When you look at both game genres on paper, it’s not immediately clear free-to-play and online casino games have a lot in common. One seems focused on raids, dungeons and character creation and the other focuses on cards, chips, and slots. However, upon closer inspection, the two game genres do have a lot of similarities.

Online Casinos Offer Rich and Engrossing Games

Like free-to-play games, which have a wide range of settings, including fantasy titles like The Elder Scrolls Online and tactical space-faring games like Eve Online, online casinos offer plenty of rich and engrossing games too. In the slot-game sector alone, there are games like the exotic animals of Mega Moolah and the adventurous Tomb Raider, while Break Away is a highly recommended slot game too. That game is ice hockey themed including symbols such as a flaming hockey puck and sound effects that capture the thrill of the sport. There are hundreds of rich and engrossing slots that appeal to players who love games with variety.

Online Casinos Have Free to Play Elements

It doesn’t make sense for online casinos to have the same business model as League of Legends, a game which makes $160 million a month from the sale of microtransactions and purchases of cosmetic skins. Casinos don’t offer customizable characters and have no reason to sell skins. But, casinos do have some free-to-play elements, offering free spins and welcome bonuses for new players. Like free-to-play games, this allows players to test out slots and see what they enjoy before they hand over any money.

Online Casinos Have Enthusiastic Player Communities

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Free to play games and MMOs are also know for their enthusiastic communities. The Star Citizen community makes ambitious mods while air-based multiplayer sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift has made changes as a result of the useful feedback provided by players. Online casino communities are just as enthusiastic, often discussing odds, their favorite games, offers, bonuses and more. Online casinos are just as social as free-to-play titles with in-game chat windows.

Online casinos and free-to-play games are unlikely bedfellows, but the similarities are there. As such, it’s little wonder why they share fans who enjoy both types of games thanks to the common threads between them.


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