What is up guys Jimmy your Kaos welcome back and today is Wednesday Which means today is for tonight’s weekly updated once again. It is not disappointed it is Absolutely massive we’re gonna go over everything we’re gonna talk about the port affords, and how it’s not exactly what everybody thought It was going to be there’s some differences to it which we will talk about 50 V 50 is back disco rubes have been added to fortnight The double pump is actually back But it’s not supposed to be they have nerfed a ton of the other cycle type pump weapons and deagle weapons We’ll talk about all of it on this.

I’m going to go over the entire update with you guys V is the patch and it’s absolutely massive, so let’s get into it We’re over on fortnight Intel and I’m gonna talk about the port of fort right out of the gate, okay? We’re going to talk about it will show you the trailer here. If you haven’t seen the trailer Let’s watch it together so you can see Exactly what this thing is about okay here we go All right so that came out yesterday, and if you follow my channel you know, I’m not a huge fan of it I didn’t really like the idea didn’t like the concept I didn’t like how it negates being half being able to have to get good at building When you’re in a conflict with somebody, but it is what it is. It’s in the game so now I’m gonna show you guys just a quick gameplay of it And I’m gonna talk about how its it’s not exactly what we thought so you guys should see it on the screen here And you do you throw down the grenade it pops up this steel three level fortress all custom edit at the top But what a lot of people thought it was going to do was going to have stairs inside it There’s a door that you can open and go right in the Porta for it okay, and people said well You’re gonna have to climb stairs That’ll make it a little less opie because you got to work your way to the top No My friends and adds a secret they put bouncy tires on the floor of The porta fort so you literally open the door, and then you jump in and you jump on the bouncy tire And then you are up on the edited ramps at the top in your steel fortress ready to rain down fire on Anybody that thought they could shoot at you when you had a porta fort now and people will say well They they put it in there to negate the guided missile.

That’s not the case at all because There’s no roof on it I mean, it’s actually kind of hard to put a roof on this thing unless you’re in the base of it So that’s not what it was and then people said well somebody could just come in the front door and and shoot you from above Or come up the tire behind you yeah, but it’s literally one floor piece and you’ve sealed off that bottom spot So I want to know what you guys think do you think the port of Ford is Opie? Do you think it’s a good thing you guys let me know? But we’re gonna move on because we have a lot to cover today 50 V 50 V 2 is back, and yes, there are two battle buses in it I’m gonna show you some footage really quick you guys should see it on the screen here if you remember 50 V 50 the original Yeah, it didn’t quite. Go how they wanted to so they’ve made some changes to it now There’s two battle buses And I’m gonna go jump in it on my livestream after this video if you guys want to come check out my livestream I live stream on Facebook five days a week mostly fortnight over.

So I’ll put a link in the description now Let’s get into some juicy patch notes And if you’re new to the channel I do this weekly update we go over the entire thing together So you see exactly? What happened so in general? We’ll start off what stone and metal resources will now always be the first items in the inventory list instead of traps That’s cool purchase VBox are now shared between xbox one pc and mobile Login queue improvements diri wait periods login will now remember your place in line if you quit out nearing the game That’s that’s great cuz you go in you wait eight minutes, and then you quit out you come back in it’s fifty minutes mobile devices will enter the login queue more than one login attempt for time and Two-factor authentication challenges will not put you back in the login cute. That’s cool bug fixes They adjusted the login screen layout to better support varying screen sizes and safe zones They fixed a rare crash that occurred during logout they fix ps4 players leaving their party after a match When they’re playing with players on other platforms this has happened to me They fix survivor and hero squads and save the world on PC They fix ps4 controllers showing Xbox buttons even after the controller Type was changed to the settings fix rare case of where character parts would stretch and fix the inability to rotate elements in the bottom Battle royale locker after buying a llama and save the world so if you’re playing save the world yes There’s still patching nets they’re still going for it now the replay system the theater mode Let’s talk about that you could save your matches and watch them from any angle speed up or slow down the action Help tell your story better There are several camera modes in this third person which follows it orbits around the selected player three different follow boats off auto and lazy The drone follow, which is really really cool It’s kind of I mean it’s kind of like a dolly cam, but it’s it’s a free-roaming dolly came I guess drone style camera that always keeps the selected player in frame So you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself in frame or whoever you have selected drone attached Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player and drone free drogue style camera that is free to fly around the island anywhere that is Going to be cool this camera shows off with the selected player saw during the gameplay.

They haven’t adjust your cinematic camera settings with exposure Aperture focal link and folk focused difference and currently available on PC and console only so go Test out the replaces you’re gonna see a ton of Cool content from people when it comes to this so that’s this is a huge huge deal And they went into detail with this thing which is very very cool now Let’s get into what most everybody is concerned about when it comes to a patch with fortnight, Battle Royale Let’s talk about the porta fort and how you get it, and how rare it is It is a it is a rarity of an epic okay, so it’s it’s rare It’s not that rare drop some stacks of one you only get one. You’re not gonna get three porta forts You can stack up to five porta forts which is absolutely crazy you could build a little city if you wanted to what a porta fort is thrown a Premade fort is constructed instantly at the impact the Porta ford is made out of metal and his three stories tall The bottom floor is a one by one with the door for the entry there are tires Inside for easy access to the roof which we talked about earlier decreased guided-missile maximum turn rate by 75% Reduced guided-missile movement by 15 this thing is going to be even slower than it was before It’s got a couple point where people probably aren’t gonna use these just I’m calling it Okay Added a short equip time to many weapons particularly those was the slow rate of fire this will reduce the effectiveness of quickly switching between weapons for high burst damage That’s the double pump the double deagle double TAC whatever you want to call it.

