That is, unless you use the auto-ride feature, which puts the camera into a sort of cinematic mode and instantly points your character in the direction of the waypoint you set. The problem is, the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t care if you’re auto-riding while sitting in front of the TV or if you’ve gone to make yourself a sandwich while your character is in transit. It keeps on living. The bad guys still want to kill you %u2014 and the natural obstacles don’t just disappear. If you set yourself to auto-ride and walk away, you shouldn’t be entirely surprised if you come back and find you’re dead. Rival gangs still roam the roads and trails in Red Dead 2. And the law is still on the lookout if you have outstanding bounties. You ma y believe you’ve found some loophole that lets you catch up on some email while Arthur or John make their way across the map to the mission target.