Hey, what’s up, guys? Cloud9 Tarik here and I’m going to be setting up my lighting profile using the HyperX NGenuity software. This is going to be my Tarik profile. I’m gonna click Customize here and I’m gonna get right into it. So, I’m gonna go to the Freestyle tab and so I’m gonna set up my canvas here with red, let’s do green, blue, and let’s do purple. So maybe I’ll have like a little pattern. I want to set up my lighting bar first over here, make it red, green, blue, purple, and then I’m gonna make the rest of it white until this point.

So, I like this lighting bar color scheme right here. I think I’m gonna make all these keys on the right – let’s do green. Let me make all these green. So, WASD, 1, 2, 3, 4, I’m going to make these purple. All to F6… all to F12…. Maybe Enter? Throw a little pink in there? No, I’m kidding. OK, I think I’m gonna go with this. Yellow and purple – I think it’s a, I’m thinking about if it’s the colors of a Turkish soccer team, as well. But I could be completely wrong. All right, let’s check out these effects. So we have all these effects. I was looking at these earlier and I thought the HyperX Flame was really cool but I want to see how it looks with my keyboard.

So let me apply this, then… So it like blows up in the area that you click. Explosion… Um, the wave… I think I’m gonna go with Breathing. So it just goes in and out. This is cool. Let’s do a little faster. All right. This is the one. After further review, I thought I was finished, but I caught this green little guy in the corner of my keyboard and everyone thought I was doing something sick about it but actually that was an accident. So, I’m gonna make that purple. So, going into Game Mode which is another feature that the NGenuity software has, so you can disable Alt + Tab, disable Alt +F4, Shift + Tab, and Ctrl + Esc, which are all things that will minimize you out of your game.

I know that, especially the Windows button, which you can also disable on the keyboard, as well. Um, it’s really annoying if you accidentally happen to press them. Apart from that we have the Macros tab which you can bind keys to doing certain functions. Not so useful for me, but if you play an MMO or something like that, then it can be really helpful for you. I’m gonna apply my keyboard. I think I have everything good. Make sure everything’s good. Apply it and then I’m gonna go back to my profile and I’m gonna save it. And then I am good, and my Tarik profile is set up now. Thank you guys for watching our video. I hope you enjoyed my profile and if you want to check out my profile and also other people’s profiles check out this link right here..

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