Using a mic isn’t as important. One of the biggest drawbacks to playing with strangers online can be a sometimes toxic online culture where slower teammates are berated or chastised. While mics are supported in Apex Legends, my experience is that most players don’t use them.

There’s no %u2018building’ aspect. Even though Fortnite’s main premise is taking out the other players, the game’s creative building mode isn’t matched in Apex Legends. In Apex, the action is often fast.

It looks a little more grown-up, but it’s still not “gory.” Fortnite is known for its cartoonish look. In Apex Legends, the world looks a little more gritty and lived in. The world was based off of Respawn’s underrated Titanfall franchise, so the worn, far future vibe lends itself to a more militaristic feel.

Tell me more about Apex Legends gameplay.

The game revolves around survival and teamwork. Each member of the trio chooses one of eight pre-defined heroes. Some are combat medics. Others can create holograms of themselves to distract the enemy.

Each team starts with no gear or weapons and launches from a central dropship passing above the same island. The trio agrees on their landing site, which sets the pace for the game.

For a frenetic experience, players land where everyone else is going. Parts of the map known for high-tier items are crowded at the beginning, with the first ones to find weapons often obliterating 10 percent of the players right off the bat.

The island features soaring buttes, abandoned military installations and fishing villages, each of which prompts different styles of gameplay. Every few minutes, a slowly collapsing ring tightens the terrain you can traverse; as fewer players remain alive, they’re slowly drawn closer to each other.

In a new twist for the genre, Respawn has added the ability to bring your teammates back from the dead. If you’re felled by enemy fire, a teammate can rescue your tag and take you to a “Respawn point,” at which point you’re back in the game. This mechanic encourages teamwork, as players have to go out of their way to rescue you, but they’re rewarded by having a trio back at full strength.

One of the biggest deterrents to online gaming can be toxic voice interactions.

Apex Legends has come up with a well-implemented solution called a ping system. It’s an ingenious method that allows players to skip the need for a lot of voice communication.

If you see your teammates lack good armor and you find a suit, highlighting it shows its location on the map to the rest of your trio.

Mic support is enabled by default, but I’m thrilled that most of the community has decided not to use it. The pings translate into colorful voice lines spoken by the heroes; in effect, you can get most of your talking done without talking at all. And I love it.