Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i will talk a bit about the new things which we saw last week when we had the opportunity to visit Zenimax Probably you heard already that ESO invited 12 players their Studio and we where able to test the upcoming new Summerset Chapter As always i will place timestamps in the Video description Summerset is a huge and super beautiful zone I really enjoyed to walk around and explore this new colorful Zone It has similarities to Auridon, but just another level of visuals and a really unique animals and plants I loved especially the new wildlife which felt so magical and unique.

And also the look and color of the water was stunning I fell in love with one animal, sadly i forgot the name of it, but i hope that they will add this animal as a mount in the future Also the cities felt gorgeous The architecture is incredible and i was happy to just walk around the city and enjoy the view They added also something like the Dark Anchors to Summerset but they are named Abyssal Geysers I liked the look of this new Anchors, but more or less they are the same like the regular anchors Summerset offers you several world bosses and some of them have some really good animations and ideas There are also various delves and cities which you can explore The two new public dungeons are also gorgeous and i had a lot of fun playing and exploring them Beside of general exploration, new quests, meeting razumdar again there are also new dailies which you can complete Additionaly there are of course some new stuff what you can collect which will keep you busy for some time Summerset has also its own Tutorial, which in my eys was really well made Compared to the other turorials this one is really quick and compact so the player can start fast to explore Summerset I was able to visit one Player House which is located in a bigger city of summerset If i remember correct the house had 3 levels and also a outside terrace Sadly i don’t know how much this house will cost I think the furnishing limit for this house was 600 but again i could be wrong about that number too We were also able to play the new Trial.

I am not allowed to talk in depth about mechanics But it was super interesting and we had a lot of fun when we played it at the testing event The Trial will force players to play together and the boss encounters offer new and interesting mechanics Also i liked the visiuals of that trial area a lot too You probably heard already a lot about the new Psijic Order Skill Line so i will not talk so much about that It is an intersting skill line which offers some unique possibilites for some builds.

I loved the look of the animations, which are really well done and have a special magical feeling To get the Psiijic Skill Line you will have to advance the Summerset Questline until you will travel at some point Artaeum This area is also sooo pretty and stunning and offers you also some things to do on the island itself I am looking forward to Jewelry Crafting which will offer us so many new possiblities This will work similar like the other Crafting Skill Lines and you have to analyze and learn also 9 traits Beside of the classic traits like magicka, stamina, health and tri stats there are also some new ones like infused, bloodthirsty, harmony and swift Keep i mind guys that if you want to be able to craft your own Jewelry you have to purchase Summerset For Jewelry Crafting they will introduce new raw materials, trait stones and tempers.

You will not be able to deconstruct jewelry which you collect now So there is no need to collect and save jewelry Only jewelery which you collect after the summerset release can be used to deconstruct at the jewelery crafting stations Also you will be able to transmute jewelry too if you own Summerset If you don’t own summerset you can still use crafted jewelery and purchase it with gold from other players The biggest surprise for me was the change to the two handed weapons like Bows, staves, greatsword, battle axe and maul that they count as 2 set items At the moment you need for example 4 armor pieces and a Bow to get the 5 piece bonus of hundings rage with Summerset you can use for example 3 armor pieces and a bow to get the 5 piece bonus up I love this change since it will open and change the way of builds so much Especially if you combine that with the ability to craft our own jewelry.

So i am looking really foward to this new system which will allow players to customize the way they play eso even more There are also coming many changes to skills and other things I will not go over them since that was such a huge list, but i would recommend you to check out the Channels of the other attendees which probably covered that topic I will link their Channels in the Video description Also i want to send ESO a big thank you for the invitation and great time we had there.

It was an awesome experience which i will never forget Thanks also to the players which i met there, it was a awesome time and i hope we will stay in touch Maybe i forgot to cover some things, but what i can tell you is that i fell in love with Summerset and i am looking forward to play this new chapter You can post questions in the comments below, but keep in mind that i am not allowed to talk about some things what i saw at Zenimax Studios If Summerset will drop on PTS and we are allowed to show the new things i will for sure make Videos about the upcoming features and changes Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss!.

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