They removed the reloading animation on the pump Shotgun and the weapons that were affected with all of this This is a huge huge nerf okay But the double Pope is actually in the game right now while we’re doing this video and Epic Games had said That they’re trying to figure out what’s going on, so there’s people double pumping But it’s gonna be going again soon so the weapons affected for rotation pumped whatever you want to call it Okay the rocket launcher the deagle the hand cannon the revolver the tactical shotgun the pump shotgun the heavy shotgun the bolt-action sniper Rifle the hunting rifle and the crossbow you can no longer cycle through these and get that burst damage Like you were before. I’m okay with this.

I I’d rather have to focus on one gun That’s just me a lot of people are probably gonna be pretty upset you guys let me know the comments section to what your thoughts on it But that is a massive massive nerf across the board for cycling your you’re high damage Went moving right along they adjusted item availability in the vending machines reduce chance of chug-chug by 50% That sucks increased chance of medium mo weapons and rare vending machine by a hundred percent Reduce the chance of explosive mo weapons in rare vending machine by 50% reduced chance of explosive ammo weapons an epic vending machine by 25 and increased the chance of heavy ammo weapons in epic by 25 they also reduce the chance of explosive ammo and the legendary vending machine by 25 and they increased heavy mo weapons in Legendary vending machines, so they took down your explosives, and they increased your heavy They reduce the drop rate of remote explosives in the floor nobody uses those anymore, and they updated medium inventory I kind of make it look more.

I did a file or bug fixes for you guys They fix weapons floating in the air under certain conditions in the network after quickly switching guided-missile weapon fixes they eliminated a Down player with a guided missile No longer reports as a self Elimination picking up an item at the same time as firing a guided missile will no longer cause the pickup item to disappear Firing a guided missile prior to the victory screen displaying will no longer prevent the player from returning to the lobby Players will now correctly spectate that player that eliminated them instead of spectating their own active missile We did this on my livestream the other day They fixed an issue they caused the player to spectate a floating guided missile They fixed an issue preventing the player from firing a guided missile while riding a guided missile They fixed an issue causing the players nameplate to display over the guided missile while controlling it and finally they fixed an issue Causing the loot Lama to be emptied in limited time modes that would suck you see a llama it is empty Let’s talk about the 50 V.

50 V – two teams 50 V 50 due to a big such a large squad mode profile stats will not be tracked on this one daily weekly challenges will work with the exception of the squad based challenges, so storm in the map Each team has a bus you have your own bus blue bus red bus whatever you want to call it approaching the island from opposite Directions on the map and the friendly bus has a blue outline And the enemy bus is red Final storm is visible on the mini-map at the start Players have ten minutes to loot the map as the storm closes in than five minutes to fight and another 5 minutes as a storm Strikes in so they definitely made some changes to this to get everybody in the action and have these all-out big engagements like they had in With the first go-around supply drops come in batches of three to six they fall every two minutes and only land in the final storm circle Added dot line to the map which indicates the battle lines between the two teams crossing the line will make running into enemies More likely so you can cross that line But you probably don’t want to loot farming resources increased 75% increased floor loot spawn likelihood of 15 percent floor loot spawn double ammo triple ammo and ammo boxes Chest spawn mm.

Oh and consumables Supply Drop spawn mm Oh and an extra consumable resource drop and track bug fixes for this Fixed a bug that created uneven teams where one side can have more than 50 players Which sucks down players lose health more quickly 10 health per tick? The new builder pro controller figuration is similar to combat pro, but it’s optimized for fast placement of building pieces We’ll see how this works for all of us console players Wall floor and stairs and roof have designated buttons on the controllers And the first button press will switch to the map building piece, then every press after that will place a piece So there is a ton of changes going on here people? I’ll put a link in the description if you want to check out all the patch notes.

There’s even more bug fixes of things in sky diving phase going down the maps toggling Aim-down-sights when you’re reloading all kinds of little bug fixes that epic games Has focused on some audio really quick they added unique equip reload sounds for the following weapons all others remain the same epic legendary assault rifle now has a new sound a lot of people say they like it the heavy shotgun the pump shotgun the Bolt-action sniper in the hunting rifle they added more variation to the tactical SMG fire sound I love that gun and they added more variation to the medium-range epic legendary assault rifle sound so the scar is going to sound different for the Second third top you guys. Let me know what you think more bug fixes art animation Bug fixes performance you guys can go through all that if you want to they’ve been working on optimizing CPU performance Literally just going at it. There’s a couple mobile things really quick audio indicator No longer show silenced weapons Crouch footsteps our ally pickaxes and multiple graphical improvements were made to the skybox vegetation in anti-aliasing so there you go guys Massive massive update let me know what the biggest thing that stands out to you is is it 50 V 50 is the porta fort is that the disco rooms is it the? Challenges you guys.

Let me know drop a like if you enjoy these weekly updates, and I’ll see you soon.

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