– The info we have right now is brighter screen, thinner and more energy efficient. That inside of itself is very interesting being a contrast to what a lot were suggesting Nintendo would do and go Switch XL on us. – Now I have heard at potentially this will not be a Switch Mini but from a business perspective, it makes more sense because you want to get as many Switch units in to as many homes as you can. – Now, some the rumors that heard was kind of pointing to things like games being specific to that Switch as opposed to the Switch system that are out now. It doesn’t seem to be, I would think, correct. – And then if they will make a push towards streaming software like Netflix and all of that, obviously they have Hulu on it. – Mm-hmm. – The current Switch can output 4K streaming, right? – Yeah. – No problem through HDMI, obviously can’t display it. Uh, I don’t know if it’s much of a selling factor to say now the display is 1080p or anything like that. (television white noise whirring) – I didn’t really want to talk about this mostly because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal but the Wall Street Journal claims that Nintendo will be releasing a new version of the Switch in late 2019.

Now I’m late on the topic but enough of you guys asked me to talk about it and after hearing other people’s opinions on it, I realized I really did have a lot to say about it. Take your expectations and reel them in a little bit. And if you were thinking of waiting until 2019 to buy a Switch? Maybe go get your parent’s credit cards. (rock music) (video game beeping) Hey remember that time people wrote articles about me because I predicted the Switch back in 2015? Oh man, you guys better listen to me. The Wall Street Journal got their information from suppliers that claim to have insider knowledge so not Nintendo themselves but maybe somebody like Nvidia or one of the companies that puts the Switch units together. The report also claims that there will be improvements to the screen in order to make it brighter, thinner and more energy efficient. The Wall Street Journal also claims that these plans are most likely due to the Switch’s diminishing sales. I’m sorry, diminishing in terms of what, exactly? They also mention that Nintendo’s stock rose sharply last year and has been trailing behind.

I don’t think that a new unit is gonna help that much. It seems like shareholders buy and sell shares over the dumbest (censored). I don’t think Nintendo needs new hardware at all. They just need a lot of new games, which they’re working on. First and foremost this new Switch will not be a completely new system with proprietary games. Whatever you play on your Switch currently will work on the new Switch unit and vice versa. Looking back at Nintendo’s history, it’s not usual for them to release a mid generation iteration of a current console, especially a handheld one. Most recently we’ve seen iterations of the 3DS that improved the processor and RAM performance and even included an additional analog stick that looks like a little nub. There was also a cheaper version that got ride of the 3D that nobody was using. This allowed the games to be able to run on cheaper hardware.

There are people who are claiming that we’ll be getting a 4K version or a dock that upscales to 4K. There’s not a chance in hell of that happening. Nintendo does not need to compete against the likes of Microsoft or Sony with their 4K iterations. In Japan they already sell a slightly cheaper Switch bundle that doesn’t come with a dock or a power adapter. This is great for people who already have a Switch in their household but this is very bad for people who just want to play portably. Nothing wrong with getting rid of the dock but you gotta at least include that power adapter because that power adapter is a very hot commodity. You can’t use any other power adapter with your Switch.

I think if they’re looking to refine the Switch, they’re obviously going to try to fix the issues that the Switch has had since around launch time, most notably battery life, which was a really huge deal before the Switch even came out. Once we heard that the battery life was only gonna be around three hours, but it’s not something we really hear too much about anymore because we realized that that’s not that big of a deal. Three hours is a long ass time to be playing your Zeldas in your hands. Also the battery life is way longer if you play anything that’s not one of the big budget triple A games. I’d be willing to bet a whole bunch of money that the new Switch iteration will have a better processor not for more power but for more energy efficiency, similar to what they did with the 3DS. A better example is actually what Apple did with the newest iPhone. The iPhone Xs has a smaller battery than the iPhone X, it just has a much better processor that’s a lot more energy efficient. The actual Switch unit itself can’t really be any smaller or bigger or thinner because it’s size is directly influenced by the Joy-Con.

They could have a new version of the Joy-Con but that would be a horrible idea because then you’d have more than one version of Joy-Con floating around the universe that are proprietary to each version of the Switch, it’d be very confusing. They could bake the Joy-Con into the device itself, making it a portable only device, kind of like a mix between the dockless Switch and a 2DS but I think the most plausible thing Nintendo will do is, of course, give a slight upgrade to the processor but also make the screen a little bit bigger. The entire Switch unit can remain the same size but there’s a lot of room in that bezel to make the screen a little bit bigger and if the processor performance is improved enough they can even throw in a 1080p screen instead of the 720p screen we have now but I really don’t think a lot of people will notice this change or even care that much.

But the size of the screen, the size is definitely somethin’ they could market. That’s something that’s gonna be eye catching and different. So, that’s about all that I think they’re gonna do if they make a new iteration of the Switch in 2019. It’s not gonna be very different, just minor changes. So keep your expectations very low. If you’re holding off on buying a Switch right now because you’re afraid that it’s gonna be upgraded in a whole year, you might want to reconsider.

You’re already missing out on Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild and you’re gonna be missing out on Pokemon and Smash Brothers and look at how cool this Pokemon bundle is. The only fair argument I’ll give you is that next year’s Pokemon is probably gonna be really cool too, but like anything that hasn’t been confirmed by the company itself, this whole thing could be delayed, it could be canceled or it could never have been a thing at all.

But come on, could you at least fix this kickstand? Mine’s all flop– There it goes, there it goes. What do you guys think about this new iteration of the Switch? What would you like to see different in a new Switch version and put your predictions in the comments below, at me on Twitter and any of this social media garbage. Of course we got new videos and live streams all the time. Our schedule’s in a pinned Tweet over on our Twitter. We got live streams here on YouTube on Sundays and on Wednesdays we got Wulff Den Live, our live Podcast and on Twitch.TV/WulffDen we have gameplay streams on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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Have yourselves a very good week. .

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