Welcome to the second Alpha Test of Battlefield v. The developers from DICE have been working to improve the game after they got feedback from the first alpha. The second Alpha Test will host many changes and we will take a good look at them today. In general, the stats of each weapon have been adjusted so that they are more distinct from each other. They want each weapon to excel in the scenarios that they were made for. SMGs will be more effective at close range combat, but less effective at long distances. Assault Rifles will be at their best at medium range, but they will not outperform SMGs in close quarters.

Sniper Rifles will have more bullet drop so they require better skills to use effectively. Machine Guns now cause more damage at longer ranges to further compensate for their weight. The Erma SMG and the MP40 were great submachine guns for the Assault and Medic classes respectively. However, they were too effective at medium range distances. In the first alpha, you could score long range kills as long as you were tap shooting the SMGs and kept your crosshairs pointed at the enemy. In the second alpha, they reduced the max damage range of these SMGS from 12 meters to 8. They also decreased the falloff range from 50 meters to 40. With these changes, your SMGs will no longer cause as much damage at medium range, and it will be very inefficient to try and score kills from long distances.

To balance this out, SMGs now have a minimum damage rating. It’s an increase from the previous alpha. . You will also be able to stay on the battlefield longer because you will spawn with one extra magazine and you will receive one extra magazine when resupplying. The STG44 now has an increased max damage range from 11 meters to 20. If you are using this weapon and you spot an enemy with an SMG, keep your distance but shoot him from that 20-meter range so that you will have the advantage in firepower. In the first alpha, your shots were only effective up to 50 meters, but it has been increased to 60 meters in the second alpha. To balance this out, your max damage has been reduced from 27 to 20. Your minimum damage has also been reduced from 17 to 16.7.

This will lower the DPS rating of the weapon, but it will now cause consistent damage during a firefight. You will be able to tell exactly how many shots you need to kill an enemy, and you will be able to tell how many enemies you can kill with one magazine. Speaking of which, you will also spawn with 1 extra magazine and get one extra magazine when resupplying. The Bren Gun and the MG34 will receive exactly the same increases as the STG44 when it comes to max damage range and damage falloff range.

However, the machine guns will ultimately cause more damage to compensate for their weight. The Bren MG will have reduced minimum damage from 17 to 16.7, but it will not have a reduced max damage. The MG34 will actually have an increased minimum damage from 17 to 20. The Gewehr 43 has been nerfed slightly. The max damage range has been reduced from meters to 15. The gun’s minimum damage was also reduced from 36 to 34. To balance this out, The weapon now has an increased fall off damage range from meters to 60. This means that your weapon will no longer be that powerful at short to medium ranges, but it will be more effective at long range.

The Kar98K has been nerfed so that each shot will have more bullet drop. The exit velocity of a bullet from a Kar98K has been reduced from 700 to 600. The weapon is also much less effective at long range now. They decreased the max damage range from 20 meters to 8. They decreased the damage falloff range from 80 meters to 60 and they decreased the minimum damage of the weapon from 60 to 55. To balance this out, they increased the max damage of the Kar98K from 80 to 90, but you will only cause this much damage per shot within 8 meters. It will help you as a recon if you are being rushed, but it’s still much better to use the pistol for that.

,Increased magazine amount on spawn from 4 to 8, and 10 when resupplying. However, they did nerf the pistol so that it does not become as effective as a primary weapon. The damage falloff range has been greatly reduced from 70 meters to 30 and they increased the max damage range from 10 meters to 15. Now the pistol is exclusively a short range weapon. They decreased the max damage of the P38 from 30 to 25, but they increased the minimum damage from 15 to 16.7. This will reduce the DPS of the P38 but it will make the damage it causes more consistent. With that said, weapon adjustments are not the only changes that were applied to Battlefield 5. This time around the developers want you to focus on matchmaking, joining squads and just playing like you always do.

They claim to have improved the matchmaking system and intend to evaluate your learning curves. On top of this, the developers have been assessing the game in a live environment to help them keep the servers stable. If you were able to play the first alpha test, then you are automatically invited to the second test. All you need to do is reinstall it if it becomes available on Origin. Let me know in the comments section if you like or hate the new adjustments to the weapons in Battlefield 5. This was FOG of GAMING, remember to like and subscribe, and I will see you on the battlefield..

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