While Insurgency has many similarities to counter strike it can be a bit more serious on its gameplay style, much heavier on the GPU and erratic on performance. But, there is a tweak or two or a bunch.. that can you provide you some very needed extra performance on your low end computer. How? Well. You are about to find out. So, we are going to start with all the settings to the lowest. I have resolution on 720 in order to really limit the GPU and get a good idea of what the tweaks can do. I will talk more about lower resolutions in a minute. For now I ran a short demo file while measuring performance and got about 26 FPS… so, let´s do some tweaking. The reason why I am doing this video is because many of you have sent me some of your favorite configs for this game and asked my opinion. So far the two that have been sent the most are this ultra low graphics config from 8 month old reddit thread by Cathexis256 and its updated version from 6 month ago.

What I have done is gone through both version of the config, removing some commands that require cheats, lowered a few more things that could be lowered just a bit further and linked the resulting configuration on a link in the description. This config lowers everything to the lowest, removes some effects and does some notable changes… for example level of detail of the world and characters is forced to the lowest and some of the dynamic lightning inside of buildings is removed. There are even some small changes to squeeze just a bit more, guns usually eject a shell casing every time you shoot, but after you apply this configuration they will not and the eyes of the character models are gone… because how can graphics be real if our eyes aren´t real? In order to have the game use this you have to go to your insurgency installation folder.

On steam this is located at program files, steam, steamapps, common, insurgency2, insurgency and then cfg. Create a file called autoexec.cfg if it does not exist already and copy the commands link in the description inside. To make sure the game run the commands you can add the launch option +exec autoexec.cfg. If all fails make sure you have the console enable and set up to a key to open it while playing and run the exec autoexec command. While using this configuration file and still using a horribly high resolution of 720 the benchmark was actually able to provide at least an increase to almost 30 FPS so on a lower resolution you will probably be able to do much better.

The game only seems to like the resolutions on the menu for fullscreen but if you are willing to go on windowed mode using the -windowed launch command you can specify any resolution for the window using the w and h commands. Although for this GPU I think I might probably stick to 800×600 for the moment. Oh and just one final note, many sources claim you can use the dxlevel commands to specify the directx version to be used on the game, but on my experience the game ignores that completely.

All right, all set. Let´s test the game. Oh boy. So I am going to be trying to stick close to my team. And seeing what they do and trying to be careful. So you have to be really careful on this game because a few shoots and you are done. You can’t run around like call of duty and you can not be, I think, as quick as Counter Strike… Oh boy. Oh boy. The f*** recoil on this thing. I think I got one. Yes I got one. That was perfect. Yeah. Doing good. S*** Ok. It wasn’t that bad for a first try. I wasn’t that bad. I was expecting it to go worse. I exposed myself a little too much. I should had run for cover. But I am doing better so far. While I am not a fan of these kind of games I must admit that there more careful play style of this game where you have to check your corers, run for cover and actually be very carefully…

It’s quite enjoyable from time to time. Be warned tough. This game has worse performance than counter strike. It is a little bit more GPU hungry. Wow. That was precise. Look at how beautiful… Oh sh***, sh***, sh*** Wow! We got him! We got him! We are doing fine. Sh***, sh***, sh***, sh***, sh*** I am alive? I am al…never mind. That didn’t… ok. Wow, that was hard. I must admit I am actually enjoying this. I am actually enjoying being more careful with your style. Being careful with your cover… It’s a slow, it’s slower, it’s a slower game because you need to be careful about your surrounding and such.

And I am not one for shooters in general but I am enjoying this experience. I must say that. Wow! That was one hell of a shot. Whoever that was. Oh man. Well my reaction time wasn’t that bad. I kinda turned and I kinda faced him. Ok. This is a good gun for establishing a position and then hunting for enemies, like this. I wonder if I hit him. Never mind. Somone died on my left. AAARGGH. Ok. I am going to change my equipments. I was actually doing pretty well. Wow… this game requires a lot of… HA HA. Haha! Oh wow… just as I was saying. This game requires a fu**ton of concentration.

It is actually much harder than I expected. It is harder to comments on. F***, F****, F***, F*** Well, that was very bad of me. I am really sorry. I was not ready for that. If do not have my gun set it is a little bit of a pain. Yeah! I think I might be doing this better than I was doing counter strike. And I am actually enjoying this. Hahaha. It is very methodical, very slow. F***, F***, F**** I need to remember how the hell to change my… F*** I ran out of bullets. While shooting. This is why you need to keep count… Oh my god… All right. Oh! Excellent! That is all for this video, if you want to see an extended version of this gameplay click here to go to the side gameplay channel where I post full versions of my attempts to play these games. Thank to the nice people at Patreon helping for helping making this a reality and as usual, before going out: LowSpecGamer…

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