What’s good, it’s fevir. Today we’re going to go over the first official look – at the new combat system and gameplay for Bless Online. Combat is one of the systems they were looking to rebuild and restructure before they brought the game to us and was their primary concern according to their Dev Talks.. and easily is the thing the community has wanted to see the most from the rebuild. So in total we got a gameplay video for the 5 classes that we can expect, I’ll link to them individually below- if you follow Bless Online apart from this upcoming launch then hearing 5 classes might make you wonder what we aren’t getting..

And it’s the Mystic and the Assassin that won’t be available to us immediately. This first class that you’re seeing is the Berserker.. giant axe.. spin to win.. charged based attacks.. now what I want to draw focus to here first .. is the stance system. You’ll see these two icons.. and they control the first 3 ability selections… and you can swap between the stances… and that changes those 3 abilities. Like a weapon swap in other games with a limited action set – it also puts the ability to swap back on a 10 second timer.. and notice that the last 4 abilities… do not change. I imagine that those last 4 skills can be selected from a much larger pool of other skills – while the stance abilities are locked to the stance itself.. and based on what they’ve said prior – there will be 6 stances in total .. of which you choose only two at one time. Now the combo system .. this is where the bulk of the changes comes in.

The hotbar shrinks.. but the potential grows. So the idea is that the 3 abilities in your stance.. web out into 6 other abilities. So you’ll notice here.. watching the Ranger .. anytime a stance ability goes on cooldown – the combo interface pops up .. and the way this plays out through gameplay is you are choosing one of those 3 options.. hopefully based on your situation and needs.. and once you make a choice.. you then have another combo action, that appears alone. To pull up a development based screenshot of the system .. it’s all outlined and pretty straight forward now that we can see it in action. Again .. I imagine these stances and so the abilities within.. are all locked..

But there will probably be some way to power up or augment their effects. That was always a cool part of Bless from other regions. You’ll see the chain sometimes goes higher than 3 .. this looks to be just using another main ability and going through it’s combo before the timer gage expires .. I wonder if there is some sort of mechanic for high chains increasing or affecting abilties in some way. I didn’t see any of the ‘reaction’ abilities that the old combat system used.. and the hotkeys for the combos took over the reaction ability’s hotkeys – these were skills that were only usable if a condition was met.. so say you just crit – boom this ability would become available. I can’t say they are gone.. but it looks like it. I also don’t see the – ultimate skill…

Again, can’t say it’s gone, looks like it though. Just looking at the gameplay.. it’s still tab target – with a few skills that are freeform… just as it was before. Instead the revamp looks to almost take some elements of the contextual inputs of Blade and Soul and flow of Guild Wars 2.. where you have a lot more options at any given time and some freedom of choice… what will make it or break it for me is how the skills are built out to prevent those choices being made for you.. because if this ends up being a choregraphed DPS rotation and your choices are between aoe, single target and ranged damage it’ll be meh. HOWEVER there is a lot of room for cool connections to class specific mechanics – so for instance the mage has gages that fill based on what element the abilities they’re casting are – that they can use to fuel more powerful skills so choosing stances to stack one fast or focus on 2 or whatever..

Could be really interesting depending on what skills are tied to it.. maybe it’s one of those general, shared skills that are the spenders. Obviously some min/maxers will drain the fun out and tell us what is good or not.. but for PvP it could potentially open up more than just one playstyle to rule them all. Weaving in some of my mages gameplay from Japan.. on the surface it’s not as large of a change as I’ve seen people wish for.

Most of the fundamentals are the same and especially in the case of DPS – a structure like this doesn’t actually change much in how and when you push buttons.. but I think this could play out really cool for Tanks and Healers. Kind of like that old Dark Knights in FFXIV before they ruined the class last expansion – these roles tend to work better with a toolbox that’s used situationally that helps make their jobs more interesting.

Especially the Paladin.. it’s probably the first time in an MMORPG that I might roll a healer .. the very tame aesthetic helps there. Overall it’s what I expected. It’s less abilities than I would like access to .. but because it’s more keypresses it could end up feeling good.. the worst part for me is the interface and hud – I was really hoping.. and still hoping.. it could change still – that they would do something to make it prettier. But that’s going to be it for me – now that I’ve seen the combat – I feel a bit more comfortable showing some more Bless from the japanese server because it’s not really that large of a departure..

especially on a mage. So cool. What exactly are your thoughts now that you’ve seen the combat gameplay .. and are those thoughts coming from someone who has played it on other servers before. That’s going to do it for me, until next time. This is Fevir..

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