Hey everybody Y0kenB and today I’m going to show you how to do the discord Dyno bot action logs But before we start I would like to do a shout-out to everybody in my discord server as well as all my subscribers We recently hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and it feels amazing and thank you everybody for being part of this journey now Let’s get into the discord Dyno bot log quick guide, man That was hard to say. I decided to not do anything fancy on this because it is just so easy The first thing you want to do is you want to head over to the Dyno bot dashboard once you have selected your server Make sure that your modules for action log is enabled once the action log is enabled You can just simply press f5 and that’ll reload the screen and you can see that under enabled modules There is an action log setting on the action log choose anything that you want So personally, I only want to see the moment joins member leaves members banned Messages deleted nickname changes log infos and here’s a special one the manager moderator.

Come on. So this covers anything that the moderators can do it’ll give you some feedback on that and then any user name changes and Also, I want to see the thumbnail on if a user joins or leaves or member joins or leaves now depending on your server you Might want to tick or untick some of these things So just go through each one of these and determine which ones you want. Make sure that your log channel output is selected So I have selected my logs channel and that logs channel is down here hidden away from everybody else So once you have selected the logs Channel you can also opt to ignore certain channels so in my sandbox That’s where I just do all my random testing and all those things so I don’t want Dyno bot to log that So I simply came here, selected sandbox, click on add, and then you’ve got the sandbox right there.

That is as easy as it is to implement now if you go to your log section over here, you can see that I have got messages deleted and by the way So here’s members left, members joined There’s some additional Moderator commands so I kicked a bot out of here and it’ll tell you hey This is the user that got kicked by this moderator And if I specify any reasons, it’ll give it to you over there as well So this happens with the ban messages the unmanned messages the warnings all those kind of things can actually be added in here Now the other thing to note is when you purge multiple commands If you only delete a single Command it shows you the text message that was deleted But if you do delete more than a guard and I guess five or something It will actually show you just multiple messages now.

I’m just trying to find that over here Okay, so there’s a bulk delete in general two messages deleted So if you only delete one message, it’ll show you the message that was deleted. If you delete more than one message, it will only Concatenate it into a two messages deleted and you won’t be able to see what those messages were And that’s it guys Action logs on discord.

I know if you want to start seeing what’s happening in your server come into here enable the module go to your settings choose the stuff that you want logged and That’s it. Thank you very much for watching. Please remember to click that subscribe button Really helps me out a lot drop a comment down below and let me know if this helps you at all and come join Discord and say hi and be part of the growing community that we have them again. Thank you everybody for the 500 Thank you for your support It really means a lot to me and I will be trying to get some more content out to you on a regular basis Thank you for watching, Y0kenB out .

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