– Shit. – Or fishing. – Good to meet you. – It all feels great to play similar in a lot of ways to its immediate predecessor but injected with a pile of new animations and multiple layers of vigor activity. – You son of a! (gunshot) – Shootouts are supremely cinematic thanks to plenty of gun smoke and the same style of on the fly ever changing death animations that have characterized Rockstar games since GTA four. (gunshot) (thump) Red Dead Redemption 2 is a undeniably pretty game across the board. The lighting is fantastic, the facial animation is a noticeable step up from GTA five and the level of gradual detail is almost absurd. From the way blood smears on Arthur’s shoulder after carrying a kill, to the way individual strands of his majestic Muttonchops quiver in the breeze. Remember this is a game where horse testicles shrink when the weather is cold. – The hell are you doing. – Equally impressive is the audio from the satisfying metallic crunch of a reload. (gun cocks) (gun shots) to the twang of a Hollywood inspired ricochet.