Alright guys second video of the day And there’s so much stuff happening when it comes to for tonight you guys are seeing on the screen right now And this is credit to Josh Mcglone he tweeted this at me you are seeing him in the game And he’s not the only one this is popping up all over Twitter everywhere Meteorites comets whatever you want to call them are Impacting while you are playing fortnight as you guys can see I’m gonna replay this a bunch for you guys as you can see It’s in the game it’s not doing any damage like a comet could come down right now while you’re in the middle of a bill fight and That direct impact you in the face And it doesn’t look like it doesn’t be damaged to the ground to the buildings to any mats anything like that But it is literally happening so the Comets are now there They’re kind of part of the game and we got the announcement earlier that season 4 is going to be a superhero themed Superheroes whenever you have heroes you also have to have villains so keep that in mind, and that’s a whole other topic for another conversation About if they’re going to try to get licenses from like DC and Marvel and things like that To be able to use real superhero skins.

I don’t know I’m 50/50 on the fence right now I think maybe they do maybe they don’t if they did it would be Absolutely just it would be gigantic But even if they did and they come up with their own for tonight Epic Games type superheroes and villains I think that’s gonna be cool Too because they are really good at creating these cartoony type characters so either way Either way, it is a win for us But comments are hitting I told you guys are they I’m gonna keep you up to date This is not going to be a long video either You’re literally watching his and maybe one or two other clips of this happening it happened to me earlier in my livestream as well once Again, it does not impact you it does not hurt you it does not hurt a building or anything.

You’re doing it Just kind of explodes, and then it goes away But this is all leading up to season 4 April 30th is when season 3 is over And I think we’re just gonna hot transition right into season 4 I don’t know if superheroes are riding this asteroid down to earth I don’t even know if it’s an asteroid it may end up being a ship they maybe on the ship And that’s what’s going down, but once again if you have heroes you have to have villains as well So keep that in mind guys. I will keep you up to date I am working right now on a top 10 for tonight on 10 superhero skins That would be awesome to see in season 4 And I’m also working on a 10 villain skins – which will probably come out tomorrow hard at work guys Pretty excited about this. This is this is pretty crazy. I’ll keep you guys updated. Let me know what you think about the comments actually Impacting it during your game, and I’ll see you later.

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