Hey everyone! Just a few days ago, Blizzard released BfA Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance to the PTR. This Patch will include many changes to spells, achievements, armor as well as add a bunch of new content to the game. So as per my usual routine, I decided to dig around to see what upcoming Paladin changes are on the horizon. I’m going to go through each spec and show you guys what I’ve found.

One thing that I will say is that most of these changes listed have either already been added to the game or, are still a work in progress. So look out for future update videos as time goes on. I also want to say that I referenced Wowhead for this information and I’ve left a link to my source in the description below for you guys to see. Let’s check it out. In going through the Holy spells quickly, updates listed so far are the buffs to Holy Light & Flash of Light. It looks like Flash of Light received a 7% increase in spell power and Holy Light received a 10% increase. As a Holy Paladin main, all I have to say is – HELL YEAH! All of our other talents look relatively untouched for now. Moving on to Protection, Flash of Light for you Prot Pallies out there has also been buffed by 7%, so the consistency there is good.

Again, that’s the only changed noted so far for Prot Pallies. As for Ret – you guessed it – Flash of Light has also been buffed by 7%. Another change noted is that Greater Blessing of Kings has been tweaked to absorb a slightly more amount of damage, which ain’t a bad thing at all. Now as for general changes, there’s quite a few tweaks to Azerite Powers listed so far. Tier 3 trait, Martyr’s Breath has been buffed to heal for more. Martyr’s Breath reads: Light of the Martyr has a chance to cause your Blessing of Sacrifice to additionally heal the target.

This effect can stack up to 10 times. Gallant Steed has been changed from a 5 second duration to have your speed granted until cancelled. Gallant Steed’s updated description is: Inspire yourself and nearby allies while Divine Steed is active, granting speed until cancelled. Divine Steed’s cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds. Radiant Incandescence, a spell that allows your Holy Shock heals to turn into an additional heal over time, or damage to turn into a damage over time, is also getting buffed. The old tooltip reads, your Holy Shock criticals deal an additional 250 damage, or an additional 393 healing, over 3 sec. But, the updated tooltip changes those numbers to: your Holy Shock criticals deal an additional 250*3 damage, or an additional 393*3 healing, over 3 sec.

Essentially it looks like they’re tripling the effectiveness of it which is great! Lastly is Zealotry: Casting Crusader Strike increases the damage of your Crusader Strike by 93 for 20 sec, stacking up to 10 times. That 93 has been bumped up to 144, so again, another buff. And finally, the one change to PvP is Hammer of Reckoning. The required level to gain this talent used to be 58, but it’s been bumped up to level 80. So, those are the changes that I’ve been able to dig up so far.

And again, some of these have already been implemented into the game – such as the buff to Flash and Holy Light. Let me know what you guys think! I’m always open to video content suggestions. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! If you want to watch my livestream, check it out on Twitch over at QuissyTV. Thanks for watching and see you soon! .

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