What is up guys Jimmy or Chaos welcome to not a gaming top ten this is going to be the rare occasion where I am doing an Update video for you guys in the 8 o’clock slot tonight instead of a video gaming top 10 if you’re new to the channel it Usually goes like this 2 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon is usually some type of fortnight video And then 8 o’clock every night is a video game top ten whatever topic it may be but tonight We’re gonna be talking about the PS 5 the Playstation 5 that’s right. There is new news out there new leaked. Just the not drama just I don’t know speculation that could end up kind of steering us in the direction of knowing when this is coming and Actually, it could be sooner than a lot of people think or it may not, but we’re gonna talk about it And I did a video Probably six months ago talking about the rumors about the PS 5 and what we would be getting could it be a floating PS 5 and you guys can see on the screen here, we’re gonna talk about this article But if we go over to PS 5 google search there’s all kinds of stuff and actually on the the bottom left There is my thumbnail from YouTube the PS 5 as a floating Console this little round ball you guys can see it You can see all types of concepts for the PlayStation 5 whenever it comes out.

There’s some normal There’s some pretty weird. Honestly. I kind of like the ball. I kind of like the the floating a console look It’s really small. I don’t know it just looks really really futuristic Then you have some crazy the one that one that one looks like a boomerang I mean there’s all kinds of concepts so in the comments section or on Twitter I want you guys to let me know What do you want the PlayStation 5 to look like do you want it to mimic the? The consoles that have came before it do you want it to have that? Sharp front that angle that that pin like that or do you want them to go in a whole different route? Do you want it to be a ball? Do you want it to be a square? Do you want it to be a freaking triangle? What are you guys looking for when it comes to actually the visual of your console now? This came out and this is an article from MP first now.

Everybody is covering this. There’s goes everywhere I will put a link in the description to MP first I get them I use them a lot I use them a lot when it comes to gaming news and I read their stuff on their site, so they say this ok report first PS5 Surfaces alright well there’s still a lot of gaming to be had with the console generation. We’re in right now There’s no denying that the PlayStation 5 or whatever and whatever Microsoft is going to call their next Xbox is coming up soon now We’re probably if you look at it there’s no way they’re going to end the lifespan of the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox 1x those are fresh ok and Consoles have they have a pretty long shelf life I mean they They suck every bit of juice out of these things and keep them up to date as much as they can as long as they Can because it’s probably very expensive to roll out a brand new console So they’re gonna get they’re gonna take them And they’re just gonna use them as long as they can but this isn’t this is a report by a site called semi Accurate ok word got out that dev kits if you don’t know what dev kits are Those are what goes out to the developers anybody.

That’s developing games. That could have a title on that console They will send them out Dev kits so they can actually start getting used to what the console is gonna be like how they can make their games to adapt Around it what options gonna have what features how big their game can be all that kind of good stuff? So they get like the earliest version of the console before you and I ever Ever see it so if you’re a developer and you get a dev kit you could technically Probably have a PS 5 or the next Microsoft console in your hand a year or more in advance Before me the consumer and you guys the consumer actually ever even lay eyes on it Or have a chance to get it, which that’s pretty crazy So this site semi accurate they published this PS 5 info now They say on here that the site requires a thousand dollar subscription, which is that’s insane to me? But thanks to reset era users They have a quick summary of the info below, so apparently somebody ponied up a thousand dollars But these guys said they tossed him the information anyway quick summary of the PlayStation 5 article that was posted by semi accurate It uses AMD’s navvies as its base architects are not specifically using Navi CPU is customs in large amount of dev kits have apparently gone out like we talked about and author suggests 2018 release of the PS 5 is not out of the question based on the amount of dev kits released as That is a sure sign that the launch is getting closer not definitive though VR goodies baked in at a silicon level in my opinion not author sony not giving up on the psvr anytime soon and VR support inside the PS 5 Right out of the box so what they’re saying is that? You’re literally going to be able to do VR with the console as soon as you open it So these are the things that came from semi accurate what they’re saying is that? If you can confirm that a massive shipment of dev kits have went out to developers then that is kind of confirmation in itself that this console is moving forward and that we’re within a certain time period From its launch because if you go back to all the other consoles You can kind of predate when the dev kits went out, and then you can say okay? Dev kits went out for the Xbox 360 and then eight months later.

