League of Angels III, the third and newest turn-based MMORPG from GTarcade’s League of Angels series, has been out since late May and has already amassed an international fan base. While the League of Angels III development team has been focused on improving and expanding on existing content, the localization team has been working to bring the game to more fans around the world.

As befits a typical RPG, the emphasis in League of Angels III is on the development of equipment and characters. We are developing not only our hero, but also the accompanying helpers.

The plot of League of Angels III remains without major changes, this time we will again play the role of an angel fighting the forces of evil to save the world. Will we be able to win this fight? Check it out and start your adventure with this game now.

In this game you will lead an army of fearless heroes, monsters, fairies and mighty creatures to destroy your enemiest This %u0410%u043D%u0434%u0440%u043E%u0438%u0434 game will take you to the Dominion, which was attacked you have to save it. Cities lie in ruins, and only heroes with unique abilities can save humanity and all other races.