One of the main features of the game is the Hero League, an-all new PvP event that allows players to compete for special titles and rewards. This league is open to players level 40 and above with a Battle Rating of over 50,000. Another feature is the Conquest mode, which allows players to fight dragons and (potentially) walk away with their treasure.

LoA III offers three modes: Realm, Arena, and Trial. Realm provides players with a way to work around obstacles in hero awakening, arma reinforcement and evolution, and mores. Arena is, obviously, for all your bloody PvP lust. Trial is for those who need to gain XP.

oin League of Angels in the battle for power as your favorite angels fight against infernal beings and their rulers in an articulately forged fantasy land. The immutable conflict between the two forces has gyrated the whole world upside down. It is time to for you to take part in the epic fantasy battle, and empower the angels to fight and reclaim their glory.

The newest module in the award-winning epic fantasy game League of Angels is here! So, it’s time to put on your thinking hat and embark on an epic journey into the mortified world of the angels.