Hey guys, salut mes amis, och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. The major update that was late has finally been released, btw love the date. Panorama is now default for everyone, new gameplay changes, a new case with skins, and 4 brand new knives. I’m going to release another video showcasing some of the new skins and knives in-game, but basically what we have here is a long awaited update. Releasing an operation at this time was not a good idea, since we have a Major coming up.

I said in the past that we might only get new skins because it would make sense, it would feel appropriate. And we got that plus some updates for the game, which I want to talk about now. So let’s start by looking at the most important change, Panorama. You will notice that when you start the game, Panorama will be set by default. If you want, you can go back to the old scaleform UI by adding -scaleform in the launch options. However, it will only work for a limited time so get used to Panorama. So what’s new to the gameplay? Well, there’s a new gameplay update for the C4. It makes a new beeping sound when it’s planted at B. Here’s A, and here’s B. Another big gameplay change is for molys and incendiaries. They will now always deal impact damage to match other grenades. They will also display an icon in the kill feed, which hasn’t been shown for many years. Now let’s look at some of the skins. Here are the mill-spec ones, aka the blue items. Next, the restricted ones. Next, the classified ones. And finally the two new covert skins.

Here’s the 4 new knives added to the game as well, with many skin combinations. I’m looking forward to seeing them in-game and their animations. So what’s new to Panorama? You’re not gonna believe this but they finally fixed the half-time music…. …by respecting the main menu music volume settings. This basically means that you can control it through the main menu music. The lobby voice chat will now duck main menu music volume for the duration of voice chat. That along with a long list of fixes. It’s cool to see that my good friend Yesber managed to help out with various mistakes on the new radar map overviews.

Apart from that, there’s one more interesting update to mention regarding the deagle. Where you can now get a rare inspect animation. Overall, I’m super hyped about this update. I would also like to take this time to promote my Retake servers which are ready to be played on if you want to try out the new update on them. You can visit the link in the video description, enjoy! Overall, what’s your thoughts on this update? Let me know in the comments below. Anyway, that was the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas..

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