The hype train has started again, let’s slow it down a little before it derails. The sheer amount of speculation happening at the moment, not just by youtubers but by a large portion of the fan base is heading toward disaster. We appear to be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the initial release, where not only were promises not delivered, but hype went crazy. The failure of the initial release wasn’t just Sean Murray’s fault at all, if anything, I believe he never lied, as while my argument here could be considered a little pedantic, I think it’s more likely that he was a little naive in the potential setbacks and difficulty of their undertaking. Sean Murray is not a moron, he would know that lieing about features he cannot provide would be catastrophic, with that in mind, it is very reasonable to assume that he thought he could provide them at that time, this is backed up by the semi-subtle back tracking he started doing closer to launch when he realised they weren’t going to fully get there.

But then you also have the hype, the insane levels of grand expectations resulting from the imaginations of a few hundred thousand people that multiplied the negative effects of the release by a crazy amount. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a failure of a release, but far more of one than it really deserved. On that note, we should measure our individual expectations for this, and not go crazy about what the update may have, because you all have 2 choices. You can expect the bare minimum of say, a full universe reset with some tweaked generation settings, maybe a new ship or 2, a new undisclosed feature or 2 to increase multiplayer capabilities and then be garunteed to enjoy whatever is released. OR, you can use your imagination to it’s greatest effect for the next, potential 4 months, building an impossible list of new features that will almost definitely not be fully met and then be dissapointed because you only got 10 of the 40 features you wanted. Speculation to a degree is fine provided you make it extremely clear that’s what it is, it can also be useful if your speculation is based on logical jumps from hints, but every so often step back and try to wonder how that feature you want would affect the game.

For example fully animated avatars, almost every game has them, but No Man’s Sky does not, it’s NPC’s don’t move around they are very minimally animated, so what would it take for a small team to build fully animated avatars? it’s not like it’s a minecraft avatar with 5 joints of movement, that would look massively out of place, it would need an absolute minimum of 13, they’d probably avoid hair completely as that’s just a nightmare, if they had a AAA 400 man team then sure but they don’t, and of course even if they kept a permanent 1st person view, they’d still need to have constant animation for reflections and such.

Almost none of the framework for this is in the released version of the game yet, currently, you are essentially a floating camera, like the original Doom. VR certainly sounds like a possibility, but consider how much processing power is currently required to render high textures, because I’m usually recording, even my 1080 and i7 4790k can’t handly max settings, and sure my processor isn’t current gen but it’s still a better setup than most have, meaning that VR for PC at least would restricted on this game to less than what VR is already restricted to, as far as people go. If they’ve managed some decent optimizations, then it’s certainly a possibility, just don’t be sad if it isn’t there. The primary market for No Man’s Sky VR would of course be PS4. I played a little bit of the PSVR when it first came out, it was pretty good but super low resolution, so I could see it there, but that would likely result in a lot of salt mining about the difference in quality from normal to VR.

So just bare all this in mind folks and manage your expectations, chances are that if you are watching this video, you are already subbed and used to my content, I get very very few hateful comments toward the game so you likely didn’t feed into the hype when the game originally released, but for those who did, and or are doing now, chill out a bit, don’t spend an entire day talking on reddit how you’re totally gonna buy your own space station on launch day (though that would be totally awesome btw HG if you ever watch these, if we’re limited to a single system still for claiming a base when NEXT launches, why not have that lovely space bound box up for sale to), anywho, where was I? Oh yeah Manage your expectations <cut before end of word>

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