On October the 12th, the Russian open beta of Black Desert starts and we are, if the download permits, on board. Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG, developed by Pearl Abyss and published by Daum Games in Korea, Europe and NA, as well by GameNet in Russia. Black Desert currently features the best graphics and the most detailed character editor ever seen in an MMO. The game has an Assassin’s Creed like parkour system that allows to climb on roofs and towers and a weather system, that directly affects the environment. If it rains, for example, puddles will form. The game provides player housing in a fully persistent world, without any loading times. Black Desert features a bunch of classes, from giants with two big axes, to the warrior and the valkyrie who fight with sword ‘n board, to rangers, who use bow and daggers, to the sorceres which uses her black magic in melee and ranged combat, to the magician who can’t just throw fireballs, but also can support the whole group with buffs, to tamers who fight with and ride on their companion, to the blader, who just cuts his opponents in half, to the ninja , the latest class, which uses stealth, katana and shuriken.

In addition, a new system has now been announced. You will be able to awake your class. Thus, all the classes get a second weapon to choose from. Warriors get a greatsword, giants get gauntlets with a built in cannon and the sorceres gets a scythe. The cash shop actually seems very fair and might not end up to be P2W, but of course I can only talk about the Korean version, because for Europe and America, there is no release date announced yet. However, Daum is now settled in Europe, so there might be a release in the near future. Now, how to take part in the Russian open beta? In the description below, you’ll find a link to the client. Scroll down, click on it and download, then install. Its about 30 GB and since it’s in Russia, It might take some time. Now you must create an account and log in.

Finished. If you haven’t mastered Russian yet, you probably should download a patch. I’ll also link it in the description below. It’s quite easy, download the zipped file, unzip the files and drop it in the installation folder. Now you have a fan translation, which should work reasonably well. That’s it. If you want to know on which server we are going to play, visit your facebook page. Until next video, until then!.

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