Insurgency Sandstorm is what I would call a hardcore tactical first person shooter. They prefer realism, and this can be seen throughout the entire game. One single bullet is enough to kill but also to get killed if you are not careful. This gives the game an extra dimension and you will have to work together with your buddies in order to complete the mission. I had the chance to try out the co op mode, so we are playing against AI soldiers, but make no mistake, the AI was more challenging that what I first expected, they rushed us, they flanked us and they even entered the game from our very own initial spawn point, an interesting twist that I have never seen in another game before. Teamwork, tactics and skill are necessary to be successful when you play insurgency sandstorm. The objective today is to capture the checkpoints, if you capture the first one then you can move on to the next one. If you die, well, then you die, but you can re-enter the game when your remaining team members capture a checkpoint.

You can choose to stick together with your entire team but this does not go so well every time that you try that, 6 or 7 guys standing in a small area isn’t a great idea, and the enemy figured that out soon enough. They threw an incendiary grenade our way right at the moment that I want to do the same thing. You can even hear my buddies scream because they are on fire. I will let you enjoy that for a second. It seemed to work out better when you split up in 2 smaller teams or you can even try to beat the game with only 2 guys. One of my buddies and I were working together with just the 2 of us to successfully capture multiple control points.

If you work together then you can cover each other’s back, coordinate your moves and this is what this game is all about, teamwork. The customisation system is very impressive, you can fully customise your weapon. You can choose from a variety of realistic scopes and attachments. So you choose which weapons, attachments, armor and grenades you carry, you can fully customize your loadout to your liking. On top of that you can choose from about 8 different classes, each class is suited for a specific role, ranging from commanders and gunners to rifle men and marksmen.

There are a few nice additions to insurgency sandstorm that you don’t see in many other games. Aside from a realistic reload animation, you have the option to double tap the R key and then you will perform an fast reload. This will eject your magazine and remaining bullets, and replace it with a new magazine. This reload is faster than the normal reload but you will lose those remaining bullets that you still had in your initial magazine.

Sniping in this game is equally realistic, it takes a longer time to raise your weapon and to zoom in on your target, but it’s a very nice experience that feels authentic. You also get detailed weapon stats in the top right corner, you can see your caliber, muzzle velocity, effective range, fire rate and penetration power. Your handgun is a great backup and it’s more than powerful enough to quickly take out an opponent who came too close. A commander has the extra ability to call in an airstrike or to ask for fire support. Some of the options that he has is to ask for jet airstrikes, explosive artillery, chemical mortars, explosive suicide drones, and helicopters who will swoop in and attack with rockets, miniguns, and autocannons.

In september you will have the option to play the following modes: Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base for Versus, as well as Checkpoint for Coop. Operation and Outpost were mentioned as well but those will be released at a later date. The game mode that most of us are looking forward to is multiplayer, a realistic tactical shooter is always something special and I hope that we will soon get the opportunity to try that out. The audio design is impressive, bullets flying past your head, firing an rpg, trying to find cover from an enemy air strike, it all felt real. They even included over 6500 lines of dialogue including arabic for both the Security and Insurgent team. The customization system will include hundreds of different cosmetic items as well as several voice options. They will support modding and you will be able to create your own custom map and game rules. The game is available for pre order right now, and it will be released in September. They informed me that you won’t have to pay one cent more than the initial cost, they won’t charge you extra for new maps, skins, or any other future updates, which is great news.

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