Routing a Mario game with the lowest score possible, is quite a challenge. A lot of stuff that we usually take for granted, just becomes forbidden, when all we care for is a low score number. Suddenly we can%u2019t kill enemies anymore, suddenly all coins are forbidden, power ups stop to be helpful, boss fights become much more dangerous, checkpoints are forbidden, even brick blocks are suddenly something we can%u2019t joyfully hit our head against anymore. Nonetheless, now that New Super Mario Bros U finally made it onto the switch it%u2019s time for us to take a look at this routing challenge.

So today we will not only make our way through the game, while interacting with as little gameplay elements as possible, but we will also find out what the lowest possible score, required to beat NSMB Deluxe is. So are you ready. Let%u2019s do this! Okay so if we really want to beat the game with the lowest score possible we have to keep a ton of things in mind.

First and foremost, we aren%u2019t allowed to collect coins. Each and every shiny but deadly coin we collect adds one hundred points to our score counter of shame. We aren%u2019t allowed to defeat any enemies during the run. But not only do we need to avoid killing enemies ourselves, but we also have to be careful not to accidentally defeat an enemy in a tragic accident. One way this often happens is if there is an enemy on screen when we touch our favorite flag pole at the end of a level, because as it is known, as soon as a flagpole is touched all enemies die.

The flagpoles are something we have to keep in mind in general. Every area of the flagpole grants us dumb points when we finish a level, every area but the very top, because whenever we end a level by touching the very top, we are rewarded with a yum yum one up, instead of pointless points. We always want to end the stages when the timer displays exactly one second. that%u2019s because each second that is left on the timer adds 50 nasty points to our total. Sadly Mario dies at the exact frame the timer hits 0 in this game, which means that each level we enter adds at least 50 points to our total score, since there is no way to end a level with no time left. We aren%u2019t allowed to take checkpoints, since those add 2000 points to the total, but avoiding checkpoints shouldn%u2019t be too much of a hassle since the game is designed in such a way that allows us to dodge them.

We can%u2019t hit marios precious head against brick blocks or question blocks, since destroying those helpful little blocks grants points as well, and finally we have to avoid all power ups in the levels, since power ups punish us with points. There is one exception however, if we pop a delicious power up from our inventory on the world map, then it luckily adds no scummy score. We will use this a couple of times during the run, but more on this in a second, let%u2019s first discuss the optimal route. Finding the best route is luckily surprisingly simple since each level has a level entry fee. Since we aren%u2019t able to finish a stage with no time left on the timer each level we enter comes at the ridiculous cost of at least 50 points. We simply haven%u2019t found a way to get rid of those points yet. To make matters even worse, we are also forced to collect shameful boss points, for every boss we defeat. Each boss requires us to take on the burden of another 8000 points, because the first two times we ouch a boss we are always granted 2000 points, and the final blow is always worth another 4000 points.

So with this in mind the routing has to follow two simple rules. First we want to enter the least amount of boss stages. Second we want to enter the least amount of stages in total. There is only one viable route that fulfills those two rules. Basically we take every secret exit on the map. We leave 1-2 via the secret exit to reach the fifth world.

We leave the fifth world through the secret ghost house exit to make it to the seventh world, and in the seventh and eighth world we take the two shortcuts as well. This leaves us with a total of 16 levels, five of which feature expensive boss fights. Okay, so all that%u2019s left to do for us is to optimize those 16 stages, and then we should finally know the lowest score required to beat new super mario bros u deluxe. Before we start just one more thing. The way I theorycrafted this, was by first beating the game as a whole, and then to play the levels on the route over and over again in order to find out the theoretical minimum score. Because of this there are some left-over points on the score counter, so the avoid confusion we are going to use our own little score counter, that counts the total score so far. So let%u2019s start at the beginning, let%u2019s start in 1-1. The stage itself features no problems at all, and reaching the flagpole at the end here without collecting any unpleasant points is no problem. There is something else that is interesting that’s going on here however.

