By now you have definitely heard that the next Pokemon games and that the first Pokemon games to be on the switch will be Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, and Pokemon Lets Go Eevee. And by now you’ve also more than likely heard that the success of Pokemon GO will be making a big impact on this game, and we can immediately see that taken place just by the titles of the games themselves, but aside from all the information and rumours that we have received, I am willing to bet that these games will go a step further and find a way to implement the characters and story that has been established in Pokemon GO within main series Pokemon Games, with a primary focus on one character in particular. Professor Willow. So in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about why I think we will most likely see Professor Willow make an appearance in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee as a significant character in the games story and quite possibly as one of the main professors in the game. What’s going on guys?! HybridHero here! I know with all the Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee talk, the hype is back up on a rise.

It’s great to see the Pokemon Community all lively and energetic again, and I’m hoping that we’ll all have a fun ride towards the release of these games. If you do enjoy the video then be sure to HERO PUNCH that LIKE BUTTON, if you don’t hit that dislike button! Let me know how you feel! COMMENT down below with your thoughts and opinions once you’re done watching the video! Do you think Professor Willow or any of the other Pokemon GO characters will be in this game? What are your thoughts on the news of Pokemon GO being integrated into the main games? Let me know! Share the video if you want to help support the channel, and finally! Subscribe if you want to stay up to date with all my content! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are said to take place in the Kanto region, and are also games that are tryna capitalize on the success of Pokemon GO.

Junichi Masuda, whos’ mainly a video game director and composer within the Pokemon company has even stated in the past saying that he would one day want Pokemon GO and the main series Pokemon games to intertwine, and be compatible with one another. Well with these new Pokemon games, it looks like that day may come sooner than we all expected. The Pokemon GO series has introduced one of the only professors outside of main series professors to have a professor name that’s based off of a tree. Professor Willow. All the side series or spin off professors till Professor WIllow just had other names, even Professor Burnett who was originally a part of the Pokemon Dream Radar and then introduced as a character in the main series doesn’t share that trait with the main line of professors which is quite interesting… But not as interesting as a recent piece of dialogue from Professor Willow himself.

During the recently added research quests in Pokemon GO, Professor WIllow will say the following “Did you know that I used to assist Professor Oak? Working in a lab studying Pokemon was exciting, but I knew that the best work I could do was outside all over the world.” Meaning that Professor Willow is in fact apart of the main series of Pokemon and that at one point he was working under Professor Oak as hise aide. Now obviously before hearing about Let’s go Eevee and Pikachu which by the way… It’s so much easier for me to say Lets Go Eevee first then Lets GO Pikachu, but before hearing bout those games I went to go see which of Professor Oak’s he could be from Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen, and while none of the aides really give any clues as to whether they’re Professor Willow or not, the only one I’d say that has a good chance of being Professor WIllow would be the aide that gives you the flash HM, as like professor willow said earlier he does his best work outside, and exploring different kinds of environments is what he’s all about, and this aide is the only one in the game that’s focused on any kind of environment and assist you in getting through Rock Tunnel while all the others just give you items like the Itemfinder and the experience share.

Now of course again this isn’t enough evidence to prove that he’s Professor Willow, but then again that’s perfectly alright because it looks like we will be revisiting Kanto again this year. Now as of the time of making this video every bit of information that we have on these new Pokemon games have all been rumours, but by credible rumours. A lot of the rumours have been stating that Pokemon GO integration will be big in these new games and there are a lot of credible people who claim that we will be revisiting Kanto with these new Pokemon games. Now whether this is the same Kanto, Kanto a few years in the future, 100 years in the future, or from the past, I don’t know.

But if we are revisiting Kanto then in one way shape or form, I guarantee that the Pokemon company will use this opportunity to seize the new Pokemon players that have be drawn into the main series because of Pokemon GO with certain throwbacks, references, or lore to characters of that game. And with this statement they have the perfect opportunity to do so with Professor Willow., and even make him a very important character in the new games. If this game does take place a few years in the future it’s possible that he may be still be professor Oak’s aide or a wandering professor or something similar to the way Cedric Juniper was in Black and White or how Oak was in the Sinnoh games.

If it’s 100 years into the future maybe Professor Willow will have some sort of legacy that we read up on or maybe there are memory events like how there were in Black 2 and White 2. Regardless of what, the possibility to incorporate Professor Willow from a side series game into a main series game is there. And like I said earlier, this has already been done with Professor Burnett, so whos to say that it can’t happen again, And the timing of this dialogue from Professor Willow seems a little fishy dontcha think…? I mean we hear this from him and then a few weeks later we hear that we’ll be revisiting Kanto? Yeah it definitely gets a few eyebrow raises from me. But that’s all I have for this theory/speculation video. What do you guys think? Be sure to let me know! I didn’t want to upload a video on these new games till we got direct confirmation, but I thought this was a great idea that was worth sharing so I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for watching and listening to my ideas! Don’t worry I won’t be flooding you with just Pokemon Lets Go videos, I plan to upload “regular” Pokemon videos too, but do stay tuned for some more Pokemon Lets Go videos as well! Take care of yourselves! Have a wonderful day! And I will see you on the next video alright? Later!

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