Previously, the record for total kills in a single game ofFortnitewas 54 kills, which was held by the following Faze team members:Cloakzy, Tfue, Tenpo, and Jaomock. However, it was recently broken by a Fortniteteam known as PAO whose members are known as Lil Swanton, PAO Death, PAO DoctorPwnz, and PAO FantasyStar.

Although the team scored 56 kills and effectively surpassed Faze, it’s not without contest. PAO received 2 of those points by killing teammates via fall damage, but as some others have pointed out, Faze did the same thing. Notably, though, the world of Fortniteis well-acquainted with controversy, as recent SMG changes, Heavy Sniper datamines, and the return of a very controversial weapon have brought about several changes to the popular battle royale game.

Ignoring the internal squad kills, PAO holds the world record now, with Lil Swanton earning 9 kills, PAO Death 11, PAO DoctorPwnz 16, and PAO FantasyStar 20. It’s worth mentioning, however, that when Faze broke the record with 54 kills, one team member only received 1 kill.

With the success ofFortnite, it’s interesting to see how these internal squad kills are a factor in this record. For some, it nullifies the record, but regardless of where a person stands, that only knocks both PAO and Faze down two points.