RPG with real-time combat from Games Farm. Set in the Heretic Kingdoms saga, gather your party as you take the role of a demon from the Shadow Realm. Consume souls of long-dead heroes and embark on an epic adventure. Coming this September 4 on the PC and Xbox One.

Genesis Alpha One Mixing thrilling roguelike mechanics and science fiction, become an interstellar pioneer as you find new homes for humanity’s DNA in the middle of a chaotic space warfare. It’s coming out this 4th of September on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 428: Shibuya Scramble A visual novel mystery slash adventure game from Spike Chunsoft. Take on the shoes of detective, virus expert, or weirdo in a catsuit and follow each of them on their way to solve a mysterious case. Try to make the best decisions in each scenario and try to find each of their 85 endings. Releasing this September 4 on the PC and PS4. Super Street: The Game Speed is the limit in this first official super street game built for the grease monkeys. Start from basic scraps but gain more parts after every mission to build that ultimate ride. This arcade racing game will bring your white knuckling dreams to life. Coming this September 4 on the PC, X1 and PS4.

Destiny 2: Forsaken The hunt is on in this latest Downloadable Content from Bungie’s sci-fi shooter. Enter new locations, face new enemies, unlock new abilities and weapons. The lawless region of The Tangled Shore awaits you in a treasure hunting experience. Coming this 4th of September on the PC, X1 and PS4. ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd Runners – MARS One of Konami’s acclaimed mecha game.

A hack and slash shooter that was released during PlayStation 2’s glory days way back 2003. This remake will feature 4K support and a virtual reality mode. It’s coming out this September 4 on the PC, and PS4. God Wars: The Labyrinth Of Yomi A Downloadable Content for NiS America’s tactical JRPG. This time, explore a mysterious Labyrinth of Yomi which offers a whole new storyline and more characters to participate in a battle. Coming this September 4 on the PS4 and PSVita. Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots It’s finally coming to the consoles and PC! This popular beat ‘em up and Shoot ‘em Up game lets you play Ninjin, a ninja bunny who must do whatever it takes to recover his precious carrots from the Shogun.

This is how Bugs Bunny would look like in Japan. Coming this September 4 on the PC, PS4, X1 and the Switch. GOD WARS: The Complete Legend NiSA’s complete and definitive edition to God Wars: Future Past includes the base game, the Legend Of Yomi expansion we talked about earlier, and improved visuals. There’s but over 100 hours of new content in store for the Switch users as it comes out this September 4. Megaton Rainfall A one of a kind superhero game from Pentadimensional Games. Be the next Superman as you defend the Earth from a massive alien invasion. Use your super strength, speed and powers to overcome extraterrestrial odds. Coming to the Xbox One this September 5th. YO-KAI BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps / White Dog Squad A spinoff action game from the popular Yo-Kai franchise. Team up with three other friends via local and online co-op to take on big bosses using skills and Soultimate moves. Instead of turn-based battles, this is a real-time action RPG. It’s coming out this September 7 on the 3DS alongside White Dog Squad.

Spider-Man This might be the biggest superhero release this year. Insomniac Games’ ambitious MARVEL entry takes you to the life of the web-slinging superhero. Take on the most iconic villains in his career as you swing your way across its beautiful open world and brilliant combat. It’s coming out this September 7 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. Immortal Unchained Rise up to the challenge in this unforgiving ultra-hardcore RPG from Toadman Interactive. Be the ultimate weapon and explore futuristic fantasy worlds. Engage in up-close and tactical action with a combination of gunplay and melee. It comes out this September 7 on the PC, PS4 and X1. SNK HEROINES Or SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. It is an arcade fighter that put together the iconic female characters in the SNK franchise. As the name suggests, use two characters per fight and assign their roles for attacker or supporter. Defeat your opponent with a finishing move to win the game. Coming this September 7 on the Switch and PS4. NBA Live 19 For the first time in the series, players can create a Female-Player! Return the to the basketball court in another entry to the NBA LIVE franchise.

It’s basically the same NBA LIVE games from before but with improved gameplay and better graphics. Coming this September 7 on the PS4 and X1. NASCAR Heat 3 Stock car racing returns, and it will bring a new dirt track series to the game’s multiplayer modes. Aside from that, it expands the racing action and introduces dirt-oval roots to the career mode. It’s set to release this September 7 on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One . Arcade Islands: Volume One Enjoy a buttload amount of arcade games in this Volume One edition of Mastiff’s Arcade Islands. Choose from over 33 pick-up-and-play games and play it on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Grab a friend and enjoy its ridiculous amount of content. Coming this September 7. Dakar 18 The most arduous and demanding event on the Motorsports Calendar gets a videogame version. From Bigmoon Entertainment, get ready to test your endurance in multiple tracks and survive the most motorsport racing game yet. Coming this September 11 on the PS4, PC and X1. NBA 2K19 Celebrating 20 years of redefining the sports genre, NBA 2K19 returns with whole new content including an immersive open-world experience called Neighborhood.

It continues to push the limits as it brings closer to being the best basketball game of all time. Coming this 11th of September on the PC, PS4, X1 and the Switch. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The third and possibly the final Tomb Raider reboot game from Square Enix. Return to the shoes of our favorite survivor queen Lara Croft as she uncovers a whole new mystery that could endanger the world.

