While main goal is to survive and be the last squad standing, there’s also a focus on teamwork, communication. Players work together as a unit, calling out items and enemies to each other, as well as healing, reviving teammates when needed.

Characters are, for the most part, given positive, upbeat personalities. Not much backstory is provided, but most characters are presented in a positive, even heroic, light.

Straightforward first-person shooter with easy, intuitive controls. Each character has his or her own unique specializations and abilities, which can take some time and practice to learn.

Main focus is survival, with teams hunting each other. Depending on players’ luck and skill, some matches might see fast, frantic gun battles, while others might see long periods of quiet. Death in game isn’t an issue due to ability to be revived by teammates and flown back into the fray.

No profanity or explicit language in game’s dialogue, but online nature of competition opens players up to potentially offensive conversations through in-game party chat.

Free to play but with heavy focus on microtransactions — mainly in form of in-game currency used to buy cosmetic customizations for profiles, weapons, characters. You can also use the currency to unlock other characters or buy Apex Packs (loot boxes filled with random items). You can spend money to buy these items immediately, but you can also earn the same items through regular gameplay. Set in Titanfall universe, a popular shooter franchise.

Parents need to know that Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter available for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs. Teams of up to three compete in matches with up to 60 players to be the last team standing. Violence is persistent and more realistic/less cartoonish than what kids have experienced in Fortnite. Still, although blood’s shown on-screen, it isn’t overly graphic, and there’s no explicit gore.

The gameplay, which has a focus on teamwork and communication, will be easy to pick up for first-person shooter fans. While there isn’t any profanity in the dialogue, online play could open players up to iffy language in party chat. And although the game is free to play, microtransactions allow players to unlock cosmetic items and characters immediately with real-world money, as opposed to over time through gameplay. This game is part of the Titanfall universe, which is a popular shooter franchise.