We don%u2019t get any power ups here. In theory it is possible to grab a somewhat cheap acorn mushroom in this level by killing this nice little squirrel, and by stealing the acorn suit it carries. That cost of such a crime would be 1200 points. 200 points for the squirrel murder and another 1000 points for the acorn theft. That%u2019s a really cheap way to obtain an acorn mushroom, because it cuts the need to eat a normal mushroom before a acorn mushroom spawns, but even though this is a cheap acorn shroom there are actually ways to obtain one even cheaper later in the run.

Since we refuse to cosplay as a squirrel we run into another problem however. We need to touch the top of the flagpole at the end of each stage, but in 1-1 the top of the flagpole can%u2019t be reached by small mario. Luckily there is a simple way to solve this problem. All we have to do is to get a little bit of help by our fantastic twin. THUNDER. We can use luigi to save the flagpole points here. So how does luigi help us do this. Well, by doing absolutely nothing. All that marios twin has to do here, is to stand close to the flag, because this allows us to jump off of his head, and to touch the flagpoles top. Hooray! 1-1 is 50 points. Next up we have to make our path through a cave that is not only inhabited by dangerous fire spitting piranha plants, but also features the secret exit to the fifth world.

This stage gives rise to a couple of problems. First there is this dumb coin layout. We can%u2019t make it past this section without collecting a coin. The stinky coin is easily avoidable as acorn mario, but can%u2019t be dodged with no power up powers. I tried getting rid of this coin for ages, but as far as I can tell there is no way around, sadly, this one has to be eaten.

But there is a far bigger problem ahead of us. The entrance to the secret exit is sadly still besieged by a bunch of worthless coin villains, that try to pay everyone who wants to pass. That%u2019s sadly a gigantic problem for us, because we have to take the secret exit. Not taking it would force us to collect about 25.000 additional points, because the secret exit skips at least 3 boss battles. The minimum amount of coins required here is 14, only the first three can be skipped. This sadly skyrockets our total score up to 1600 points, since beating this stage alone requires us to pay 1550 points.

Ouch. Luckily stuff becomes a lot simpler for a while now. The secret level can easily be beaten with only 50 points. The next one, jungle of the giants, is no problem either. Since we still have no acorn suit, making it through this level without accidentally killing an enemy would be a huge challenge, if it wasn%u2019t for nabbit. We are able to switch over to everyone’s favorite thief rabbit here, which makes us invincible, and this level easily beatable with only the 50 timer points. And afterwards, well afterwards something good happens. Afterwards nabbit spawns for the first time on the world map. That%u2019s huge for us! So if we chase and catch nabbit in this stage, then we are rewarded with a p-acorn. But not only do we obtain a delicious p-acorn, but catching nabbit doesn%u2019t add evil timer points to our score total.

Since eating items on the world map doesn%u2019t punish us with points, this gives us access to a pointless acorn suit! Hooray, that makes our lives a lot easier from here on. Hey, it%u2019s ceave from the previous future, the current present and the actual past here. So I just quickly double checked everything and noticed that I missed something here. If we beat jungle of the giants as nabbit, than nabbit doesn%u2019t appear on the world map. This means the level has actually to be done as small mario, this makes the stage a lot harder but it%u2019s still possible to beat it with only the fifty timer points. So back to the past! We now wear an acorn shroom, and we are able to regain it twice during the run by catching nabbit again. The acorn mushroom makes a lot of the upcoming stages easier, so much easier that there isn%u2019t much to talk about them, so let%u2019s fill the boring stages in immediately.

The jungle tower is worth unspectacular 8050 points, 50 for the timer, 8000 for killing the boss. All non boss levels in the seventh world can somewhat easily be done with only the dumb timer points, so does the first stage in the eight world. The final level is sadly worth 20050 demoralizing points. The problem here is that we have to fight bowser not once, but twice. The first fight is worth 4000 points, because we can%u2019t proceed without triggering this progress blocking p-switch, and during the final fight we are punished for attacking bowser by obtaining the double amount of points which makes this fight cost a whopping 16000 points in total.

