DK Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Litos, where players will take the role of the legendary Dragon Knights to challenge the evil dragon Kharvag. Developed by RPG Factory and SG Internet and published by Aeria Games, DK Online has an engaging PvE narrative as well as hardcore PvP combat with huge guild battles, castle sieges, and more.

Fight to re-establish the order of the Dragon Knights and protect Litos from the evil dragon Kharvag.

Choose from four races and four classes to adventure with.

Engage in massive PvP modes such as guild-vs-guild battles and castle sieges.

Transform into a diversity of monster types and take on your enemies, or participate in the Election System and become an Emperor!

Choose from normal and hardcore servers to determine how intense your PvP experience will be in Dragon Knights.