Maplestory 2 Guide to Exploration Stars

Every area in Maplestory 2 has Exploration Goals. Each of these goals rewards players with anything from equipment to consumable items and even Maplestory 2 mesos. The in-game world is so huge that exploring it can be time-consuming.

While there are many goals, a majority of them will ask you to do pretty much the same things as in another area. More than half of all the areas will ask you to find and interact with binoculars, for instance. Because of that, we’ll tackle what each goal asks players to do.

Enjoy the Scenery

This is the single most common exploration goal. The most usual iteration is ‘Enjoy the scenery of [area name] through binoculars’. There will be areas without binoculars, but those are few and far in between. Sometimes, the game will word it as ‘enjoy the scenery while [activity]’. It may make you use an emote, usually the /sit one or it’s a [do an activity] goal disguised as an ‘enjoy the scenery’ one.

For the locations of the binoculars, check out this [] guide!

Speak with [NPC Name]/Ask [NPC Name]

These two goals are together because they have the same aim: To get the player to talk to a certain NPC. Be sure to select the appropriate dialogue option, as receiving a quest from the NPC will not count. It’s ‘Talk’ when asked to speak and ‘[topic]’ for the ask objectives. The NPCs aren’t hard to find, but if you’re having trouble, the guide linked above can help.

Perform for [number] minutes

Once you get to a certain level, a composer will appear and give you a tutorial on composing and performing songs. Perform somewhere in the area for the length of time on the objective to complete it. Some goals may ask you to play with friends, and some areas may restrict performing unless in a specific place.

Travel by [Mode of Transportation]

The goal asks players to travel by either taxi or air mount. Taxi services will require some amount of mesos, so save up for these objectives. One efficient way is to save up, then use the taxi service to go to all of the areas that need it. Of course, you should’ve reached the necessary locations once before trying this method.

Another iteration of this objective is ‘Travel by air mount’ which only requires you to use an air mount and fly around for a set amount of time or distance.

Discover/Visit/Enter [Location or Landmark]

Straightforward and simple, all you have to do is to go to the location or landmark. Depending on how it’s worded, you might have to enter buildings or dungeons to complete the goal. One other iteration of this is ‘take a tour’, but it’s essentially the same as this one.

Ride a Mount

Another simple goal, you just hop on a mount and ride around the area.

Relax [by Action]/Sit and Enjoy

You can achieve this by having your character on a certain spot for about five minutes. Sometimes it asks you to use the /sit command. Take a break from playing, get up and drink some water. It’s that easy!

Swim for [Distance]

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Swim for a set amount of distance. There’s one area where it would say ‘enjoy a cold bath’, but it’s essentially the same as this ‘swim’ objective. Some areas might ask you to swim in lava, though. Be sure you’re prepared before trying that one out!

Catch a [Fish]

Sometimes, it’s a specific fish. Other times, it would be enough to catch just anything at all. One thing that might hinder you is the proficiency restriction. Some areas might require your character’s fishing level to be higher than their current level, so beware.

Examine/Check/Read Inscription on [Landmark or Location]

This is a rather difficult objective, as some of these landmarks don’t have an obvious interact-able object on them. Others have a well-hidden object to interact with. At any rate, guides can help you find these objects so you can complete these goals.

Open Chests

Depending on the area, this could be wooden chests or gold chests. The number also depends, as some require only one while others require more. Gold chests usually have a hint where they’re located. However, the clues can still be a bit vague. Remember that you can always ask for help.

Attack with/Throw [Object]

The silliest objective in this list, it asks the player to pick up an object and throw or swing it at an enemy. While that’s not funny, it becomes funny when the object in question is a shower or a house. Though a few areas might list the object as a ‘glacier house’ it actually refers to an igloo.

Get [Specific Ore] from an Ore Vein

Another relatively straightforward task, mining the veins in the area should let you complete this one. The only thing that might prevent you from completing this is having a too low mining level to gather that specific ore. Return later to complete it if that happens.

Defeat [Enemy]

Yes, it’s that simple. Sometimes they’re the normal mobs roaming the area, other times they are bosses inside dungeons. Make sure you’re properly geared up and in the correct level range for what you’re trying to defeat!

Other Goals

The rest of them don’t appear as often as the ones we’ve mentioned, so they’re in this category. They range from the easy (‘break [x number] of things’) to the challenging (‘fly for 10 seconds while holding Griffina’). Some would even ask you to fall from a specific height, or just hang around walls or ladders. They’re rather straightforward so you can easily figure out what to do.

Now that you know about all these goals, you can go and earn your stars for all the great rewards! Go and explore the world of Maplestory 2.


Summary: A summary of what is required for the exploration goals in Maplestory 2. It will help you get those rewards, especially the Maplestory 2 mesos. So get out and get exploring! These goals won’t accomplish themselves if you don’t do anything.


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