Heroes will rise, alliances will be forged, and empires will fall. Come, warrior, and stake your claim; if you can defend it, that is!

Choose Your General %u2013 Choose your general and prepare for battle. The choice you make matters; from Tartar archers to the Knights of Malta to the Samurai of feudal Japan, each offers unique weapons and capabilities.

Lead A Legion %u2013 Every general leads a dozen or so troops, a collection known as your “legion.” Players can meet in vast battles with up to a thousand legion troops and dozens of generals on the field at once! From Swiss halbardiers to naginata wielding Japanese warriors, loads of options await.

Action Meets Tactics %u2013 In addition to intense action combat, you must also use positioning and timing to advantage. Your legion is your greatest weapon; lead them well, and you need not fear a thousand battles.

To The Victor %u2013 Claim land and glory if you hold the field. Outside of battle, the world of Conqueror%u2019s Blade is comprised of cities and resources. To obtain resources, players must occupy the cities and villages where they are located and defend them, so competition to conquer these areas forms the primary goal for players in the game.

A new video showcasing Conqueror’s Blade siege gameplay provides a general overview of how large-scale attacks against forts play out.