While that might sound frustrating, playing through the same story missions again isn’t a matter of repetition. The stakes are much higher this time, and everything feels like a real step-up. Plus, the more you play through the endgame, the higher your world tier will rise, which raises the stakes.

Of course, there’s also the PvP Dark Zone to explore, and this time there are three of them. Thankfully as soon as you step into them, all stats get normalised, which makes things a little less daunting.

All in all, The Division 2 has nailed the game as a live service thing. The teams over at Ubisoft have really pulled off an impressive looter shooter that’s full of content that’s satisfying to complete and constantly pushing you forward. There have been so many “just five more minutes” moments that have turned into “another few hours” that I am concerned how much The Division 2 may eclipse other games. But in a world where so few games of its type launch so successfully, there’s plenty to praise about Ubisoft’s latest foray, and I can’t wait to see what else its Washington has in store for me.