Brave new places, and unleash the deadliest Lara personality ever. Coming this September 14 on the PC, X1 and PS4. EA SPORTS NHL 19 From football to basketball, and now to the world of hockey. EA has covered all grounds for their annual sports titles, and with this 2019 installment, the NHL takes you to the world of CHEL. Hoping to deliver an improved hockey experience over their Hockey League title, it’s set to release on the PS4 and Xbox one this Sept 14th. Labyrinth Of Refrain: Coven Of Dusk Another adorable RPG game from NiSA. Embark on an epic adventure as you uncover a mysterious Labyrinth beneath a small town. Command a birgade of puppet soldiers as you navigate between its tricky paths. Coming this September 18 on the PC, PS4 and Switch. Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition Look, more sports games…but with a healthy dose of mutant action. Taking fantasy to a literal sense, this edition of the Mutant Football League levels up the gorey action with the Dynasty mode that lets you play the mutant coach to turn the rookies into the all stars they deserve.

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch this September 18th. Fishing Sim World A game for dads, dads to be…or anyone who actually likes fishing really. Who needs a 5am trip when you can bring the see to your living room. Opting for realism, Fishing Sim World gives you a whole ecosystem of live fish to catch, along with all the competitive spirit of the tournament. It’s set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this September 18th. 8 Bit Armies A retro RTS game from Petroglyph. Powered by a colorful, blocky voxel arty style, engage in fast-paced battles with its 25 single player missions and 12 co-op missions. It’s coming this September 21 on the PS4 and X1.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing PlayStation’s adorable little dragon come back to life. Three of the most beloved Spyro games get a major makeover with better visuals, controls, and sound. It’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this September 21st. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country The first and the latest expansion from Nintendo’s acclaimed JRPG. Set 500 years before the events of the original game, guide a group of legendary warriors on a journey through a tragic history that doomed their kingdom to darkness. Players can get this game as an expansion, or a standalone DLC. Coming to the Switch this 21st. Banner Saga Trilogy With the Banner Saga series coming to a close, drink in the whole nomad viking saga in this complete trilogy for the Nintendo Switch.

Famous for their immersive storytelling, exciting turn-based combat, and punishing permadeath features, this trilogy will let you experience it all in full. Coming this September 21st. Valkyria Chronicles 4 The fourth major installment of the tactical role playing game from SEGA. Set during the events of the original Valkyria, lead a whole new set of characters as they get caught in the crossfire of the Second European War. Coming this September 25 on the PC, PS4, X1 and Switch. Metal Max Xeno NIS America’s localization of Kadokawa Game’s sixth Metal Max title is about to reach western shoes. Explore the desolate wastelands of TOKIO with Talis and help find his allies in the war against machines.

Style tanks, prepare for battle, and fight for humanity once it releases on the PS4 on September 25th. Moonlighter A unique roguelike mixed with heavy action RPG elements. Demonstrating two sides of the coin, lead the adventurer Will as he braves dangerous dungeons by night, and sells merchandise by day. It’s set to release this September 25th on the Switch. Gal Metal – World Tour Edition XSEED’s upcoming rhythm game is exclusively built for the Switch. Turning your Nintendo Joy-cons into musical instruments. World Tour Edition improves the Gal Metal experience with new and bonus content. Coming this September 25. Life Is Strange 2 DONTNOD Entertainment returns with a whole new narrative-driven experience. Still set in the same LiS universe, but with no story details yet. The only clues we have so far is its prologue free demo called The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit.

LiS 2 is coming out this September 27 on the PC, X1 and PS4. Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk Already released in Japan last year, Arc System Works has confirmed a Western Release for the newest chapter to Jake Hunter’s detective story. The second in the overall series, this adds new flavors to the mix with the addition of all four game from their mobile phone titles. Coming to the 3DS on September 28th.

FIFA 19 Still sporting the Portuguese superstar for their cover, FIFA 19 has your gaming needs covered with their latest slew of developments. Get to set your strategies set for the field using the new Game plans feature, and master the art of timing to get those precious goals. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the Switch this Sep 28th, 2018 Dragonball FighterZ Dominate your enemy’s power levels in this Switch release of the insane FighterZ.

Choose from a massive roster of your favorite Dragon Ball characters and witness a well-crafted cel-shaded visual and mechanical experience created with Arc System’s magic. Go on a 3 versus 3 tag battle and unleash your combos in its spectacular fights. Coming this September 28. Namco Museum Arcade Pac What better home for arcade classics than Nintendo’s latest console? From Bandai Namco games comes a two in one package that lets dive into the company’s classic videogame titles.

Packed with Galaga, Splatterhouse, Tower of Druaga, and the Pacman Championshup Edition 2 Plus, it’s set to release on the Switch this Sep 28th. V-Rally 4 Take a trip around the world in your wheels in Kylotonn Games’ latest V-Rally title. Spread across five disciples, feel the fury of the circuit in modes like V-Rally Cross, Buggy, Rally, Extreme-Khana, and Hillclimb. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this September. Slime-San: Super Slime Edition Fabraz’s indie action platformer takes you to a hard to digest experience. Play as Slime-San in a colorful platforming adventure deep inside the belly of the beast.

Jump, slide, and smile your way out of the Worm’s mouth. Coming sometime this September 2018 on the Switch. Underworld Ascendant Prepare your coins for Charon as you dive into the stygian abyss in this upcoming entry to Other Side Entertainment’s Ultima Underworld series. An action RPG that lets you craft your own journey in Plutonian shores, it’s set to release on the PC sometime this September..

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