There is currently nothing we can do against this. Which leaves us with 6 stages to investigate and a current score of 30100. The remaining six stages are all quite interesting, for one reason or another. Let%u2019s start with flight of the para beetles, the secret level that connects the fifth with the seventh world. The problem here aren%u2019t the many many coins, that try to ruin our day, nor are the problems here the happily fluttering para beetles or the huge burning bullet bills. The problem here is this question block, and those brick blocks. Yup. The problem is that those blocks get destroyed by the huge bullet bills, which punishes us with ten points for each block destroyed during the process. That%u2019s soo weird. Almost all ways of passive block point punishment are gone in Marios version of the game. We don%u2019t get points if the bowser hand destroys blocks anymore, we don%u2019t get points if fireballs kill innocent brick blocks that just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, basically all brick point sources are gone, yet these blocks in this specific stage, still give us points automatically when a bullet bill offscreen flies into them.

Since the stage is an auto scroller there is no way for us to race the bullet bills, so that they unload before they reach the helpless blocks. All we can do here is to wait for the blasters to completely eliminate the bricks, and to proudly accept the dumb 30 points this grants us in total.Next, *sigh* yippi yippi yu, it%u2019s stonecrush tower time. The stonecrush tower is as annoying as always. There are still tons of ninja coins that try to ambush us, there are still stinky fire bros firing laughable, but ouching, fireballs. And kamek is still really really not good. The best way to at least have a shot at beating kamek with only one second left on the timer we have is by fighting as nabbit. This makes the level before the boss a lot more difficult however, because the literally last obstacle before the boss features this radical rotating coin circle.

Dodging this floating currency is really difficult as nabbit, and the fact that this spot is directly at the end of the tower doesn%u2019t make it any better. The fight itself can be completed with exactly one second left on the timer, but sadly not consistently. The evil boy witch is just completely random, and his phases only lineup in such a way that we are able to hit him at the last second in about one of ten tries. Yup. This significantly lowers the chances the we are ever going to see a full lowest score run, but at least in theory the dumb stonecrush tower is only 8050 points. The next stop on our point minimizing journey is ludwigs castle. So this stage was especially fun when routing the game coinless, because of this stupid section here, where a sledge bros assaults us by throwing hammers, while crushers try to crush us, and worst of all, nasty coins block our path. The way we were able to solve this problem in the coinless route, was by wearing a stylish mini mushroom outfit, which not only allows us to climb walls, but also makes us so small that we are able to run below the shiny, yet deadly coins.

Sadly this option is locked for us here since mini mushrooms are rather expensive. Finding a way through this crusher nightmare without a mini mushroom had me really worried, but then I watched NicoBBQs recent vid, on his journey of beating new super mario bros deluxe without touching a single coin, and as it turns out nico found a way through this part coinless, that I missed. Nico just picked up the pow block that is hidden earlier in the stage, and carried it to this spot. This allowed him to drop the pow, and to get rid of most of the coins this way. Clever, sadly the pow block not only kills the coins, but also the sledge bros at the top. Usually I%u2019d be all for killing sledge bros of any form, but sadly we can%u2019t do this here, because killing the sledge bros is obviously punished with coins. But luckily, there is actually a way to pop the pow block, while also sparing the sledges bros life.

So if we wait for the bros to do his silly ground pound and then throw the pow while the turtle is out of sight, then the earthquakes gets rid of all the coins, but spares the sledge bros life. This way we are able to make it through the passage coinless. Hooray! The rest of the level and the fight against ludwig are no problem at all, this means that ludwig’s castle adds another optimal 8050 points to our total. The airship stage is next. The interesting part here isn%u2019t the level itself, there really isn%u2019t much going on in the first half, the interesting part here is the boss fight against bowser jr in his punching clown car. Here we are forced to damage bowser jr three times in a row, which usually results in 8000 points. However this fight can actually be completed completely pointless, all that we have to bring is a fireflower. If bowser jr get hit by mario by jumping onto his head, it%u2019s 2000 points, if he gets damaged by a fire flower it%u2019s 2000 points, if he is damaged by throwing a bob omb it%u2019s 2000 points, ground pounding a bob omb close to him and damaging him this way is 2000 points and juggling a bob omb with fireballs close to him is, well, that is no points! Yup! Bob ombs are weird! If a bob omb gets ignited by a fireball then the bob omb isn%u2019t associated to mario, and therefore doesn%u2019t add any points when damaging bowser jr.

