It should be noted that except in times of war, physically attacking another character is illegal. Buildings and other items are destructible, but a fundamental principal in CoE is that destruction takes as much time and energy as construction. A house is expected to take several people about a week to make putting in a couple hours each day. So someone can’t just torch a house and expect it to be destroyed in 30 minutes. The most effective way to tear down a building is with siege equipment and SbS has made it so fire from torches and arrows don’t spread. As to the combat system, there is a soft-lock. It is similar to FPS aim assist. If the player moves their mouse cursor around it will soft-lock on a target. Then executing combat techniques will automatically move toward the target unless they dodge away from the player’s camera. Then the player can miss them. The player can switch between targets simply by moving the look-at vector over a different target. There is no tab targeting. There is no hard-lock. There is no auto-attack. Characters have an attribute called ‘fatigue’ that makes it so zig-zagging is a poor strategy. People will only take about 5 hits to incapacitate, though it is possible for a player to one-shot someone in the head if they have no armor on their head. There is no 100 strength armor or anything like that.