What’s good. It’s Fevir. Today we’re going to check back in with Dauntless – and go over some of the major changes the game has had since I last touched on it here on the channel – I myself had a bit of a break from youtube .. as I tend to do around the Holidays .. and I think going forward I will try to do maybe a monthly upkeep .. as long as changes keep coming – to Dauntless. There have been quite a few large changes to the game – so to get through them all here we’re going to go a bit broad strokes. Starting with a new weapon type added to the game. The War Pike. Part polearm.. part laser cannon.. it uses a stationary poke that can be combod into an ehonda style.. flurry of pokes.. that is limited by your stamina.. and then it has a combo that is lots of twirling around..

Lots of hits that happen on all sides of you. The quirk or the mechanic attached to the War Pike is that as you attack .. you build up your guage – and you can convert that guage to ammo – noted by the pips .. and you can use those to shoot a fricken lazer out of the pike that hits at range.. If you are hit it will remove any gague you’ve built up .. but not pips .. so don’t get hit. It’s no Lazer Boomerang.. but it’s still pretty cool.. with the potential for interupting behemoths and the damage type we’ll touch on later..

You definitely want one in your group. You’ve probably seen it on screen already – but they have added damage numbers that can be toggled on and off. I generally don’t like them in these types of games .. but now .. while the game is in flux and adding to itself I think they are necessary. Bundled with just the raw numbers – are damage types. The color of the text denotes different things – White .. just means a hit. Yellow means you’re hitting a breakable part.. Blue is stagger damage.. so interrupting Behemoths or.. hammer players rejoice.. hitting behemoths over the head to knock them out momentarily .. there is also a visual queue as you get close to knocking them out.

And then.. Red text.. which I believe is puncture or piercing damage – primarly found from the new War Pike .. this acts to increase the damage taken from all sources on a part.. and when you’ve done enough and applied this debuff.. there is this cool aether smoke visual queue. While it iss cool to be able to gauge damage and learn where your moves stand in relation to each other in terms of damage – it’s nice to see the big numbers when you switch to an element a Behemoths is weak to .. but currently I really like that if you don’t see yellow text .. you know that part you hit has already been broken and this helps to dispel some of the Dauntless Bro Science that exists.. that a part only drops if you break the foot of an embermane twice, during berserk with a bladed weapon. It just kind of cleans that up… and while the game is changing if they do decide to add more double break parts or phase specific breaks – it’s an indicator without having to have read patch notes.

I think if the game wasn’t being actively developed and changed.. and remained more consistant – they could and should get by with just visuals – gashes and scratches .. a cut tail or a broken tusk are just as clear.. possibly even tie some of this info maybe to an ability or aspect found somewhere else in the game. As for the parts you do break off of behemoths.. slight change- after a break a lootable item drops you have to scoop up. The a lot of the items on the maps have gotten a quality of life change..

Mainly the herbs abnd mushrooms.. are now gatherable without stopping.. so you can do drive-by gathering. The whole crafting economy of what things take, how much and what they make has changed – with the addition of some new items- it hasn’t had much of an impact in when, what or why I gather.. outside of now having a side option for a revive item. I think everything about the items needs another pass – it needs further streamlining and fleshing out.. a real look at if items do enough or too much, what they do, how often they are used – what materials they use .. I play a lot of games where crafting is a focal point .. and it’s clumsy here.

Moving from items to gear and armor. Since the last time I showed the game on my channel.. there has been a huge amount of additional armor skins – you may remember a lot of placeholders.. most of those are gone. I’ve said that I don’t like the graphics of the game .. but I love the style and some of these sets are killer- especially this rock one with the cape. There was also a very large balance adjustment and revamp of the weapons and armor with the arrival of the cell system. Which.. is basically a gem system from other games. Items have slots.. you get cells.. or gems.. to put into those slots to customize your loadout. This works really well in practice.. especially with some weapon specific cells – like the War Pike has this one that increases the damage of Lazer shots.. if done in succession.. they allow you to enforce specific elements, damage types, regen.. etc. You now can not only customize your gear easier.. or to a playstyle or weapon type..

But you have more options as well. Aspects still exist – hard coded to specific gear – so set bonuses. Some of the more boring weapons have gotten additional abilities or passives.. things like dealing more damage to enraged behemoths.. dealing more damage on the next swing after a roll.. the Umbra Axe has a constant life drain.. but it has life steal… some pretty cool stuff. The crafting of the weapons and armor has been changed a bit as well- more uniform in the amount of upgrades .. but material wise .. a stronger focus on a new resource type that you gain linearly that often is the bottle neck. Archonite – so now when you choose to hunt a behemoth at the hunting board – you are given different areas to fight in – which the community has started calling Tier 1-5. The maps themselves are the same – and are randomized through the desert, snow and grass islands .. but you have the option of a patrol – which starts a hunt with a random behemoth shown to be in that tier – or a pursuit where you target a specific behemoth.

I thought the way it worked was after doing enough Patrols.. you would get a Pursuit.. trying to get players to basically queue for a random behemoth a couple of times to keep the majority of the playerbase in the same queueing pool.. and then allowing you to target as well.. but I feel like I can just chain Pursuits.. so I’m not sure. This randomness to the behemoth and the biome of the island.. sometimes is weird when you can get am ice behmoth like the Skraev or Pangar.. but get them in the grasslands. I don’t know if that’s intended or not. Depending on the tier – you get a tier appropriate archonite .. and that is the bottleneck a lot of the time for the ugprading of weapons and armor as each craft or upgrade requires those AND a specific part .. so it usually means that after each hunt you can upgrade something.. so it gives this incremental progression which is kind of counter to Monster Hunting games..

