There’s so much to do here that you’ll be playing for hundreds of hours before you’ve done it all. And by that time the Division 2 roadmap will already be underway. The Division 2 is putting other looter shooters to shame with just how established it is at launch.

Your overall objective is to take back Washington D.C., your latest playground, from three factions and help out the citizens that are left. Technically, it’s a simple task, but that involves taking back Control Points, wiping out enemy strongholds, and slowly amassing weapons and gear that makes you the perfect Division agent. The skills are particularly rewarding, as they’re not really skills but gadgets to use in combat. They range from a rolling seeker mine and a drone that you can unleash on unsuspecting enemies, to a ballistics shield or something called a hive, which basically emits lots of tiny robot bees that attack your foes with intense precision.

Each of the eight skills available has at least three versions to unlock too, all of which change how each of them fundamentally work. For example, the turret may seem straightforward, but it can either be equipped with any of the following: a traditional 360-degree spinning machine gun; an incendiary tank that it fires in a cone for area-of-effect damage; an explosive artillery launcher; or a long-range semi-automatic sniper.