So you want to find out how to stream to twitch youtube or facebook using Nvidia’s GeForce experience Shadowplay feature. Well buckle up I’m Y0kenB and I’m bringing you the shadow play quick stream guide To get you streaming to twitch YouTube or Facebook as fast as possible step 1 go to and set up a twitch account While you they please follow me on Twitch/Y0kenB and come join our Friday night game night misadventures. you can also go to and set up a YouTube account. now step 2. You want to go to and once you’re there, Click on GeForce experience and then download now GeForce experience is only applicable to Nvidia cards.

So if you are team AMD, well good news I’ll be doing more streaming guides So remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and click that Bell icon to be notified when I drop new content Now pause this video until you’ve downloaded and installed GeForce experience Excellent, we’re already halfway there now The GeForce experience is installed launch shadowplay by pressing alt+Z and bringing up the overlay Once you’ve got the overlay up, click on the COG and then CONNECT. Over here you want to connect your twitch account and you want to connect your YouTube account and your Facebook account if you have one Once you’ve connected your accounts by entering your username and password for them go back and then go to the HUD layout In the HUD layout you can decide if you have got a camera you can choose where to place your camera and which size the camera image needs to be Status indicator will indicate whether or not you are online or offline And then the frames per second counter will show you how good you are performing on your frame rate.

Next if you want to see any viewers that pop up you can choose where to place that and Then the comments to be able to displayed on this stream as well Personally I am just going to switch everything off go back And now what you want to do is you want to go to your shortcuts? The shortcuts you want to memorize is the broadcast live shortcuts alt+F8 that will total broadcasting on and off. I Have kept my shortcuts as the default and they work very well, but of course you can change them to whatever you want In broadcast live You can now choose which destination you want to move to. I’m gonna go with twitch at the moment. My resolution is 1080p Frame rates is 30 and I’m putting it on three and a half to four megabytes There’s also on youtube is generally on 40 megabytes Now with the custom overlays you can provide three customer of lays and then again as per the shortcut keys you can choose which ones pop up and then given time so you can have a custom overlay for PUBG, you can have one for Fortnight and you can have one for SimCity – who knows.

one of the setups you Definitely want to check out is the audio make sure that your audio is correct and that your microphone Has been selected as the microphone output that you need and the final step is to identify the notifications Choose the notifications you want to pop up as well as determine whether or not your privacy should record desktops or not Now I have opted to record – of course it works very well for guys like these now When the bug bites and you want to find out more about shadowplay, please check out my other guides Which I’ll link in the cards and description below Let me know in the comments if this is helped you at all and remember to Like subscribe and click that Bell icon to be notified of future content on great games and guides Also a follow on Twitter will be greatly appreciated and you can hit me up on any other social networking links I’ve placed in the description below Hope you enjoy your streams. Thank you for watching Y0kenB out .

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