But I actually like quite a bit. In addition I think Tier 5 or some of the hunts in Tier 5 -so things like the Rezikiri or the Shroud- have a weekly limit of what you are allowed to kill – I might be making this up .. I haven’t gotten there myself yet, because there was a wipe. But with the limit in kills.. that means you’re limited in resources. I think that would feel weird now.. but will really start to shine when that system itself is more fleshed out… having different and more behemoths with more varied armor, weapons, cells and options..

As it stands it’s kind of like a raid lockout – but it could also end up being a way to have you make a decision.. maybe for one week only there is frost charogg – and so if you do it.. you get a frost scale – that works into creating a piece of charogg gear that has different properties but still slots in with the set.. and man, more realistic and functional..

They could make use of the freedom of the new cell system- a locked augment slot on the gear.. so the reward is like, a Frosted Charrog Scale/Cell- and it can only be placed in Charogg Gear for the same effect in this new and improved item customization system… but the draw is that you need to choose where it goes – and that could push personal customization even further. On top of the idea of incremental progression.. you still have a quest chain which brings you through the tiers.. but you now have a slayer rank as well.. that grows as you kill stuff and is a threshold of unlocking things – so you now basically, gain levels. With the revamp to the hunting board it seems easier for them to just add additional hunt types – so I imagine we’ll see the Crimson Charters come back in some way ..

But until January 15th.. we are in the Frostfall event – and the hunts attached to that just get plugged into the list. This is the second holiday Dauntless has had- they have some titles and I think some emotes and fluff tied to them – the way they’ve done the holidays is to place a restriction or alteration to the hunts.. for Frostfall there is this frost debuff.. that appears that I don’t know what it does.. I imagine reduces stamina regeneration.. but I have no idea – the UI and it’s readibility, where it continues to improve.. still needs some work .. but in higher tiers there are also these ice spikes that periodically shoot from the ground and if they hit you… freeze you in place. Much more interesting than map mods in games like.. enemies deal 10% more danage and have 30% more life. The Halloween themed event a while back.. had item restrictions.. so you had an item level you had to be underneath to start the hunts.. and that was pretty tough..

And while I didn’t make a video at that time about it.. I was taking my youtube break.. people just don’t believe me.. for some reason me also looking forward to Monster Hunter has people all confused.. how can this guy like two different games of the same genre.. doesn’t he know he needs to choose one. Well I been playing Dauntless in my downtime with no video making motivation or incentive- and that’s the footage in the background now – the maps and Ramsgate were also decorated with pumpkins for that.. and during this Frostfall, it’s all decorated with snow. Also when you queue up for a mission you are put into a lobby kind of screen as your group fills up – here you can see your hunt – change your gear, inspect your teammates gear.. and kind of ready up. It’s cute, it’s there. I guess now to finish up the big changes .. two new behemoths. The Skarn.. which is like the coolest thing. It’s this rock lizard.. where his rocks are his armor and the way he attacks..

But you can break the rocks to get to his soft gooey underbelly to deal more damage.. and he has this Tazmazian Devil spin that sucks you in and this bunker down.. shield mode. The animations look good the rock armor itself has a life of it’s own and the weapons and armor you make from him are awesome. Kudos to all the people involved in the creation of the Skarn.. and especially the cape attached to the chest piece. The Kharabak.. is another flying type enemy. Tons of bleed damage, fast slicing attacks.. he brings with him a new swarm.. a bee debuff… as well as this invisibility shimmer that messes with my eyes. Like.. fighting this guy is tense because his attacks move him in such great distances, seem irratic, and most of what he does causes you to bleed.. so then when he continues this.. invisibnle.. god damn. It’s an awesome fight. And the helmet of the Kharabaks armor set is just rad. And the real MVP change..

Is being able to remove radial blur. No joke, a game changer for me.. and funny enough I was going to nag on them because they were ignoring the Dauntless Roadmap they put up.. but surprise, surprise.. it has been loosely updated. And.. oh oh oh.. the appointment of gaming community sensation, Twitch’s BlessRNG himself, DYoshii has teamed up with Dauntless in an official capacity.. doing community stuff, I didn’t ask the details- and that means less Ian time as Dyoshi I believe becomes my point of contact to Dauntless.. but I’ll be OK.. DYoshii is quality. In the content creator sphere.. it’s very small.. what you say gets around.. a lot of people know a lot of people.. and while drama exists you will only hear absolutely glowing things about him and every interaction I’ve had with him he just leaves such a great impression on you.

You guys know how highly I already think of the Pheonix Lab crew.. and this just adds to it.. good people working with good people. Those are the big changes – a lot of small stuff as well .. but I think that will do it for now .. I’ll try to keep people up to date monthly. I do have bunch of beta codes.. but giving them away on youtube is rough because most of people’s accounts aren’t messagable.. if you’re interested.. send me a tweet or message me on Discord.. and if anyone knows of a way that I can kind of put a dump of codes into a bot or program to make them easier to hand out.. let me know. But that’s going to do it for me.. until next time, this is Fevir. Peace.

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