Hey guys, Maxim here. Short video just to talk about the small update that came out. I don’t feel like I need to do the full intro. Now this might seem like nothing, but today is a very special day. CS:GO turned 6 years old today, yes that’s how old the game is. And it’s still relevant today and very much alive (even though you might not want to admit it) but think about that for a second… This is what last years update looked like, nothing special or really that interesting, mostly fixes. I was pretty much expecting the same here so I wouldn’t get too disappointed. Valve are also fully occupied with The International 8 right now, where they released Gaben for all the Dota2 fans. That’s fine, it’s not like I’m, jealous, or anything. Okay a little bit. But if we go back to the update we can actually see an interesting MP5 change. Before you could only play it on Deathmatch servers, casuals and offline. Valve has now enabled it on Wingman, the 2v2 gamemode. I really like this approach, taking it one step forward each time, and it’s smart because it makes people wanna play Wingman now.

I’m pretty sure the next MP5 update will allow us to play with it competitively. Oh and they “Increased” chicken festivity? Not sure what they meant to say here, but yes chickens now wear hats to celebrate. If you kill them, then yeah. And here’s what happens when you defuse the bomb. Feels like ages ago since I last saw this kind of stuff so it’s nice to see that it’s back temporary. They also added the MP5 tag for Workshop submissions so people can actually display their skins for the gun with the right weapon tag. We will most likely see a new weapon case with at least 2 or 3 MP5 skins. When? I don’t know. If you guys need any help with technical issues or just FPS issues, or if you want to chill with the community, compete in different challenges, giveaways or just get updates on what’s going on we use Discord. That’s pretty much where I’m at, so make sure you join, link is in the video description. Anyway, that was the video, today is a short one I know, I’ll most likely have a new video ready soon, but I just want to say that next week will be fun.

That’s when the FaceIT Major update is rumored to come out so we’ll finally be able to see some stickers etc. I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas. .

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