– It’s been a while since we’ve done a new gaming setup video, and for good reason. We’ve actually been renovating one of our main studio areas, and you’ve probably seen some bits and pieces of it, but let’s take a look at how our 2018 gaming setup is coming along. (upbeat music) First off, let’s take a look at our actual gaming setup. So, right here, we’ve got our three main current systems hooked up to our Samsung TV. This is the same one that we used during the ultimate XBOX One S setup. And right now, we’re using the Project Scorpio XBOX One X with the white PS4 Pro that came with Destiny. And then, over here, we actually have a Switch dock that’s been skinned by dbrand. So, it’s making this really cool, little white systems on the outside, black system in the middle that makes a cool little symmetrical look. Now, on the outside of it, we have these speakers set up, and we wanted to adorn them with something, so we ended up going for some head wear.

We have our Mega Man helmet, which I love, and you know, I wear during serious gaming moments. And, over here, we’ve got the PS VR set up. We do have a stand that’s a little more functional, but I really love the design we got off Etsy where it actually has the PlayStation symbols. It just looks awesome as a little display piece.

And then, we’ve got a little more going on down below. Over here, while we have all the current systems set up where they can have some air to breathe, here we’ve got some older systems, or at least, retro style systems that I’m not as worried about overheating with. The Super Analogue NT, which is gonna let me play Super Nintendo games in HD, I love this thing. And then, just to have something from the same kind of era, the Sega Genesis. So, moving on, let’s kind of check out some of the more display stuff we have set up here, right now. This next part’s actually my personal favorite thing we’ve been working on, which is our controller display wall. Now, down the line, I might try to mix it up a little bit, but right now, it’s entirely focused on XBOX One controllers cause, honestly, I think XBOX One has some of the best special edition looking design controllers so I wanted to showcase some of my favorite ones. (bright music) And, you might notice that one of these looks a little bit different from the others. I’ll let you guys figure out which one doesn’t exactly belong.

Moving on, this area back here, right now, is just in progress. We haven’t done anything yet. The chair’s normally in front of the TV, but we didn’t want the camera to trip and die over it. And then, the CRT, I wanna do some kind of retro setup built around this, but we just haven’t figured out the best place to put it yet, so hopefully there’s gonna be a future update where this guy’s in something really cool. Now, before moving on to showing off what’s going on on this side of the wall, real quick, I know there’s a lot of really cool, fancy stuff here and it’s a bit much, so, to kind of share all the luck I’ve had we are gonna be doing a giveaway on today’s video, so make to check out the link down below to get yourself a chance to win a Switch.

Now, with that in mind, we’re gonna move over to our storage solution right now. We actually just had this recently installed and this is where a lot of our stuff goes so it’s not sitting out and looks like a mess. One of the cooler cabinets is this one right here. (celestial music) Where all the special editions we have that aren’t in use are lined up, so, yeah, take that in a second cause I love this drawer.

That’s not how all of these are. We have a lot of other just third party controllers and other stuff like that. One of the ones that’s a little cleaner looking, we’ve got our joy-con stash over here where we’ve got a bunch of different dbrand skin joycons and all the different official ones Nintendo’s released and we actually had to make a little charging station cause we started realizing that whenever we wanna try using different joy-cons they always end up being dead. So, we try to keep them all full-charge whenever we can. Next, let’s take a look at what we have going above here. This is one of one of the more work in progress areas, aside from retro land, and, here, we’re planning to display all the different, bigger collectables that we have. We got a bunch up here already. One of our most recent ones is that gold lancer over there. Got our Hylian Shield, the Needler. A few of our favorite retro stuff, like the Vectrex, Laser Scope, and the chainsaw from Resident Evil four.

I love this little guy. This is one of the first weirder collectables we picked up. We wanna add more to this, and I’m not entirely sure what else we’re gonna grab just yet, so if you guys have any ideas for cool gaming stuff you want on display here, let us know down in the comments. So, that’s where the gaming setup upstairs is at right now. We’re planning on doing a lot more up here and I’m gonna do more videos as this all comes together, but I think we’re off to a great start..

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