They announced it or eight months later We were able to buy it or purchase it so you can kind of take that with a grain of salt now some more stuff It doesn’t really discuss the power of the system and They say Why should we believe a website called semi accurate and The reason they’re believing them is because of their track record now when you go back to Call of Duty links we have People that leaked stuff that have a good track records like MP first or shinobi or Charlie Intel when they get leaks Usually stuff ends up being viable and it’s true So you you kind of go what with the ones that have a proven resume when it comes to leakers and they are saying? That semi accurate has a good resume So let’s let’s look and see what their resume is One thing it did get the news that Nintendo was partnering with in video with the switch And it got the correct ps4 tech specs all the way back in 2012 so they are saying that the site’s track record is Reliable at the very least so that would be a reason you could hold a little value in the fact that they are saying That dev kits have went out for this and once again If dev kits have gone out for the PS 5 it’s happening people and it’s happening sooner than later now They on me MP.

First. Don’t think it’s gonna be released in 2018 and They don’t even think it’s gonna be revealed this year if they had to guess They would say the PS 5 will be announced next year with an official release for 2020 now Let’s argue both sides of this. Let’s argue with them on that that makes sense. They’re not gonna rush the roll out there They’re gonna take their time They’re gonna get it right, and they are gonna suck all the life that they can out of this PlayStation 4 Pro I’m pointing at mine right now, okay? They’re gonna get their money’s worth out of their current console, so maybe the dev kits did go out but that doesn’t mean that we see anything in the near future for it now that is the Speculation that makes more sense that’s probably the safe bet okay? but on the other end what if what if we get to e3 in June we’re only two months away or two-and-a-half months away and freakin Sony hits us with a trailer or a early reveal or teaser of the PlayStation 5 It could happen and if they do that Then it is a viable option That it could be coming this fall because it would line up with the fact that dev kits have already went out They’re gonna have all the rest of spring and summer into early fall, and then boom we get it now I know That is very rushed that is what the consumer would want everybody wants to get their hand on a new console even though my ps4 Pro is even a year old for me Everybody wants to get the newest hottest bestest, that’s not even a word thing on the market.

So those are the two options okay? I want to know two things from you guys in the comments section or on Twitter first one being alright What do you want the price point to be on this PlayStation 5 now obviously, it’s going to be beefy They’re gonna make it as strong as they can they want it to be the most powerful Console on the market goes back and forth between them and Microsoft and they say Speculation wise vr. Will be integrated and ready to go out of the box So what do you think the price point needs to be on this to be fair to the consumer? But for them to make money you let me know and the second thing is I’m not a hardware guy I’m not a software guy. I’m not a tech guy. I’m not a developer guy. I want to know from you guys What do the innards if you will the guts of the PlayStation 5 need to be if it is launched Within the next year to be relevant and stay kind of up to par and up to pace with the ever-evolving electronic war okay What does it need to have in it for you? If you’re like a tech junky type person or you like the you like the you like the stats okay? You like knowing what’s going on inside What does it need to have to raise your eyebrows and say you know what I’m gonna get that that’s that’s actually Pretty cool you guys.

Let me know in the comments section. Don’t worry tomorrow night We’ll be back with a brand new video gaming top 10 I just thought this was really really big news that Actually could end up being something because that site has had a reputation of being right in the past Who knows maybe PlayStation 5. Dev kits have gone out? Maybe we get some kind of teaser at e3, maybe we freaking get the PS 5 in 2018 It’s not likely, but it’s not out of the picture. I hope you guys have a great day Thank you for always supporting the channel something a little different, but I like to shake it up from time to time I don’t want to say just a huge shout out to everybody that catches the videos Every day you guys are amazing we hit 2 million subs like 20 days ago now We’re over million on our way to million And it’s because of the continued support that you guys showed not just on this channel, but on all platforms You follow me on Twitter Instagram You watch the Facebook live streams.

I see it all and I am truly humble. I hope you guys have a great night I will see you tomorrow.

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