That%u2019s a huge point save here. We are able to change to a fireflower directly before the bossfight, which costs 1000 points, but it saves a total of 8000 points over the course of the battle, which means that this stage only adds 1050 points to our total. Hooray. There is only a small problem, we now wear a fire flower outfit. But at the end of the secret level in the eight world we actually have to wear a p-acorn suit, because otherwise we aren%u2019t able to dodge the coins at the end.

We also need to wear a the funky acorn outfit in 8-4, so we have to chase nabbit once again. And this is why this is a slight problem, see nabbit currently resides in the jungle of the giants stage, the stage we previously used nabbit in, because it%u2019s close to impossible to not kill any enemies here otherwise. The problem is that we aren%u2019t able to switch over to nabbit again in order to chase nabbit, because believe it or not, as it turns out nabbit isn%u2019t able to chase nabbit. As soon as we switch over to nabbit, nabbit just disappears. Luckily it%u2019s still possible to solve this problem by damage boosting.

It%u2019s a bit tricky to do, but if we just take all our courage and run into all the enemies on our path, then we are able to catch nabbit right in time before our invincibility frames run out. Hooray, this gives us access to another p-acorn, which enables us to beat the secret level in the eight world with only the fifty timer points! Now only one final stage is left for us to investigate, and we finally know our lowest possible score. Red hot elevator ride. In this level we presumably have to ride this red hot and elevator to the top of the level, aaaand, holy fuzzy, that%u2019s no trivial task. Whenever a coin or a bob omb drops onto the elevator, it stubbornly decides to stop to move, until we remove the disgusting coins. That%u2019s the first problem here, and this problem can somewhat be solved by making heavy use of an interesting mechanic.

If we use the acorn suits awesome updrift abilities and wall jumping, then we are able to move so far up that the platform is out of the current camera. Whenever the elevator isn%u2019t within the camera boarders the game decides to cheat a bittle lit and to raise the platform directly below the current camera position. This way we are able to raise the elevator, and to remove coins and enemies that made themselves comfortable on it. Sadly this becomes increasingly difficult to do as the ride goes on. In the later parts of the level, we have to use another trick to get rid of the bob ombs pointless. Luckily there is something, if we ground pound one of the walking boom bots off of the platform they don%u2019t grant points. Most of the time, it%u2019s surprisingly simple to accidentally ground pound the bob omb into a flying coin or another bob ombi, which stupidly gives us points nonetheless.

This makes making it to the top of the stage incredibly challenging. But there is another problem hidden in this nightmare ride. In the middle of the level, there is suddenly a huge, stupid brick block wall blocking us from proceeding. The level wants us to hit this p-switch here in order to proceed, but that%u2019s something we definitely are not going to do for very reasonable reasons. So the only way I was able to find to make it through here, was to hit marios poor head against five of those brock blocks in quick succession to open up the path. This sadly comes at the cost of severe headache and 50 additional points.

There%u2019s currently nothing we can do against it. So 8-4 is another 100 points which finally gives us our total. 47480 points is the minimum score required to beat new super mario bros deluxe. Soooo is this score the absolute,totally perfect lowest score ever? Well very probably not, it%u2019s more like the lowest score until we find a lower one. If someone of you wonderful ladies and gentleman happens to know about a mechanic or trick that may allow us to save a couple of points please let me know about it.

Also this lowest score number is kinda high isn%u2019t it, that%u2019s mainly because the deluxe version lacks the boost mode that was present in the wii u version of the game. This single missing feature makes this beating this game much more expensive than beating it on the wii u version would be. On the old version of the game the lowest score would probably be somewhere around the 8000 points mark, but that would need a completely different route. So, yeah, here we have it. The currently absolutely lowest score required to beat NSMB Deluxe is 47480 points. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you enjoyed it don%u2019t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially missing the boost mode today, and want to hit the subscribe button as well.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful day and to see you soon. Goodbye! .