What do you usually do if you fail to make a progress in your favorite game? Do you get frustrated and stop playing it? Or you keep on try, but soon come to the realization that all your attempts are fruitless? If you do, then, getting PC game trainers is the most suitable option for you. With the help of trainers, you will be able to get limitless lives, mega strong armor, and super abilities other players don’t even dream of.

So, you have surfed the Internet and come across such a trustworthy and reputable website as Trainersmode.com, the place where the best trainers for the coolest games are gathered. The next thing you need to do is to download and install the appropriate software on your computer, of course. But, you feel hesitant whether you can do it without a hitch. It is not a problem! Here is a short, but exhaustive guide that can assist you in getting a nice trainer.

Downloading and Installing a Game Trainer

Download the chosen trainer by pressing the “Download” button that is usually located next to the trainer you wish to get.

Upon doing so, unpack the archived file with the help of an unarchiver. Make sure to put the extracted files into the proper folder (some trainers require being saved in a default folder, while some can be unpacked into any folder of your choice).

Install the downloaded program upon having unarchived the necessary files.

Launch the game you want to succeed in with the help of the installed cheat program. The process of loading the game may take some time, so be patient.

Then, double-click the .CT file to open it.

In your trainer program, select the icon of the game you want to play by clicking on it.

  • Make sure to keep the trainer window active during playing.

After that, you are free to activate those trainer features and options you find necessary for your future gameplay.

  • You can either use the default trainer shortcuts to control the program or remap those shortcuts to your convenience.

One more thing you may want to know is how to modify your pointers, if you have them, of course. You can change them by simply clicking on their “Values.” In case you want to freeze them, you will need to check the corresponding box.

Here you are! Now you can use your trainer to become a champion in your favorite game!

What Shall I Do if the Downloaded Game Trainer Doesn’t Work?

Please, note that not all of the trainers available online can support the version of the game you are playing. The point is that the majority of coders create trainers for fun, not for profit. They don’t normally develop programs to support various versions of one and the same game. Thus, if the trainer you have installed doesn’t work, it is highly probable that it is incompatible with the game you are using.

Another reason that may underlie your inability to run the trainer with a certain game is your having updated this game with the recently released patch. Therefore, we recommend you refraining from downloading new patches for the game you are planning on running with the help of a trainer.

So, in case you find yourself unable to use your trainer with version of your game, don’t get upset and try downloading another trainer.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea, after all!




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