(gunshot) Bullets fired on mountains tops ring with cracking echoes. (gunshot) completely different to the sound of bullets fired indoors. (gunshot) A game little seems to be have missed and the music absolutely outstanding. (western music) Red Dead Redemption two is Rockstar’s most serious and earnest story to date and certainly the best written. – Only the feeblest of men take jobs in the government. (laughs) watching Dutch’s gradual decent from being the charismatic successful and clever leader of a gang of deadly outlaws to someone on track to become the coldblooded and beaten man being hunted down by Marston 12 years later is captivating. We get to watch an incredibly nuance performance as Dutch’s confidence ebbs and his restraint fades. – Them goddamn cowards, Arthur cowards. excellent to his main man Arthur. Not only is there an infectious authenticity to his low and smooth tone of voice – Thank you – This is a very good tank.