What’s good, it’s Fevir. Today we’re talking again about Bless Online – and going over some of the new information, confirmed stuff that we learned during the Bless Online press event.. that’s of note, there was a lot of non-news given.. as well as some thoughts on the whole thing. So out the gate with the pertinent stuff. Wednesday the 30th of May is the soft launch- no wipes .. price for the game is $30. Before then.. you can buy one of their founder’s packs.. 3 tiers – 40, 70 and 200 dollars.. for some assorted extras.. some premium currency, cosmetics and the like. $200 seemed to shock a lot of people.. and while I do think it’s ridiculous.. it’s also not abnormal for the genre. On top of this.. all founder’s packs get a 2 day head start.. being able to play on Monday, the 28th… AND… they tease off their premium subscription as each pack gives a different amount of subscribed months to it.

This is what you’d call a soft subscription – it’s planned for about $15 a month.. and you call it soft because you shouldn’t need to pay it to play the game .. although that rarely ends up feeling like the case. When questioned about exactly what is included in this.. they mentioned some sort of rotating monthly cosmetic or pet.. as well as convenience..

Like boosts… you know, definitely not pay to win, convenience. In fact.. that was kind of the story of the whole event in regards to monetization.. repeated time after time after time after time.. was.. definitely not pay to win.. then when pressed by any of the people there on what exactly is in the subscription or what will be in the cash shop.. which for important reasons.. wasn’t there.. the questions were dodged or answered in a way which was just a rewording of.. just convenience. And instead of probing deeper.. you had the emissaries turn to chat and say, see that guys, no pay to win. We’re golden… I don’t remember the streamer but at one point I remember seeing something that basically went like.. look guys, about the game being pay to win.. I had drinks with some of them last night.. and they seemed cool.. passionate people.. so, I think we’re good.

I remember another saying.. ok so they said boosts.. but maybe there is a language barrier and they didn’t mean boost… like.. It was just so.. to shift from monetization to impression of the event.. so amateurish. Without an official live feed or I couldn’t even find an official press release .. being fed information through people who were trying to build up their personas and being swept up in the excitement and basically vlogging and not making use of this direct time was..

Frustrating I’d say. The actual presentation from Neowiz, the set up of the playtesting and game clients beforehand.. even referencing some of the last few months.. with weird timing of posts, black out periods, official social media channels going down, information leaks on official channels, not using official channels, the selection process of the emissaries and drama surrounding that.. I see a lot of people disappointed.. and to me it’s interesting because.. while I might just be making a wild speculation.. this is the kind of stuff that happens when you don’t use a publisher.. whose job and expertise is in doing this stuff.. if the handling of all of this looks like the first time someone in your office had to run a meeting or give a presentation.. it’s because.. that may very well be the case here. It’s the other side of the coin.. pros and cons of not using a publisher..

That said.. especially after speaking with some of the people who got their hands on it. For me.. I’m more interested than I was. Performance seemed much better and that was confirmed from a couple people first hand, that I trust, and has always been my main concern.. and I’m only looking for the game to be fun for a month.. now they were using pretty high end hardware.. they had 1080 gpus.. so who knows how that plays out with lesser stuff as the minimum requirement they do show are a bit steep.. but even on these streams I’m seeing less lag and hitching than I have, with a 1080 on the other versions I’ve played and they said they made progress by altering some interface stuff, which in a lot of cases is a culprit, and while we don’t see a new interface they did let on they are working on a new interface…

Although watching areas of the game I’ve been in.. it looks like they removed stuff and NPCs to maybe make the game run smoother not to mention less people are online and in those areas.. I don’t know but it’s not like I’d imagine a short duration press event to be 100% representative of the general experience. We got a better and more exhaustive look at combat – it’s what it looks like and what we all gathered from watching the gameplay previews earlier this month.. but we got a bunch of things confirmed.

The combos themselves cannot be altered.. you can choose between the stances that give you the combos. The shift/dodge energy bar system was removed. In other versions this gave you iframes and movement options separate to abilities.. in some cases these have been rolled into other abilities and are able to be chosen as one of your general abilities Autoattack has been removed entirely for us. Some non combat stuff you might be interested in. The auction will have a fixed range of what are allowed to sell it for… like Black Desert’s market if you’re familiar. You are unable to trade player to player. There is no fishing. No API available to make certain or damage meters possible.. easily. No support for addons either. They released the locations of the servers.. we got an east coast server for NA – in Virgina..

And one in Frankfurt, Germany for EU. They haven’t as of yet.. changed that organized PvP, competitive pvp – is only available at fixed times throughout the day.. and 3v3 I believe I heard confirmed.. that you can only queue up as solo or duo.. BUT – castle sieges, territory stuff is available from day 1. Which thank, Dhalsim.. usually the bigger stuff like that stuff tend to be added later. I also liked seeing the voice overs being in english already .. if you’re familiar with some mmorpg localizations .. a lot of them are still in korean years later. Overall – the whole event and all the information shared.. it’s strange to take in.. because in 90% of ways what Bless is- we already know. That 90% is the same as it was in the other regions.. and this press release and a lot of other information about Bless has really just been on introducing people to Bless itself.. while some of us are hyper focused on that 10%.. and so a lot of answers or concerns really haven’t been addressed directly or at all because they’re trying to introduce people to the whole project and after watching and picking apart a lot of this..

There really wasn’t much new information. Which isn’t a bad thing.. I wager that most people don’t have any idea what Bless is at all and need to be introduced to it. But any concerns I have.. really haven’t been addressed.. what’s funny is that knowing the game gives you context. So them saying they will offer convenience boosts.. and premium service offers unique pets. You may know that pets give you combat and non-combat bonuses.. so you may think that’s what you need to watch. But.. if you’ve played other versions.. all pets skins are basically the same gameplay wise. And if one of those convenience boosts happens to be a pet experience boost.. let me tell you.. thats a type of convenience people will not be happy about. It was one of the things I liked watching about King Krotha stream – he’s one of the emissaries – but he’s played other versions so I’ll link to his stream to check out his VOD – but he was more inquisitive than others and was pretty blunt and not just lobbing softball questions.

On the topic of emissaries.. just so it’s out there and I can offend certain people for not mentioning them.. I wanted to just highlight a couple of smaller people who were chosen who are really worth checking out.. obviously some of the staples of mmorpg stuff like Doc, Pohz, Mr Happy, DJTech and a lot of familiar names were chosen..

But keep an eye out for Carthh especially – he’s the spreadsheet.. pick apart everything, play the game at a high level kind of guy. Izkimar – he has a lot of experience with the past versions and so has a lot of insight. TheHiveLeader for when you want something lighter.. he’s kind of like a scripted Bikeman but more attractive. A lot of streamers.. I did see Force walking around at the event and there is also BigFryTV for some higher quality.. less fan boyee type stuff. So yeah.. it’s going to be interesting how much and if they give more details on the cash shop or premium service before the game starts and they have our money..

but that will do it for me. Until next time, this is Fevir. Peace..

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